25 Rookie Travel Mistakes NOT TO MAKE

So when I first started traveling back
in 2010 I made a lot of mistakes a lot of rookie mistake so hopefully in this video you will
learn from my mistakes. So these are my rookie travel mistakes for you guys and
gals not to make when you are starting on your trips and travels these are all the mistakes so I
personally done and learn from let’s get started. First off packing to
much. That is like number one tip that most people do is they bring too much stuff
and then you got to carry all this stuff with you and you have all this extra
stuff that you’re not even going to use or wear and it’s just going to weight, weighting you down Not packing the right shoes. Shoes are so
important because you walk a lot when you travel you do a lot of activities.
When you travel to really make sure you are planning the right shoes you need
running shoes you need hiking shoes do you need like sandals do you need like evening shoes trust me
blisters and sore feet are the bane of the travelers existence because then you
don’t want to travel anymore you don’t walk anymore that would suck it really does suck. Not
planning out your laundry days laundry is a thing not properly planning
where you’re going to do laundry in your travels is a big rookie mistake suddenly you find that you are out of
everything clean and you really need to do laundry but your place that you’re
staying at might not have laundry facilities or it might be super super
expensive where they charge you like current item so really make sure that you’re on the
lookout for your combination and if they have water facilities and really try and
plan that more in advance and ahead of time so you never get stuck with dirty
underwear. Forgetting your power cord your chargers plugged in because you are
currently charging up the batteries on the electronics are charging the
batteries on your phone happens all the time, all the time to
rookie travelers. A lot of the hotels and hostels you stay at probably have a spare phone charger or
spare camera battery charger from previous travelers that have left
theirs in the hotel room. If you ask the front desk I promise you they probably have a spare
set of them because it happens all the time so don’t forget these. It’s important Over scheduling is a huge rookie mistake
because people want to do everything granted I understand because you were in
this foreign country that don’t know if you’re ever going to visit again you
want to see and do everything however if you try and see and do
everything every day on your travels you are going to be exhausted you are
going to wear yourself out and you’re not going to enjoy it as much trust me. And also it leads you up for
failure so something falls through or if something takes longer than you thought
it would, or of you get stuck in traffic then there’s no like buffer zone, there’s
no time off Invest in a watch or just get a watch there’s a lot of cheap watches you can
find and vendors around the world but telling the time and knowing what time
it is is very very crucial it’s a big rookie mistake to not know
the time and also just to rely on your phone all the time because you don’t
always want to be whipping out your phone and checking it when you want to
check the time especially when you’re traveling and you might be juggling a
lot of stuff and you don’t want to or if you’re just going to sketchy area
you don’t want to like flash your phone around you’re going to be running on a lot of
timelines regardless of how your travel schedule is. There is going to be buses
or planes or trains or hotel check-in times for showtimes there’s gonna be a
lot of things that are going to require knowing the time. Data. Data for your cellular device. Have a plan
for it whether that be you putting on a data plan when you’re at home so before you go you got data so you
know that you can access the internet went abroad or buying a sim card in a
local country and knowing that again you have access and make a sure your phone is unlocked before you do that because data is like the most amazing thing when you
travel when you have data the world is open to you and everything
is great and good and and things can get solved then you have a problem you can
solve it trust me you live in the age where you
can have data everywhere in the world so please figure out how you can access
that, or deal with that or if you aren’t going to buy data or put a data
plan on know your Wi-Fi plan what I mean is always be looking for a
wi-fi I always been looking for a wi-fi Make sure wherever you’re staying has
good Wi-Fi. I’ve always pick a restaurant and accommodations that have Wi-Fi always always always and this is
regardless if you have data on your phone or not or if you’re just doing it
on Wi-Fi have traveled a lot with just using Wi-Fi. Amazing Wi-Fi is everywhere
in the world it’s getting better and better but there’s a lot of accessibility
everywhere that you go but I always make sure that we’re eating
I’m staying I have Wi-Fi and I’ll make sure I test
it out before I sit down if I’m eating at a restaurant I will sit there well ask for the Wi-Fi
and i’ll test it out and make sure it works before I sit down and order
because sometimes they say they have Wi-Fi and they do not have Wi-Fi
is important we like Wi-Fi. One of the biggest mistakes as a rookie
traveler is drinking out a lot and spending a lot of money on those nights
out now I’m not saying you shouldn’t go out or drink or party I’m saying is being very very cautious
of how much money you spend at night and try to pre drink because booze are
probably really really cheap in the country you’re in I guarantee you going to l a local
supermarket and buying a bottle of wine or buying some hard liquor and mixing
some drinks it’s going to be a lot cheaper and will
save you in the long run a general traveling than
just buying drinks when you get to a place. Not understanding tipping
etiquette if you’re American used to tipping I think it’s like twenty percent it’s
what you tip on almost everything I don’t know how that came about but you
tip for almost everything around the world there are lots of places that you
don’t tip at all. Yet Americans like to tip and sometimes very touristy
places in these countries will put on tips will ask for tips so request tips
and make you feel like it’s a custom sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. There
is like so many different rules in regards to tipping one of the biggest
rookie mistakes is, one, not checking your bill for tips sometimes in the touristy
parts they add in a tip in your bail without you noticing it I know sneaky, sneaky. The other thing is
not knowing what percentage to tip because sometimes five percent is like
great if you had an amazing meal five ten percent is like wow yes thank
you so much it’s not required it’s only if they went
above and beyond there’s a lot of different rules in
regards to tipping etiquette so research it and now it’s before you
go. Short connection times when you are traveling when you are booking your
flights that you are going through customs or you’re entering another
country you are going to be entering that country’s customs and sometimes you
might even need to do a second line of security this takes time so make sure that you
have an adequate amount of connection time I like to allow domestic no less
than an hour connecting time international so when you’re entering
another country in your connection two hours at a minimum because custom blinds
can become crazy and I know people miss flights I’m not miss why is that crazy about
this but I’ve almost missed flights it’s a rookie mistake don’t do it.
Thinking you’re going to save money by flying into a cheaper airport not
checking how much or how long or how even to get from the airport to your
combination when you arrive at a destination this is
screwed me over many times as they even an experienced traveler for example Panama City $35 us to get
from the airport to my connection there was a dollar bus. A dollar fifty for a
bus public bus actually the coach public bus
to get from the airport to downtown that’s a big difference from thirty-five
dollars to dollar-fifty. Not checking the train or bus or metro schedules before
you embark on your day if you were venturing out anywhere in
the city and you’re going to be taking public transportation they run on a schedule and you do not
want to find yourself stranded in a place because you missed the last bus back,
sometimes buses end really early there’s been several cities like when I
was in Valparaíso the last bus back was at seven pm, 7 p.m., when I want to go
visit there i want to make sure that i was on that last bus back so i actually
pre purchase the ticket so unlike coach buses you can do that you can like pre
purchase your tickets but make sure you know when the last trains are when the
buses back our and have that written down or at least written like in your
memory bank so you’re not stranded. Not comparing
public transportation to private transportation when looking for
transportation around places a lot of times when you’re traveling you’re
getting to places there are multiple options to get there there is a private way where you can
hire a shuttle or private man or there is a public transportation way
which is like local buses make sure you know the difference
between the two, what’s the better option what’s the cheaper option there is
generally multiple options so research that because there have been many times
as a rookie that i have taken the private transportation to get there and
paid an extraordinarily large amount for like not just a slightly more comfier
seat then the public way that takes me a little bit longer but it keeps and heaps
and heaps cheaper taxis I a taxi i mean taxis negotiating with
your taxi driver beforehand or watching the meter it’s one of the two. Sometimes it’s
better to negotiate as flat right and sometimes it’s better to take the meter
but make sure you’re watching the meter at this is something that generally the
accommodation staff so wherever you’re staying they’ll know what’s the best way to go
but taxis are like the biggest rip off in the travel game. Not calling your bank
before him and notifying them that you were going to be other country
especially if you are just starting with your travel adventures and your bank’s
not used to you spending money in foreign countries now ATMs are the best way to
withdraw money went abroad not using currency exchanges ATMs secured ATMs so
make sure that your bank knows that you are traveling to these foreign countries
and you tell them when what country is what dates you’re going to be gone so
they don’t shut off your cards which happens a lot to fellow travelers and to
myself this happens because your bank bless its
heart is just trying to prevent your money from being stolen it has good intentions but sometimes you
just need your money so notify your bank. Exchanging large
amounts of money or just carring large amounts of money you don’t really ever want to have a lot
of money on you. Trust me you can access your money ATMs are all
over the world you don’t need to be carrying huge wads
of cash on you this is what it just set you up for a
whole lot of failure of losing we’re getting your money stolen, that’s a lot of money to juggle. Only, only take out what you need for the whatever period of
time here and if you’re in countries for small periods of time or larger periods of
time. Not having enough small change that’s right small change is key and
king, key and King everywhere in the world maybe they don’t always use coins they
actually use small bills most places but ATMs are going to give you big bills everywhere you go there giving you a big
bills bills are really hard for most vendors to take especially if you’re not
traveling in your traveling in smaller places or less developed places so
making sure you’re always changing out and getting the smallest bills possible
and changing those larger bills when you have the opportunity to change those
large bills so that means like using large bills in restaurants or places or
shopping malls places that that are a little bit bigger that can accept it so
that you can have that small change for things like bus tokens or tips or
vendors like market vendors that only take cash you want to have small bills lots of
small change. Eating at the expensive doors restaurants they’re just really
expensive tourist restaurant they’re always like two times the price of the
local restaurants. Big rookie mistake we usually find the tourists restaurants
near the tourist destinations you will be able to tell the tourist
restaurant when you see it try to avoid those. Eating the foods you are used to
versus the local foods you are in foreign countries you’re going to
gravitate to like your comfort foods foods you’re used to Don’t do that, because one, that’s
probably why you’re going to get food poisoning maybe you are used to pizza and pasta at
home but in that country is not used to making pizza and pasta maybe their dish is
like curry they’re not going to know how to make
that properly they’re not going to know the food safety with it and they might
not have the ingredients super fresh so you can get an old
ingredients versus the local foods that generally are really well sourced, they
know how to make it because they’ve been making it forever, thats their food you’re less likely to get sick by it and
also you get to try new food which is awesome. Unrealistic expectations about your physical fitness you might think you are really fit and
you can go all day walking and you’ll come to realize that yes travel wears you out a lot more than
you think it does mentally and physically so don’t push yourself too
crazy when you were out and abroad because you’re not gonna enjoy yourself
into it can just meet you into a whole lot of
problems obviously go out and try two things but just be realistic about your
expectations so don’t get like to crazy Hyping things up too much. This is something i
did when i first started traveling is a hyped destinations because i wanted to
go there so bad i was like this oh my god this is my dreams my travel
I’m so excited to be your Great Wall of China hyping it up and you get there and
sometimes things don’t always live up to the expectations you are expecting it
because people like the internet is full of these beautiful photoshop photos of
these destinations you like wow this could be so magical and sometimes when
you get there you’re like okay it’s awesome it’s cool but you can be slightly
disappointed and you never want to be slightly disappointed one of the reasons why I don’t like to
plan, i don’t personally like the plan too much because i don’t want to have all
these like hyped up expectations of these destinations are places because I
want to be pleasantly surprised so you’re just starting out don’t hype things up in your brain to do
much it goes you feel really disappointed when they don’t work out
your way and when things don’t go as planned. Making sure you leave room
for socializing and making friends this is like if you’re especially if you are
solo traveling, make friends socialize make time to do that trust me
it will make your experience of travel so much more rich you will get to hear
other people’s stories and it’s oh my god seriously like on the best part to
travel so make sure you leave time for that you’re not just like running around
taking photos and sightseeing everything meet some people have some conversations
sit down and grab a beer and last forgetting Forgetting to say yes. Yes yes yes yes yes you need to learn to become a yes person
especially when you first start traveling are a bit scary so you might be saying
no to things so you might be like I don’t know what that out oh that’s not a
good opportunity, but the more you learn to become comfortable with yourself and
the more you learn to start saying yes to opportunities and situations obviously that the situation so you’re
not like putting yourself and like something that’s dangerous but the more you see yes to things, the
more enriching your travel experience will become and you’ll start to surprise
yourself and all these really amazing things that you get up to and the stories and the people and the
experiences that you’ll meet if you just didn’t say yes you just said no. So thank you so
much for watching this video I hope you have learned lots lots of worky travel
advice for beginners just starting out on the travel journey
and and if you have started on the travel journey and you’ve been doing
this for I don’t know maybe a year or less let me
know is there anything that you’ve learned as a rookie traveler that you
would dot yourself you’ve learned while traveling, down below in the comments I
want to hear them because those i’m really curious because I’ve been
traveling for so long now so rookie like certain things I just comes naturally to
me but yeah so. That’s it thanks for
watching this video don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for more
tips and more advice and I will see all your beautiful faces and a few more days
with another video, bye

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