9 COUNTRIES, 1 BACKPACK – Intro – Moonlands On Tour

all right my name is Moonlands and I
recently got back from some traveling around the eastern hemisphere and I just
thought I wanted to compile all my favourite videos and pictures and stuff, just for my own enjoyment and I thought well I might as well stick it
stick it on YouTube for people to have a look at you know if they’re interested
in going traveling or whatever and then I thought, I might as well do a commentary
because I got some stuff to talk about that I think is quite, quite amusing
and interesting at the very least so hopefully people watching will
be informed and entertained so in country order I went to Australia
Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Thailand Laos Vietnam Fiji and New Zealand and if
you want to see more pictures and videos of how that went down then be sure to
check out my youtube channel subscribe and here’s a little montage of what you can expect!

4 thoughts on “9 COUNTRIES, 1 BACKPACK – Intro – Moonlands On Tour

  1. hey, glad you're back to youtube, really looking forward to seeing what you do. btw are you going to still do an outlast 2 playthrough?

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