5 Ways To Make Health a Priority While Travelling

Hey there, Dan Martell here,
serial entrepreneur, investor, and creator of SaaS Academy. In this video I’m going to share
with you how to keep health a priority as you travel. And be sure to stay
to the end, we’re going to share with you an
exclusive download on the five productivity hacks that I use. And specifically the first
one is my morning ritual. Love to get you access to that. So let’s get into
the strategies. So first off, I want you to
know that I do travel a lot. Now, I’m super
lucky and blessed, so there’s no complaints. And many of the trips I
take my family is with me. So I’ve been able to create
an integrated life around it. But one of the biggest
challenges, just for example, in the last two months
I’ve been to seven cities. I did a five day
event in Boston, I went snowboarding, I went
snow biking, I– so I’m just sharing that not to
brag, although they were incredible trips. I went on a Disney
cruise with my family, I’m speaking in traffic and
conversion summit in San Diego. I share that because
the challenges for me, and maybe for you if
you’re a road warrior, is that you have different
circumstances or environments that you’re in. And for me, what I’ve
had to figure out, because the last thing
I want to do is have my health have a negative
consequence as I travel, because I didn’t
want to not travel. I love meeting people in person. I love seeing new parts of
the world with my family. But I also want to make sure
that I kept my habits going while I was traveling. So my rule, and what I’m
going to share with you today, are the five
strategies that I do to make sure, at a
minimum, that I’m maintaining the level
of fitness in my life. You know, I’m even
competing in the cross fit opens while I’m
doing all of this, and still running
multimillion dollar companies. So, in this video
I’m going to show you the five strategies
that I’ve used to help me keep this going on the road. Number one, win your morning. I think that yes breakfast,
and the way you wake up, and your rituals
are all important, but I just, for me,
there’s a few things that need to happen in the morning. One, you need to
get super hydrated. So sleep with at least half a
liter of water next your bed so when you wake up you can
chug it and kick off your day. And it just sets the
tone for everything else. The other one is your breakfast. I know that people say breakfast
is the most important meal of the day. I don’t agree with the
nutritional aspect. I just think that if you make
a great decision, and even more important to make it easy,
just bring it with you. Get a shake. Get a breakfast kind of– I’m not going to recommend
any specific products, I’m not here to endorse anybody. But just have these
packs ready to go. If you go on a trip
for seven days, it’s just seven
meals that you just wake up, put it– after you
chug your water, drink it. You get your breakfast, done. But if you can’t
and you’re ordering, just make sure you
have something healthy, because that just sets the
stage for the rest of the day. Your morning–
morning people ask me, like Dan, why do you
have so much energy? I’ll tell you, because
I don’t eat crap. Because I care more about
being present, and active, and energetic for you than
having a crap breakfast. So win your mornings, stay
hydrated, get your body moving, and eat something lean and
mean right off the morning. Number two, airport triggers. So one of the things
that I’ve learned is that when I travel I
don’t drink enough water. And usually that’s
when my body gets dehydrated, that’s when I make
bad decisions around meals. And what I would much
rather do is just get triggered so that when
I’m in certain locations that I stay hydrated. And yes, look, I get it. It costs me like $10,
but here’s my strategy. As soon as I get into a new
airport, I land in an airport, I always go and get
two bottles of water. I chug one, and then
I put one on my carry on or in my laptop bag, and I
drink it until the next flight. For me that trigger
is probably one of the most important
to just remind myself to stay hydrated as I travel. And the issue and the reason
why I do the two bottles is because I got to buy them
once I get past security. So it’s really tough to
travel with, obviously, bottles of water. Because they’ll
take them from you. Or filling up your
canteen, or whatever it is. So just, you know,
think about triggers. Think about when I’m
in this location, I do this smart decision. The other thing is, I like
to buy eggs or beef jerky. So I want some lean
protein, I want something that’s
going to fill me up, or some fruit or vegetables. And usually, again, I
know I’m paying a premium, but for me staying
and keeping healthy while I travel is more
important than the dollars it’s going to cost
me, because it’s going to have a
way bigger impact in the long term around
my focus, my energy, and my productivity. So, build a trigger. Airport equals two bottles
of water and or some raw boiled eggs, or some
fruit or vegetables. Have that every
time you go in, even if you’re not hungry so that you
always feel full and hydrated. Number three, sweat every day. Now, I don’t know when
this became a thing, but if you follow
me on Instagram, it is something that I am
ridiculously passionate about. And I just believe there’s
no reason on a daily basis that I can’t get my sweat on. So it doesn’t matter if
it’s high intensity interval training like orange theory, or
I’m doing my cross fit workout, or I’m doing a cross fit
wide in my hotel room like I did this morning. I want to make sure that I
sweat every day to just get my body moving. If I can, I’ll do
it in the morning. Typically when I’m at home
and I’m not on the road I like to work out
at lunch to kind of reset for the afternoon. But when I am traveling,
first thing in the morning I’m going to do some
kind of movement. So it could be
running, a workout. But my rule is that I
think– and people go, you shouldn’t work
out every day. I don’t know about you, by
I’m saying sweat every day. You know, and some people–
you can do it active recovery. OK, rowing. You can go for a walk. I don’t care. Just walk fast to
get your sweat on. But I think it’s really
important for your body to feel that elevated
heart beat and just get you in the right rhythm. So it’s just part of
the travel process to make sure that I get
my sweat on every day. Number four, pre-order meals. Now this is a bit
of a life hack, and I feel super lucky
that I have somebody that supports me in this. But typically, when I
travel, I have my assistant look at any meetings that
I have, lunches or dinners, and look at their menu online
and already make their decision for me through that menu. So I always do, typically,
greens and protein. So that way I just look
at the calendar invite, I can order it, and I don’t
do what’s called menu surfing. I don’t know if you’ve ever
done this where you sit down and you open the menu and you’re
like, oh, that looks nice, oh, that looks nice. And you want to have a
conversation with people. Have you eaten here before? What did you like? Blah, blah, blah. But at the end of the day,
if you can just already make that decision so you don’t
have decision fatigue, it is going to allow you
to stay like super focused. Big thing I’m going
to give you, is ask them to put dressing on
the side in all situations pr circumstances, because you
could actually technically order something off the menu
that sounds lean and mean, but turns out to be not. So always put
dressing on the side, and sometimes you
might even want to ask them to not cook
with any oils, the protein, because those are two things,
especially in a salad, that can ruin it from a lean
and mean point of view. So pre-order your meals before
you show up to the restaurant. Number five, get
accountable to someone. I think this is probably
the most important for me. I’ve always had coaches
in different aspects of my life, from my
kite boarding coach, to my snowboarding coach,
to my business coach, to my health coach. And on the health side, I’ve got
Nicole, who’s my nutritionist. Essentially, she
monitors, because I log in all of my food
and my decisions, and looks at, for me
because I’m trying to perform at the highest level,
looks at the micro nutrients to make sure I’m getting
the right things. Right, because I do measure
and do full body scans around, you know, lean muscle mass
and body fat percentages. We can actually
adjust the nutrition to have certain outcomes from
a performance point of view. Now I’m not asking you
to get that, you know, intense about monitoring
and nutrition. I’m just saying
have somebody else that you can be accountable
to, maybe on a daily basis. Where I use my fitness
pal, I just log the food, and you can invite somebody
else to get access to that. And it just makes it
super easy for you to feel like there’s somebody else. When we know the
positive peer pressure of somebody else involved in
monitoring and making sure that we’re making
right decisions, it just changes the game for
you, especially as you travel. So five strategies to keep
your health as a priority while you’re traveling. Number one, win your morning. Number two, use
airport triggers. Number three, sweat every day. Number four, pre-order
meals, no menu surfing. And number, five, get
accountable to somebody else. So as I mentioned
at the beginning, I want to share with you an
exclusive resource called The Five Productivity
Hacks that I put together. You can click the link
below to download that. In there is kind of an
overview of my morning ritual, because for me that
sets up my whole day and gets me producing
and productive. So you can click the link
to grab your copy today. And if you like this video, be
sure to smash the Like button, subscribe to my channel. If there’s somebody
that you care about, feel free to share this
video with them directly. And as per usual,
I want to challenge you to live a bigger life
and a bigger business, and I’ll see you next Monday. You need to get the
shot of the water, and then I’m going to chug it. And then I realize
I’ll probably spill all over my shirt,
probably not a good idea.

3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Health a Priority While Travelling

  1. Spend a ton of time on the road for business? Stack these 5 “health hacks” to make sure you stay razor sharp and fit no matter where you are.

  2. Love these tips, Dan! Such an important topic for entrepreneurs. Here are a few others:

    -Even while away there are still lots of opportunities to eat well. Not every meal will be special. Make the most of the routine meals.

    -Pick and choose. What, where and when is special? The idea is that we're only indulging on foods we'll remember in at least two weeks time. If so, then it's special.

    -Make it about the people you're with. Sure, food is a part of it but it's not all of it. Enjoy the experience, environment, scenery, etc.

    -It's what we do most of the time that generates most of our results. Don't sweat it if/when when you indulge. Keep in mind though: Indulging is very different than over-indulging. And focus on getting right back on track after you indulge.

    Some re-frames:

    -Instead of looking at travel as a disruption to your exercise routine, view it as an opportunity to change things up and try new things. Try running the hotel stairs or doing a new exercise class or a new piece of equipment.

    -If you're forced to eat out every meal, think about it this way: You have a private chef who will make you whatever you want. No food shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. You just order something and eat it. As you said, it's much easier to choose well if you decide ahead of time. It's also much easier to choose well if you don't let yourself get ravenous. Ravenous = irrational. Everything looks and sounds good when we're very hungry.

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