10 Things That Seasoned Cruisers Do – first time cruise tips

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everyday cruisers. so you want to cruise like a pro? guess what? you can we’ve got
10 things that season cruisers do that can totally enhance your cruise
experience and save you time and trouble sit back relax and grab a cocktail
because these 10 tips will uplevel your cruise game and have you cruising like a
boss in no time let’s start with a big one
cruisers in the know almost always travel with a passport sure you can
manage a closed-loop cruise with a birth certificate and photo ID but it’s much
easier and less risky to invest in a passport trust us on this one now
veteran seafarers also typically pack less stuff that doesn’t mean they go
without shampoo for a week and wear the same shoes every day but they’ve got a
firm grasp on what they need and what they don’t need for a cruise and over
time they’ve learned that trimming the stuff means trimming the stress now
using a travel agent may seem like it wouldn’t make sense for experienced
cruisers but it does and here’s why experienced travelers take the time to
build a relationship with a travel agent who can save them time and money travel
agents are the ones who pick up the phone if something goes wrong before the
cruise if a price needs to be adjusted or if you want to make changes to your
booking how would you rather spend your time on the phone with a cruise line or
working on your tan enough said people who have been cruising for a while also
tend to take control of when they show up to the port on embarkation day they
either show up early or relatively late to avoid the midday crowds now we are
early people but we know lots of seasoned cruisers who push that all
aboard time to the later hours for one reason or another it’s up to you but
avoiding the midday check-in crowds is a nice way to start your vacay in a more
mellow mood cruisers who have been around the block also
reprice they’re cruises now and then they rely on their travel agents to
watch the prices but they also set a price alert to make sure they get an
email when and if the price of their cruise goes down now we’ll explain how
to do that in the description box cruise gurus also protect their travel
investments and buy travel insurance it takes just one medical emergency on
board or an expensive flight reroute to learn this lesson so take it from us
travel insurance is your friend saving money on a cruise is usually a big
priority for experienced cruisers the more you save the more you cruise so
they leverage date flexibility when booking a cruise as a way to save money
they will look at the same cruise on several different dates to see which one
offers more value and sometimes even hunt for ultra low cruise prices at
random dates to find those rare super deals deals are out there folks but it
helps to be flexible about when you’ll cruise if you want to employ this ninja
strategy we’ve also found that the more someone cruises the more they weigh
their options before booking shore excursions directly with the cruise line
comparing prices with outside excursion vendors can save loads of dough and most
carry the same return to ship guarantees that the ship does give this a try on
your next cruise and see if the smaller crowds and lower prices are worth it for
you now cruise loyalists also know they can consider the option to book airfare
through the cruise line it’s not always the best option nor the cheapest but if
your Cruise Line offers it it’s worth checking into we’ve had excellent luck
with Princess easy air and Royal Caribbean’s air to see programs and in
both cases we save money on the tickets and our flights were fully guaranteed in
the event of a delay or change not too shabby
now lastly experienced cruisers know to expect itinerary changes
and read their passenger contract particularly when cruising during storm
or shoulder seasons weather happens you’re on a floating vessel the cruise
line doesn’t want to change your itinerary unless they have to go around
a storm or some other weather event but they’re going to keep you safe and
itinerary changes are par for the course when you’re traveling by sea so what do
you think are you ready to hit the high seas with a newfound sense of confidence
you’ve got this all right all you expert cruisers out there tell us what tactics
we have missed in the comments below and if you’re new to cruising and you’d like
to invest in a crash course check out our intro to cruising master class in
the description that’s it for now my friends we hope you found this helpful
and until next time we’ll see you on the high seas

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