Arriving in Dominica from London: First Impressions | Caribbean Travel Vlog

– Hello and welcome to a series of videos all about Dominica, the nature
island of the Caribbean. I recently spent some time there and I loved it so much, that I decided to create three videos
all about my experience. From the arrival process
from London to Dominica, eating and exploring around the island, and also what Carnival
is like in Dominica. Hope you enjoy it and let’s get stuck in from when I first arrived
at Gatwick Airport. Good morning everyone! This is my first ever vlog
on the new GoPro, HERO8. I only briefly owned a grow pro, grow pro? A GoPro. I had four hours of sleep. I’m a bit delirious. Normally, I film it on a
Canon-G7X mark II or mark III. Currently at Gatwick
airport, south terminal and I rarely fly from this terminal, because normally I am
always in the north one or typically in Heathrow. But- oh sorry! I have filmed a video
all about things to know before traveling to Gatwick airport. So if you are new to this channel and you are new to Gatwick and you’d like to find out
some more, then check it out! I am flying to somewhere
very special today, which is, drum roll please, (drum roll) I am flying to the island
of Dominica in Caribbean via Antigua. A whole incredible week of
activities has been planned, including whale watching, because it’s the only country in the world where you can, pretty much,
hopefully see some whales all year round, because
that’s the only place where they reside for all
twelve months of the year. We’ve also got carnival week coming up, so we’re gonna see the
traditional costume parade. We’ve got some sulfur
experience baths coming up, two brand new hotels, that
we’re gonna be staying in and I cannot wait, which is
why I’ve invested in a GoPro, so I really wanna take this
travel experience underwater in 2020. Anyway, I now need to get a
waterproof little stick off with this. Thank you so much! Thank you. I’m really glad I didn’t say
“you too! Have a safe flight!” (laughs) cause I normally do and at the end they’ve all
been like “I’m not flying.” Okay, I am seat 31K, by the window. So we took off from grey and rainy London, went through the clouds and then started to sit back, relax and choose my film to watch and I was actually really surprised, we flew with British Airways and there’s actually a surprising
amount of films available in different languages. Today, I opted to watch
“Parasite” for the second time, “Tomb Raider” and “Charlie’s Angels”. The lunch was chicken with mash potato and really I picked it
because I love mash potato. And it also came with a
side salad with chickpeas and aubergine and feta
cheese and also some cheese and crackers and a black forest cake. Where are we? (hums) Dominica, which is “4:55 p.m.” It’s number 1, Liat. – Hi! – Hi! We are currently in Big Banana, which if you’ve seen in
my previous Antigua vlogs, they do really huge slices of pizza, but we are here with gin and tonic before we board our flight. Everyone say “hey!” – [Group] Hey! – [Becky] Oh sorry I misheard you! – [Shu] That’s fine. Hi Becky. (laughs) We’re about to go onto the
Liat flight over to Dominica. It’s only about a 40 minute
flight on a small plane. The flight from Gatwick was about 8 hours on the British airways, very,
very smooth, went pretty well. The flight was quite cold, but
overall it was really good. Bought a few films, had a
little nap and now I’m ready, I’m ready for the Caribbean! When you fly from Antigua to Dominica, make sure you pick up a landing card, which you can pick up from
the airport in Antigua or from the air hostess on board. You need to fill our your
name, your passport details, the reasons for traveling and then hand it in when
you first arrive in customs. (car honks and plane engine roars) This is so cool! Just arrived in Dominica, the
nature island of the Caribbean and as soon as you step outside, you are surrounded by greenery
and you can immediately tell, you’ve fully immersed yourself into nature and the airport is so colorful. It’s very, very small, very cute and it’s stressful carnival. Look! (hums) And this our taxi to Jungle Bay. The flight actually only took 30 minutes and it was a really, really
pleasant and short flight. It is carnival season after
all so the car was filled with Calypso music and
also the upcoming tracks that we’ll be hearing a lot
of over the next coming days, but it was so beautiful to look outside and be greeted with the
palm trees and the heat and the colorful buildings. Beware, if you do get a
bit of travel sickness, some of the roads can get quite windy so something to bear in mind if you wanna take any motion
sickness tablets with you. Just arrived at Jungle Bay hotel, which is known as one of the
best hotels on the island and it’s been recently
completely refurbished following a storm, that
happened a few years ago, but more on that tomorrow. The room is beautiful, I’m
going to include this in my eating and exploring Dominica video, which you’ll see after this one. I really wanna do it justice
in the morning, when it’s light and the sunlight’s coming in, cause right now is about half eight, but a sneak peek (knock
on door) oh, that’s Becky! Becky’s just coming to
knock for me for dinner. Becky, I’m vlogging! Hello, it’s Becky! – Hello! – [Shu] She’s my roomie! – Hello neighbour! (laughs) – [Shu] Do you wanna introduce yourself? – I am Becky, and I’ve
come to take Shu to dinner. – [Shu] Let me put my camera down. – We are now at the Seaview
restaurant at Jungle bay, and I’m trying to decide
between the catch of the day, which is mahi mahi, love mahi mahi, but then they’ve also got
an eggplant and tofu curry, which sounds amazing as well, but I think I’m gonna go for the fish, or there’s also country
herbal chicken or stewed goat. I’m gonna show you quickly
around the restaurant. What a great haunt! (laughter and mumbling) I don’t normally like bread,
but when it’s served warm and fresh, I’m all over it. Ladies and Gents, the
first meal in Dominica. We’ve got some blackened mahi mahi, which freshly caught today, and I’ve also picked to
have it with some rice, and also some root vegetable croquettes, love me a croquette. Blackened mahi mahi was a
great choice, it was so fresh and it was really especially good dipped into the hot pepper sauce. It had a meaty texture, but not overly so, and it was just great to end the night with such delicious bit of seafood. (chirping of birds) Good morning from Jungle Bay! Had such a good sleep,
so had about seven hours. I woke up at “6:30 a.m.”
to the birds chirping, and I’m now just having a
little walk around the resort, and it’s so peaceful,
honestly, it’s just like you and nature and the birds and a few lizards
running past you as well. The sky is blue, the weather is warm, I’m all ready for our
first day of exploring, which is going to be
snorkeling and whale watching and that’s gonna be part of
the second video in this series called Eating and Exploring Dominica. You can see a little bit more
of my surroundings compared to last night cause we did
arrive a little bit later. First impressions. So one thing that strikes
me about the Caribbean, not only is the weather and temperament really, really beautiful, and I love the vibrancy of the culture, one thing that always strikes me is the warmth of the people. As soon as you get off the plane, you’re greeted with people, who are like “Welcome to Dominica,” there’s a band playing,
there’s color everywhere, you get complimentary drinks and everyone I’ve met so far have said “Welcome to Dominica.
Is it your first time? We’re so happy to have you here,” and it just makes a world
of difference to have that. Something so small, something,
you know, so easy to say, but it really makes such a difference in someone’s experience of
coming to a new destination and I just, I’m really excited! I’m really excited to experience Carnival. I’m really excited to get
to know the people more. I’m excited to get to know
our driver, Trevor, more, he seems like an absolute legend, and said he would teach
me some dance moves. I’m also going up a hill
so I’m a bit like (pants). Also, a few fun facts that I have learned so far about Dominica, there’s 365 rivers here and
if you’re a nature lover, then you’re gonna absolutely love it here. There’s a lot of things
to do with adventure here, there’s a lot to do with
the luscious landscape. It’s been named as the number one sustainable Caribbean island by National Geographic Traveler. Yeah, pretty cool. Really, really great experience so far. If you wanna see more of the
hotels, more of the activities, then that’s gonna be a
dedicated video all about that, but I’m going to love you and leave you, and head over to the second video. Thank you so much for watching this one. If you did enjoy this video, then please give it a big thumbs up, and if you are new here,
then consider subscribing, for more food, travel and
lifestyle videos from my channel, and I’ll see you in the next one! Goodbye! (upbeat music)

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  1. Have you ever been to Dominica? Or the Caribbean? πŸ‡©πŸ‡²πŸŒ΄ The more I visit these islands, the more I fall in love! πŸ’› For more snapshots and behind-the-scenes of my life beyond YouTube, feel free to follow me on Instagram! 🌞

  2. That looks so beautiful! Cant wait to see more! That clip of just the ambient noise was awesome! So peaceful 😍

    And as always, delirious Shu is best Shu!

  3. Hello Shu, yessss mash is my number one, a gopro crafty lass, loving the smiles, hello Beccy, the hotel looks very nice.

    Were is everybody, oh the peace, not for long though, loved this well done Shu, how do you remember so much, cant wait
    for the next one.

  4. My family is all from Dominica or from the Caribbean! It is the most underrated country I know! Thank you for making this video! πŸ‡©πŸ‡²πŸ‡©πŸ‡²πŸ‡©πŸ‡²

  5. Lovely vlog and lovely vlogger. Love my island so much. Thanks for visiting. Next time you come back to soufriere check out the black dolphin for a tour.

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