Куда сходить в Фучжоу . Интересный зоопарк . Китай

It’s our day off and we’re going to Fuzhou, to the zoo. Let`s go! We got there. This is the Park, this one.. From this point we begin our journey through the zoo. You wanted to say it was a zoo? – It’s a zoo! Behind us is a waterfall, swans, and many animals, on a map. Rhino! I’ve never seen a Rhino! Which we’ve already shown you. So… let’s hope they’re all there… in health in their places and we will see them all today. So do you. But there is no map. How to navigate? Heeey! Rhino, come out for a walk! We didn’t wait for the unicorn. Regular performances with a sea lion. Cool, Dolphinarium open air Dolphinarium, just not dolphins, but seal, sea lion. Dolphinarium – Sealarium… I think it was stupid. But in any case, in Kharkov, I have not seen this, and neither in Budapest. I haven’t been anywhere else. But we boasted,… By the way, I didn’t brag, she bragged. I haven`t been to Budapest. You have been to Vinnitsa, I guess. Yes? In the Vinnitsa there is no Dolphinarium. And the zoo? I mean the zoo. Mmmmm… in Vinnitsa… – There is no zoo? There’s a zoo. – Have you been there there? – No. Actually, I have very interesting feelings
in this zoo. There’s a lot of greenery, thickets, palm trees,
some other trees. And so you go – a narrow path laid out,
and around it is the wild nature. It’s like walking in the jungle
and you’re about to be attacked. Especially after the terrarium. You go out, and there are some
branches hanging from trees Yeah, I’ve never seen a terrarium like this before.
It’s just wow! I do… Uh-Oh! We liked the zoo very much. Adorable animals, we haven’t seen Rhino yet,
but we’ll get back to him. Let’s hope he comes out of hiding. We saw elephants only through glass. The terrarium simply hit, well, ring-tailed are the same as everywhere – cool thing to have, bears poorly were in sight, but in general, the thrill of the zoo – very cool! -Look, look. Here, here. You do not go for a walk at all? That’s all. Our tour came to an end. We’re out. It was like this.
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