3 Essential Work Travel Outfits (Ft. Ingrid Nilsen)

– Hey, everyone. I’m Ingrid Nilsen and I have been making beauty, style, and
intentional living videos on YouTube for the last 10 years. I’m super excited because this video is part of a series that I’m making in partnership with Indeed, and it’s all about what to wear to work. (gentle music) Now, as someone who has done a lot of work travel over the years, I know how hard it can be
to pack multiple outfits for different work scenarios
and for different climates, and, on top of that, trying
to fit it all into a carry-on. So today, I’m going to show you three outfits in five minutes or less that will take you from the plane to a meeting to happy hour. Let’s go. Let’s start off with the airplane outfit. When I am on a plane, I
want to be comfortable, but I also wanna make sure
the pieces I’m wearing can transition into
other outfits on my trip. In this outfit, I paired a trench coact with a gray sweatshirt, black knit pants, and
comfy black sneakers. When I’m on a plane, I
just wanna be comfortable, so that where these black
knit pants really come in, because they’re light, breathable, loose, they move around with me, and the waist band isn’t tight, so I can sit comfortably for a long period of time on a plane. I also have on a sweatshirt, because I just feel good in a sweatshirt and you never know what temperature it’s gonna be on an airplane. So you can wear a T-shirt underneath this, but I always think it’s
good to have layers when you’re on a plane. And then for the trench coat, this is really to save
room in my suitcase, and a trench coat is a
great stable to have. I can wear this when I’m at the airport getting on the plane
and also off the plane. It also elevates the look a lot too. So, underneath, I’m wearing
a sweatshirt and these pants, but the trench coat really dresses it up. And for shoes, I always
have to keep it comfortable, especially when it comes
to being at an airport, because who knows if an escalator or an elevator is gonna be broken and you’re gonna have to
climb a bunch of stairs, you just never know. So now let’s change up
this outfit a little bit, so we can go straight form
the plane to a meeting. Here’s I’m just changing out two pieces, my top and my shoes. I’m also adding in some color because the striped top has
a pop of red on the pocket, and I’m also putting on some red lipstick. When I travel, I really try to
pack within a color palette, so I like wearing neutrals
with a pop of red, especially because I love red lipstick. This way I know that
everything is gonna go together and I can wear them in
a ton of different ways, but you can really work with
whatever colors you like. For shoes, I’m changing
into something dressier, but still comfortable
because these are slides and I can just literally
slide them on my feet. And the red lipstick I feel
like always elevates a look and makes it feel dressier. And when you combine this
with the trench coat, the black pants, the change of the shoes, I feel like this is a really
chic and sophisticated look and also something very classic. All right, it’s time for happy hour, and we’re gonna change
out another two items. So here we’re saying
goodbye to the trench coat. We’re bringing in a red jacket, and we’re saying goodbye to those slides and bringing in some patent booties. So, this is where the
color really comes in. I feel like for happy hour I just really like bringing
in my personality more, and I love this red jacket
because it’s lightweight. I love the bright color
and it’s just fun to wear. For shoes, thought it would be fun to wear something with a
little bit of of a heel. It’s not super high, but I love the sheen of these booties. I feel like it adds a different texture, and it’s still within my color palette. So you can see how I’m still working with the black and white neutrals, but then I have the pops of red, and I love that contrast. This is an outfit that I think
is perfect for happy hour, because it brings out my personality, the fun, the color, but
it’s also still comfortable. So that is gonna be it for today. I hope you enjoyed watching this video, and if you’d like to see more like this, make sure to check out
the Dress the Part series on the Indeed YouTube channel. I’m talking about what
to wear to an interview, what to wear in different
industries and more, and I’m really excited
for you guys to see them. And just in case you didn’t know, Indeed has a ton of tips and advice for every stage of your job search. You can learn more on the
Indeed YouTube channel, and you can also go to
indeed.com/career-advice. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you guys next time. Bye.

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