67. Narrowboat Pump-Out Disaster! Narrowboat Journey on the Calder & Hebble Navigation.

Good morning. It’s early. And it’s chilly,
we’ve got the fire going this morning. Smoke out the Chimmilly. Chimmilly? [laughs] So today we’re gonna turn the boat around and we’re going back towards Castleford Junction.
We’re gonna go straight over onto the River Calder, up towards Altofts and Kings
Road Lock and then to Stanley Ferry. [Music playing] At 180 years old and with a span of 165
feet the Stanley Ferry Aqueduct it’s not only impressive to look at but it’s one
of the earliest through arch bridges in the world and the longest span aqueduct
made from cast iron. It carries the Aire and Caldere Navigation over the River
Calder at Stanley Ferry and for over 120 years till well into the mid 1980s you’d
have seen trains, long trains of Tom Pudding boats shifting thousands of tons
of coal from here down towards Goole. The second aqueduct, the concrete one that
was built in 1981. [Music playing] This…. is a pump out and for those that
don’t know what a pump out is, on a narrowboat you’ve really got three
types of toilet the composting toilets, Cassette toilets and pump out toilets so
in a pump out toilet you have a big tank and all the let’s call it waste goes
into the big tank and then when it’s full or when you reach your pump out
point, you can pump it all out. There’s a big hose in here like a fireman’s hose and
you seal it to the boat’s tank and it sucks all the waste out. So why is this
one so significant? Well this was the exact first-ever pump out that I ever
used it’s at Stanley Ferry and when we had our first boat back in 2004, when we
got it back here to Stanley Ferry, I thought I’ll do with the pump out and
I’ve never done a pump out before. I was pretty sure it was easy to do put the
hose on seal it up and suck it out. The only problem was because we had a new
boat at the time all the boats from Stanley Ferry would kind of coming
around and in the boat having a look around, oh it’s a nice new boat and
everything, we had about six people walking in the boat, I’m pumping out.
Thought it had finished, unsealed the hose, took it off….. and litre’s and litre’s of
light brown purpley waste just can gushing back out of the hose, all over
the side of the boat, all over the windows. Over the shoe of a lady who was
jogging by….. and this was responsible. We’re not using it today we’ve got a
cassette toilet nowadays, but we using the water point just behind it. [Music playing] This feels weird. Yeah it really feels
weird. We recorded so many videos from here last year a Stanley Ferry and it
feels weird to finally have Narrowboat Silver Fox moored up here. You hear all about
like the Grand Union and the Leeds and Liverpool and the Oxford and the
Coventry and all that lot, but how often do you hear people say the Calder and
Hebble Canal? So that’s where we going, this is the Aire and Calder Navigation,
just about a mile ahead of us we drop back onto the River Calder
through broad reach Loch, we go up the River Calder and then it’s kind of River
Calder and canal just bypassing the weir’s and today hopefully we will get
to Horbury Bridge. We’ll see you there. [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] [Dillon Panting] [Dillon Panting] [Dillon Panting] Are you getting back on the boat now? The Calder and Hebble is the only canal that
uses a different bit of equipment for the the locks
You’re used to windlass’s and opening padlocks with anti-vandal key’s, well
here on the Calder and Hebble we use this Strange-looking piece of wood, it’s
kind of yay big at this end and narrower at this end and it’s called the Calder Spike.
You can get them from CRT offices and they make these at the Stanley Ferry
workshops near Wakefield, so these work the gate paddles on the gates,
let me show you how. So as you can see this gate paddle mechanism is a little bit
different to what you’re used to. It’s got this kind of round thing with
the rectangular holes in it, weirdly enough exactly the same shape as our
Calder Spike. So all we do is put the Calder Spike in the hole like that, turn it
clockwise…. with a bit of brute force. slowly and surely it opens the gate paddle. [Music playing] Good morning. Morning, it’s a little bit
misty. It is, it’s like getting autumnal, where you get up in the morning and
everything’s wet like Shaun’s half of the bed. [Laughing] So we moored last night at
Horbury Bridge, which is kind of between Wakefield and Dewsbury. It’s a nice
enough mooring, when we got here there was only one other boat, that boat behind us. One, two three, four, five,
Six of us now this six of us now throughout the afternoon yesterday more
and more boats arrived, but this morning we’re heading out again we go into
Shepley today on our way to Huddersfield. Lovely morning again it’s gonna be a hot
one today, about thirty degrees again. We’ve got seven locks to do between here
and wherever we going…. Shepley. Or is it four locks…. I hope it’s four [laughs]
I hope I’m mistaken and it four locks, that’d be good. He could never count. So just gonna grab some breakfast and then we’re going to get off. [Music playing] It’s a lovely morning it’s gonna be
absolutely roasting, so we’ve set off a little bit earlier.
We got up with the intention of setting off half past seven, eight o’clock and
it’s now about what twelve? Twelve? Lets have a look. No, its quarter past eight. Quarter past eight, we’ve not done too bad. [Music playing] [Sound of Train Horn] [Music playing] We’ve just moored up, just before the junction for
the Dewsbury Arm and the Thornhill double locks.
There’s a boat coming down so Shaun’s just gone up to give them a hand and get the lock
ready for us and something happened this morning that I kind of want to talk about
and it’s like a mental health thing and it’s like, the canal systems all very
friendly and everybody talking to each other and saying good morning and having
a chat the locks it’s kind of a social thing isn’t it? But I find it really tough,
all the social thing starting conversations knowing what to say and I
find it really difficult to kind of process like what people are saying to
me during a conversation. So I can’t get that flow that most people get when they
have a conversation with a stranger, it’s not too bad if it’s somebody I know. But
then it kinda makes me feel, I don’t know, awkward embarrassed because
conversations kind of come to a halt and it puts me off starting a conversation
and I tend to shy away from it, so if ever you see me and you try and talk to me, and I don’t seem very engaging or I look
away or I even avoid the situation altogether and disappear into the boat,
which if you pass the boat is more than likely where I’m gonna be. Don’t be
offended it’s not you it really is me I’m just really bad at that kind of
thing and I tend to try and avoid it. and it’s probably not just me there’s
probably millions of you out there that are exactly the same so I think it’s
always important to remember when it comes to mental health especially, is to
try not to judge people on how they first appear, you don’t know what’s going on
inside there and they might seem like they’re being ignorant or just rude but
and sometimes they might be, but sometimes they might not sometimes they
might be really struggling in their minds. Just think about that Oooooh….. I’m knackered… Oooh! [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] These locks on the Calder and Hebble are a
tight squeeze for most boats, We’re 57 feet long and we can just get in,
we’re kind of diagonally across the lock, so the front of the boat, the bow is on the
right hand side and the stern is tucked in to the left hand side of
the lock. So we’re 57 feet which is supposedly the length of the lock. I have
known some 60 foot boats get up here so they say. I don’t know whether they have
to take the buttons off, the fenders at each end, maybe that’s how they do it.
It’s all good, it’s all right in theory… sorry I’m just making sure we don’t get
caught it’s all good in theory until you get a really leaky lock and
there’s a few of them and the water comes pouring into the bow…. Shaun wants me. [Music playing] Ooooh It’s a bit warm all tell thi.
30 degrees today it’s been and what was the first thing I said when we left
Horbury Bridge this morning? I hope it’s for four I hope I’m mistaken and it’s four locks, that would be good with it. Not four.
It was seven locks and we’re so used to the key operated electric ones on the
Aire and Calder, it was a bit of a shock having to wind that handle again and push the gate. do the what? Push? Push?
I want to a press a button. what century are we in? [Laughs] But we’re here anyway, this is
Shepley Bridge. The River Calder is about two hundred yards behind us, you’re
kind of skipping from river to canal between Horbury and Shepley.
But here we are we’re back on the canal bit, there’s nice little marina and a cafe and
a train set just behind us. There’s some trip boats, a couple of
trip boats… you need to slow down love. Yeah, speedy fast. I had to get my tire
out that’s not a euphemism either. It was to stop us banging on the side. Mmmmm.
So we’re going to moor here tonight and then, well tomorrow for us next week for you.
We move on to Cooper bridge, now what’s special about Cooper Bridge? [Laughs] What’s this?
What’s special about Cooper Bridge? The canal split up. It splits off, so
you can either bear-like, it’s more or less like a 360 but it like a big left turn.
Like a U-bend. which takes you down towards the Huddersfield broad and
narrow or you can go kind of straight on bearing right and it takes you up the
Calder and Hebble towards the Rochdale Canal. So which way are we going? Well you don’t know because…. We’re not telling you. [Laughs] Well no, that’s not what we’re gonna say we say
they don’t know because….. We don’t know But it’s kind of spoilt it now,
of course we know where we’re going. But yeah that’s all for next week for you,
we hope you’ve enjoyed this vlog, as usual if you have please give it a thumbs up.
If you’ve got any comments or feedback or complaints or just want to tell us
about your life like most people do, drop it in the comments down below. We do answer every one. Can’t promise that we actually read what we’re answering [Laughing]
But we do answer every comment. [Laughing] That’s what we need…. like an automatic
reply generator…. Copy and paste. How long is your boat? 1962 [Laughs]
So anything like that down in the comments below. Subscribe if you haven’t already.
If you subscribe and hit the bell, YouTube will let you know every time will release a
brand new episode… But it is every Friday at four o’clock, but just in case you
forget, YouTube will let you know. They like…. Oi Oi Oi [Laughing] Apparently does ring, it rings a
bell doesn’t it? it’s supposed to go like ding. Somebody told us that we’re there trumpet
Yeah. Again not a euphemism. So anyway that’s it from us, hope you have a
nice weekend if you watching this on a Friday. Have a nice Tuesday if you watch
me on Monday [Laughs] and we’ll see you next time take care bye bye.
See ya later Bye. [Musice playing] Arrrgg. Mind went. [Sniggering] We have got a bit of a treat Uhhhhhh!!
and he got it wrong. What would be better than this? Justin Bieber doing a concert on the roof that’d be better No! [Laughing] Rotate it this one’s knackered! You can put your Bell wherever you want it. [BURPS] We… are…. knackered. God its getting warm isn’t it? Ffffffff!!!
Boily hot If you really hate it and you don’t like us. We send his mother round. [Laughing] take 12 [Laughing] and what was the last thing I said when we left Horbury this morning?
Five locks… No I said four locks. Did you say four? But it weren’t either.
It was seven locks. and again Ooooohhh

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