Lets go over the basics first First, what this character can do his 5l is 6 frames, and his 2l is 7 frames this is common for a big part of the cast What’s different, is that you are only minus 2 frames. Most other characters will have around minus 3 frames However, base vegeta can move a frame quicker than many others after making your opponent block 5l, so when pressuring the opponent, you are able to heavily delay your string and still beat mash. This is one reason that makes base vegetas 5l good. This 5l that only gains minus 2 frames is a factor that differentiates him from the rest of the cast. Next, 5m. His 5m and 2m are not that different from SSJ Vegetas mediums. 5h has some forward momentum, making it hit a slightly longer distance compared to SSJ Vegeta. This is his 2h. Now for his 236x moves, This move is again similar to SSJ vegetas kick move, but I’m pretty sure that base vegeta kicks a longer distance, but has smaller frame advantage The medium version kicks the opponent and lands behind them after hitting them. So for example, when the opponent is calling in an assist, the medium kick will kick through the opponent and into the assist, just like this, the move makes it possible to sort of taking the turn by force. And of course, the heavy version. This move has invulnerability from the 4th frame after startup, and will appear behind the opponent It is possible to punish this move, for example reflect into ki blasts, I will go into depth about this move later, his 214h, the teleporting stomp move, it’s impossible to tell apart 236h with his 214h from startup so you would want to try to reflect 236h when you see the red circle flash, but instead if you try to reflect the 214h, it will hit you, and they can convert into a full combo something like this, making 236h a very powerful tool. Sorry, back to his normal buttons, His 5s shoots ki blasts, and are very strong. Just like SSJ Vegeta, he can shoot up to 8 ki blasts, because base vegeta shoots the ki blasts quicker than SSJ does, in a situation where you would be shooting ki blats at each other, base vegeta would beat SSJ. Most characters that have ki-blasts, they’re not so quick. When you start shooting each other at the same timing, The speed advantage leads to beating such situations, and can even shoot out a total of 8 ki blasts, making his 5s top tier quality. As for his air moves, his js He does not stay in place while he throws his ki blast Spamming air backdash into js makes it difficult for the opponent to get close forcing them to jump and/or superdash at you. And from season 3, inputting up + s in the air will throw a ki blast at a sharp downward angle. So when your opponent tries to dash towards you, this will be useful to stop them You can still use his normal js close to the ground to do the same thing You can choose whichever you prefere. what else… 2s will throw a ki blast upwards, holding the lever towards your blocking direction + s will throw one closer to you You can mix this up in your oki every now and then things happen too quick for your opponent to immediately react, so it could be useful Also when you’re pressuring your opponent, and want to gain some time for your assists to come back, Like this you can keep the pressure going from there This move has its risks, but it’s difficult to react to so once every now and then would be good. The rest of his air moves are all very alike to SSJ Vegetas, although his jh has a different animation but yes, basically the same. jl, jm, jh, j2h, His 214x moves will change where you land depending on whether you input forward of backward after they block. You can convert into full combo of the medium version. whats next… His destructo disc. After you input 236s and do not input anything immediately after, the disc will fly upwards. if you input downwards, he will throw the disc at a horizantal angle. if you input upwards, he will throw the disc straight up. This vegeta isn’t very good at dealing with being attacked from above, but this upward destructo disc is one way to deal with such situations. especially when you have no assists you can use and cant move around, it may be handy. His 214s move. this move can throw opponents in sliding knockdown state upwards. oops I’ll just do the easy version Just like this, the 214s grabs the knocked down opponent, and using a level 1 or level 3 super after you throw the opponent up will increase the damage. so if you want to finish the opponent off or go for a level 3, it’s always better to grab them with 214s before doing so. 214s after hitting 214 moves will allow you to follow up with a superdash you will probably be using this move a lot if you use base vegeta Base vegetas level 1 super jumps up and then shoots galick gun. this is also performable in the air. but he has no level 3 in the air. About his level 3, his post level 3 situation is currently probably the strongest out of all of the cast. j2h into air dash jl or 2l after level 3 will beat abare. the opponent still will have the option to reflect, but if they choose to sit and block, they will have to guess a true 50/50. using high jump will give you more frame space to set the mix Just like that, this is the overhead. and this is the low, though I jumped a bit too up high that time This mix is very good to open your opponent up. I guess that’s about it. Let me show some bnbs. Mid-screen, he doesn’t have much to work with. If you can get your opponent to the corner, that’s good enough the same as any other standard character combos, start with 2m into 5m, then launch and smash. If vegeta dash jumps forward with the use of an assist into launch, you can do a combo where you can get huge corner carry, sorry I’m not so sure how you get it In the corner, you can get a loop combo using his js. let me show you with a 2h starter. after superdash, jm>js the loop part is jl>jl>js>jl>jl>js>jl>jl>js it’s sort of like a music game. you need to get the rhythm right. You need to delay the second hit of the jl, there is no delay needed for any other part. js>jl>delay jl>js>jl>delay jl>>js>jl>delay
jl just like this. timing is everything. to the beat. right. When you start the combo on the ground, it is better to do a different type of loop combo. The combo i just showed will do more damage off a 2h, or when you zchange in vegeta from a j2h of another character when you start the combo with vegeta, 2m>5m>jm>js>j236m>2m>5h>SD>jm>js>5l>5h>SD>jm>js>5lll>214m>214s>214LM no delay is needed. look at my key display That’s it, no lever inputs you just need to get your buttons right It might be easier to practice starting from 5h. 5h>SD>jm>js>(land) 5l>5h>SD>jm>js>(land) 5lll>214m It’s really easy once you get the hang of it. Just like this. you can end the combo with lightauto combo into 214m>214s>sineeeee and then go for the j2h 50/50 Just have to get your hands to remember the rhythm. though you may struggle a bit at first. Haven’t looked at his assist yet. His A assist is his destructo disc. the startup of the assist has been buffed in season 3, but isn’t really too useful. it’s a beam property assist that covers up a bit higher than beam assists, but isn’t much good. As for his B assist, the kick SSJ vegetas B assist is also a very similar kick, but there are a few significant differnces between the 2. First of all, bas vegetas kick only gives you plus 25 frames on block. this makes it a difficult for you to open your opponent up and still keep it a true string SSJ vegetas kick assist is 31 frames plus on block and of course helps you keep your pressure a true string However, base vegeta kicks through the opponent, whereas SSJ does not. So just like base vegetas 236m kick would kick your opponents assists off the screen, this assist behaves the same. Just like this. This is what base vegetas assist good. Lastly, his C assist. this assist is an anti-air. oh almost forgot. when the opponent is in the air, this move will beat most of their moves. The C assist is honestly completely inferior to SSJ vegetas C assist, since SSJs C assist has invulnerability and hits much higher than base vegetas assist does. Another buff that was made in season 3 to basegeta is to the 3rd hit of his light autocombo They gave anti-air to the third hit If the opponent were trying to attack from above, woah it clashed the move will beat any buttons most of the time. so it is an option as an anti-air to summarize his strong points, his 5l is only minus 2 frames, his ki blasts are powerful in neutral, his normal ki blasts can shoot up to 8 times and is very fast, 236x moves are super good in neutral to get close to or hit your opponent, he has great mixups and his post level 3 is incomparably strong when vegeta is the one changed in, I think he is actually the strongest in the cast However, his strongest weaknesses are his assists, all three of them are not bad, but not that good either so not the best when he is changed back out. Assists B and C aren’t bad, but assistwise, other characters have much stronger assists but those are probably his only weak points. other then that, he’s really really good. So if you were to try basegeta out, I highly recommend you put him at the top of your team. That’s about it. hai. hope I didn’t miss anything. Characters that go well with basegeta. personally I would say bardock, calling in b assist bardock with air ki-blasts is super good you can even go for a sudden 50/50 from neutral like this. of course assists that help you out in neutral, like beam assists are good as well SSJ Goku, Frieza, Trunks, Krillin, Yamcha, Adult Gohan of course, goku black too Any sort of assists that can strengthen basegetas neutral game even more will work well for vegeta He is totally capable of both running away and getting close to the opponent by himself, but having an assist will make it much more difficult for the opponent to handle everything He does work best as the top character, so he most likely will have 2 assists at his side so it would be nice to have strong assists to call in. That’s about it for base vegeta. Nappa works well with vegeta, his assists are really good. (replying to viewer, since he recorded this on stream)

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  1. Man, you can training hours and hours but, vegeta sonicfox, is in another universe you can't defeat him, you training with vegeta base for that but i tell you, you can't defeat him

  2. If only I'd had chased my dream sooner. I'm learning japanese but I can only understand bits and pieces of what he's saying. Not nearly enough to get any info out if it.

  3. Rough English translation summary for overseas viewers! Please feel free to ask me anything: His 5L is -2 on block,(most characters in this game has -3)this is very advantageous when applying stagger pressure. His 236M goes through them, this means that he can take his turn while burning through their assist behind them! (as shown in 1:39). His 236 =H is invincible from frame 4 and very good combined with 214H. The reason being they cant tell the difference between 214H and 236H because of the similar animation. So if they try to react and accidentally reflect a 214H, they'll eat a full combo(shown in 2:33). His 5S is a ki blast, the amount of bullets is the same as ssj vegeta(8). However the ki blast speed is extremely fast, so in a projectile fight he'll most definitely win(shown in 3:14 against Freiza). His JS is very good neutral tool. Doing JS while backdashing at low position is good for forcing an upwards approach from them. His 8S is pretty nice when they try to dash approach from beneath you, however this can be done simply by doing his normal JS at a lower position so this is personal preference! His 1,2, and 3S is good for Oki. You can also use it to reset block strings/when you want to buy time for your assist to come back. However he did say this is a naive action and its only strong because most people don't know how to react to it first time seeing it. His air normals are pretty simple, the same as SSJ Vegeta. His 214 L,M,H is pretty nice to end a combo/on block with an assist. Since inputting forward or back after they block it determines which way he ends up on so you can mix them afterwards(Shown in 5:23). His 236S is able to switch directions depending on which direction you input afterwards. If you input down, it'll give it more horizontal range. If you input up, it'll make it almost completely vertical. The vertical version is good for when they try to approach you from above, especially because you have the tools to force them to take such an approach as shown before. His 214S is a must for an combo ender, since doing a super after that will deal more damage. So try to use this as much as possible after a combo. His Oki after level 3 is most likely the strongest out of any character int his game. You can j2C after wards and go for a high low mix and it will beat mash(shown in 8:53). His midscreen bnb is pretty much the universal one(shown in 9:39). His corner combo is the famous corner loop! After launching them up(GO1 uses 2H as an example) do JM, then JS then L->delayL->S. L->delayL->S and so on(Shown in 10:29). Corner loop type 2(no delay needed at all) 11:53. His A assist is pretty weak according to GO1, even after the speed buff it got in season 3. His B assist however, is his 214M. Which means if timed right it'll burn their assist behind them much like his normal 214M. His C assist is an anti air attack, its pretty much a worse version of ssj vegetas C assist since Ssjs is full invincible. His pros are that he has a strong stagger pressure with his -2 L, his neutral is very strong, his oki after lvl 3 is extremely good, so GO1 thinks hes mist likely one of the best if not the best point characters in the game. His cons are that his assist is kinda weak compared to others, so he should be mostly used on point.

  4. That was really good showing Bardock 2nd assist and Base Vegeta. When they are together LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!

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