74. Beat The Canal Closure! A Narrowboat Journey on the Macclesfield Canal.

It’s like the end of an era.
We’re going….. to Barbados [Laughs] No we’re not. Oh no, it’s to Ibiza for the young un’s isn’t it now. Ibiza??
That’s what they singing isn’t it? We’re going to a Ibiza or whatever it is Pizza
Hut [Laughs]. Ooooh Pizza Hut Yeah it’s the end of an era today We’re finally leaving the Peak
Forest Canal. It’s sad…. for Colin. It is sad, I love it here I’m already making
retirement plans I am we were just talking about it.
Like places to moor and what we can do in the summer and things.
Even Dillon’s sad, Dillon’s crying today. But Shaun’s all like… move on.
So we’re moving on. We’ve got to move on today, you’ll find out why a little bit
later. But we’re about a quarter of a mile outside Marple, we’re just gonna
more up there, get some shopping, have a bit of lunch and then we’re headed off
onto a new canal and a new adventure. The Macclesfield.
I weren’t gonna to tell them that. [Laughs] [Music playing] We’ve just passed Bridge 5 At errrrr….. Hawk Green. Checking his book. Checking my book! At Hawk Green. As soon as you come out of Marple
it kinda goes really leafy very quickly. Not as nice as Peak Forest….. But…. [Laughs] I’m sure I’ll get used to it [Music playing Boaters, you’ll know what I mean. Do you ever go past boats even when you’re going at like tickover or even slower like
Shaun’s top speed. and you see these boats that have been
there for years and years and years and you go by them and as you go by em,
they start to come out towards you cos they’ve not been moored up properly.
It’s like the ghosts in the ghost train at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Yeah.
It’s like they’re gonna come out and get you and then they go go nooo and then I go back again. [Music playing] [Music fading] Ladle’s and jelly spoons, I give you….
Bullock Bridge with a ‘U’ [Laughs] just in case people weren’t sure….
Bullock Bridge. [Music playing] What you doing. [Laughing] [Music playing] [Music fading] Plan A…. was to get to Bridge 19 on the
Macclesfield, because from Bridge 19 it’s about 40 minutes…. Half an hour 40
minutes to Bridge 26, which is where the stop planks are. Now we think there’s going
to be a bit of a queue tomorrow morning. We’ve been warned there’s a lot of a queue.
So we don’t want to get too close to other stoppage is. We don’t want to get
next to a boat or a group of boats they’ve got their engines on all night,
you wouldn’t want to would you? So we’re going to stay out here somewhere and just
after which 19, it looks like there’s some moorings just out in the middle of
nowhere and we’re only like just over half an hour from the stoppage, so in the
morning we can get up reasonable time, get there for about 10 o’clock and the
open the the closed section at 11:00. So we’re just on the lookout now for a nice
mooring spot. Yes. Let us know if you see one. [Music playing] [Music fading] And then magically… It was tomorrow. Already. We moored just after Bridge 19, it’s near a caravan park… looks nice, it’s
like how in the sticks. Yeah. No internet no TV so it’s good job
we’re not staying here for more than one night. It’s a good job we have movies. Today we’ve got to go through the stoppage. So the whole point of this is…. we were going to come down the Macclesfield, but there’s a leak between bridges 26 and 27
and what the CRT have done is brought the winter stoppage forward to fix it.
But that’s caused a few problems because boaters want to get in and out and they
didn’t give us a lot of notice when they pleanked it off. Lots of boats. So there’s
about 20 to 30 boats in front of us queuing, I went down last night to have a
look and you can see all the boats sort of queued up back from bridge 26 and you
can see the stop planks in and I had to ride down to 27 as well and just had a
look at the boats queueing the other way. So, what we doing today, the plan is
we’re going to try and let as many boats as we can get in front of us, we want to
be at the back, because when they open it at 11 o’clock
the boats are gonna go through like Wacky Races Yeah like Wacky Races in each
direction and we want to be at the back so once all the boats have gone through
we can get moored up and nobody’s gonna come in behind us…. that’s the plan. Is it gonna work? [Laughs] Probably not [Music playing] [Other boater shouting] Oooooh…. Silver Foxes.
How ya doing guys? [Music playing] [Music fading] This is Macclesfield visitor moorings
I came down here on the bike yesterday and I think space for three or four
boats and it was full and just as we were coming in one of the boats left
so we’ve Snooked in Snook in. With two O’s [Laughs] I can’t get the theme tune from Rainbow
out in my head. 🎶 Up above… the streets and houses 🎶 can’t get out
of my head today, you know like when you get an earworm and it’s just there
🎶 rainbow flying high 🎶 So according to….. There’s summit wrong about you. According to Nicholson’s book
and I like checking my book. According to Nicholson’s book,
there’s not one water point here there’s two water points. One just before where
we are now at Macclesfield visitor moorings and one just after the bridge. Don’t lie [Laughs] Not one. There isn’t one,
honestly there isn’t one. I’ve walked and looked and asked people.
I’ve even used my accent and just nope…. no water point. You’ve used your accent.
I used my accent, I have an accent now [Laughs] 🎶 Everyone can see it’s smiling, up in
the sky. Paint the whole world with rainbow 🎶 Dum dum de dum dum de de dum. [Music playing] [Music fading] Good morning. Morning! or Guten Morgan to our German friends. Frau Fox Frau? [Laughs]. Oww! don’t forget I’m not deaf [Laughs] We are in
Gurnett in Sutton and we discovered this place quite by accident yesterday we
were just passing through and it was like oh this is nice.
Nice towpath. We’ll stay here. Mooring rings. It’s nice little mooring, there’s a
couple of pubs…. very expensive, we were gonna call in one for lunch. At 20 quid
a pop. No more than that. Was it? The start as were 8 quid the main
courses was 13 quid and then you’ve got drinks. It would have been like 50 or 60
quid. Let me work that out. For both of us, so we’re not paying that. If anybody
wants…… if anybody wants to take us there, I mean that’s that’s different, We’ll happily go.
But we’re not paying. [Laughs]. No, not at that price. It’s quite early… for a Sunday. It’s about, what is it?
about half past 9, quarter to 10? Yeah, about that. Lets have a look.
Yeah quarter to 10 Do you ever get those
morning’s where your hair sticks up and I had a little bit of hair sticking up there
and water wouldn’t do it and your hair gel wouldn’t do it so I’ve got
some Airfix glue on there [Laughing] So my hair is stuck down with Airfix glue… there you go. Oh and Dillon’s down here. Today we are not going far, we’re going down to the retail park which is about a mile
away. Shaun wants a chunky jumper. Warm chunky jumper. So there’s a Next there we’re going to
get Shaun’s chunky jumper and there’s a B&M and the B&M
sells… I don’t know if you’ve heard of them be called Reisens, they’re like dark
chocolate toffee chewy things. with chocolate on them and the normally quite
expensive and B&M have got like 29 pence a packet. So we’re gonna buy
three boxes of reasons in B&M and then we’re gonna go down towards the
services and we’re gonna stop about well wherever we can just before the
start of the Bosley locks. Yeah. Cos the weather’s gonna be nice for the next
few days so we’re gonna plan on get you through the locks and mooring up and
then well we’re not telling you, it’s none of your business.
[Laughing] Be told That’s what’s going on. so the sun’s out, nice day, no rain forecast.
Lots of chocolate in the forecast. We’re gonna go put the kettle on and get
going. Mmmm see you in a bit. [Music playing] This is Bridge 50 on the Macclesfield Canal. Mottersheads Bridge. What??
Mottersheads M. O. T. T. E. R. S. H. E. A. D. S
I don’t know if it’s Motters heed or Motters head or Motter Shed…… So, Motter Shed! [Music playing] [Music fading] This is Maggoty Wood. It’s only a couple
of miles from where we were moored on the canal and as soon as I saw the name of it,
I thought I’ve got to go an hour look to see what it is. Fascinating little place,
owned by the National Trust and it contains this. This is the grave of
Samuel Johnson, he died in 1773 Never heard of him? How about Maggoty Johnson? No? Or Lord Flame, that was his professional name. He was the last paid jester in Britain He used to work here and entertain
people it Gawsworth Hall. He also had some success in London writing plays and
stuff like that and when he died they buried him in the local church yard, but he
didn’t want that, he wanted to be buried out here in nature and as soon as they
discovered the mistake that dug him up, literally dug him up and moved him here
to the wood and laid him to rest here and he’d written his own epitaph which
they inscribed on this stone on top. Fascinating. I would love to have been a
jester back in the day. Hitting the King with my bladder and all that. [Music playing] Arrrgggg! What did ya think I we’re gonna do then?
I’m back, I’ve still got my… it’s not a cycling jacket, but I feel a bit of a chav.
I like ADIDAS He’s been to Maggerty Wood.
Maggoty Wood…… Maggoty…. to hit the king with my bladder [Laughing] and it was full You alright? Yes… I’m fine We’re moored just near Bridge 52 on the Macclesfield. It’s near the top of the flight of locks,
the Bosley Locks, There’s 13 locks on the whole of the Macclesfield and 12 of them
are together and the start about half a mile that way and we’re going to do
those tomorrow. Supposed to be quite easy, I think. Well there’s two of us and Dillon. I’ll steer you put kettle on and Dillon can do the windlass [Laughs] We’re about half….. I can’t believe halfway down the Macclesfield
already and we’ve got to be off the Macclesfield in a few days, so we’ve
got a bit of a timetable to keep and we still, we’ve got this dilemma already. We
don’t know which way we go in when we get there. Left or right. and we were
planning to go left but I can’t really decide on where we’re gonna moor. There doesn’t look to be any good mooring… I don’t know. So anyway, that’s a conversation for
another day conversation today [Laughs] You’ve got a right chest on ya haven’t you today
No, I’m just laughing. You sound a bit like, not Ena Sharples. What is she called? I don’t know who I’m thinking of. I don’t know maybe it’s because we were talking about Pat Phoenix
in that last one. If you hear Dillon crying it’s because he wants his dinner. He’s still on British summer time [Laughing] So as always, hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you
have give it a thumbs up for us. It’s been a change to have a bit of a nice
cruising vlog hasn’t it? Yeah it has yeah, rather than a documentary. All the adventures of
the last few weeks, it’s been nice to get back to cruising. Yeah. More cruising next time, we’re gonna go from the Bosley flight, we’re gonna go down towards
wherever we get to, I don’t know where we going, it depends what mood we’re in on
the day I think doesn’t it? Yeah So if you’ve liked it give it a thumbs up, any
comments or questions or any kind of random chit-chat just leave it down below
and we do, you know that we read them. Yeah. We don’t answer you… [Laughing] We have some boy from Macclesfield, we pay him £2 a week just
to answer all our YouTubes. No we do it. No we do it… for less than £2 a week. If you are not subscribed, subscribe. It makes a big difference and
also if you hit the notifications icon YouTube will give you a great big hammer
whenever we release a new vlog. DING! DONG! Somebody said that we’re their trumpet,
do you remember that? I remember that yeah. There you go. Blow my trumpet. [Laughs] No…. to tell em we’ve got a new vlog out. Anything else? Yeah, I’m cold We’re cold and we’ve got some dinner on, So we are going… take care bye [Music playing] Smells funny does this canal. [Laughing] Not as nice as the Peak Forest We’ve only just got on it
I don’t care…. turn around and go back. Cold It is pretty chilly today. I got my
a fleece on and I’ve got my thermal on. It’s like a long sleeve thermal t-shirt,
it is nice and warm though. Got my gloves on. so three things we’ve learnt…. start that again and it is quite straight…. Straighter than him It’s like a drip drip drip on, but it’s
getting….. [Laughs] Phone Good boy No, you’re a good boy. [Laughs] We are in……. Errrr He doesn’t know Gurnett [Laughs] I’m not moving the camera I’m gonna have to move the camera Gurnet…… it sounds like Gurning. [Laughing] Go on, do that again. Your not supposed to use your hands, you’re supposed to have a tire in front of your face aren’t you. Men in white coats are coming Ya what? Men in white coats are coming What else. Errr What else was there? I’d be Bungle [Laughs] I can’t make my mind up
whether you’d be Jeffrey or George. No, you’d be George, coz you’re like as
camp as George.. What do you mean, I’m camp? Oh Jeffrey. [Laughing] [Laughing]
Couldn’t remember her name and then we’re go the then de de de der and then we’ll do it all again we have erm………. and again and under that Arhggg! It’s in…… Arhhggg! Where is it, Gawsworth. Gawsworth, Gawsworth. from the mooring… Bleah! Yeah, Maggerty…..
it’s Maggoty Maggoty Maggoty Maggoty of course it’s called Maggoty….. Blerrrrrr! No…… under the stone Arggggg! A Robin
Arrrrgggg!!! I will get this right he was the last paid Blerrrrr Arrgggg! You are a moop! So the nature….. Errrrrrrrrrrr! Not his trade name…..his professional name of Samual Johnson…. no it owned bt The National Trust As soon as I saw the name
of it I thought I’ve got below the trees place. Arggggg! this is getting annoying now
fascinating place that one will do I am back again again you don’t know where I’ve beeno do you??? No. and I’ve completely forgotten we’re all gonna say

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