At least 71 countries restricting entry of people traveling from S. Korea

over 70 countries are restricting entry
from South Korea due to the rapid spread of Kovac 19 in the country to deal with
a situation the government is stepping up efforts on the diplomatic front our
own Ji Young has more as the number of kovat 19 cases soars in South Korea
about a third of United Nations member countries are restricting the entry of
people traveling from South Korea according to data from the foreign
ministry as of Saturday afternoon at least 71 countries are putting in place
stronger quarantine measures or outright entry bans to restrict visitors from
South Korea over coronavirus concerns this is an increase of six countries
from the previous day vietnamese authorities have rejected the landing of
a plane at an airport in Hanoi arriving from South Korea on Saturday the Oceania
Airlines flight the country’s second biggest carrier was enroute to Vietnam
when it turned back to Incheon International Airport around 40 minutes
after departing for Hanoi on Saturday morning
according to Oceania it decided to turn back the flight when Vietnamese
authorities asked the airplane to land at Van Daan International Airport which
is about 140 kilometers away from novi international airport in Hanoi where it
originally planned to land at least 33 countries are banning or partially
banning the entry of people arriving from South Korea up to from the previous
day the list includes Malaysia and Lebanon which were among the latest that
decided to implement the measures Kyrgyzstan will tighten up their
measures to enforce entry bans on Sunday by barring people arriving from
countries within an increasing number of Kovan 19 patients Japan and Singapore
are prohibiting travelers from other countries who have visited tegu and
tendu in the Kong song book to province in the past 14 days Hong Kong and
Mongolia are barring travelers arriving from South Korea also at least 38
nations including Latvia and Bulgaria in Europe have toughened entry procedures
up from 34 on the previous day nine provinces in China including Shandong
Leone and Shang hi our strengthening the entry measures
imposed on incoming foreigners from South Korea despite the rising number of
countries imposing entry bends the South Korean government said diplomatic
efforts are underway to resolve the issues we have strongly protested to
some governments that took such measures without prior notice our diplomatic
missions are actively negotiating with other countries so we don’t see any more
situations that may baffle our nationals she added that although the number of
confirmed cases are rising in the country the international community and
the World Health Organization assessment is that they trust in South Korea’s
ability to deal with the outbreak at the same time the foreign ministry has
advised citizens to refrain from traveling to those restricted countries
Tom Jiyeon Arirang news

58 thoughts on “At least 71 countries restricting entry of people traveling from S. Korea

  1. sooner or later, it happens to japan, bioweapon targets east asian, chinese is the main purpose, othes are collateral damages

  2. Prepare and protect yourself now folks before supplies on essential health items are off the shelves

  3. Idiots just stop taking anyone from other country. This white dude might be friend from
    Korea that is infected and just letting that people in? Pure IDiOTS

  4. Doesnt pay to travel other countries .elite travel loosers.just stay the fk out the usa ok .enjoy your flight idiots…….

  5. Everybody should stop traveling for awhile until this is contained period. I don't believe that only China and South Korea have a high number of cases now. Other countries are just not reporting the true numbers or are not well equipped to test a huge number of people.

  6. Random American : haven't We banned all flight from China? isn't Korea is part of China? Oh sorry i thought it was Singapore

  7. Get well soon, South Korea so please heal all of yourselves faster than ever so let's fight all these illnesses! Fighting!

  8. the koreans are obviously not travelling, they r trying to escape from south korea at this point in time when corona virus are spinning out of control in south korea.

  9. funny how people think this thing matters on nationality. the virus doesn't care and it's not about just certain countries. anyone can catch it when they get unlucky at this point so stop trying to put blames on people of specific nationality and be more hygienic and cautious. other than that you just have to rely on luck and your government handling the virus. spreading hatred doesn't help anyone.

  10. I live in Korea and I see most of this idiots are not using mask or washing their hands. Most are not taking it serious at all. Saying their government will take care of it or Koreans are strong and will survive this. Ignorance is bliss. I guess the more dead the more room for me🤘🏻

  11. You can't blame others. You didnt issue travel ban to and from China earlier. Now other countries issue have to issue travel ban on you.

  12. When it comes to life and death situations, everybody should understand that It's common sense……….

  13. The S Korean CDC and their FM did this to S Korea. Two progressive chicks have destroyed your country and foreign trade. Neither one of them has even been fired.

  14. Kang Kyung Wha Wants to be treated like a world leader when she goes to Europe. She has sold her fellow Koreans out for her ego.

  15. Where is GENERAL PARK when you need him? Your economy, industries and people have been crucified by your progressive chick leaders. Kang Kyung Wha should be put in charge of bed pans at the Daegu intensive care unit. That chick in charge of your CDC needs to be mopping the floors.

  16. Why are they complaining? They did that to Chinese from China When the outbreak happened in China, which is within their right and the right thing to do. Now that Korea has the virus, they should understand the actions taken by other countries. It is not a question of trust in the Korean ability to handle the situation. It is that the virus has a long incubation period and is contagious during that time. Viruses don't car who, what you are. Their job is to find a host and multiply

  17. I live in Korea, and was due to travel afew dats ago. Had to cancel my trip, and stay indoors. We’re currently on lockdown😔💔

  18. I am international student from Malaysia in Jordan. My friend from China cant return to Jordan due to travel ban whereas she’s supposed to grad with us this spring semester. It’s hard living as Asian in Arabic Country like Jordan since people here like to catcalling me a Malay as the one who spread corona. Even my lecturer a South Korean also having hard time here since arabs people like to tease us as the virus spreader. I hope this will ends soon.

  19. I flew back from Seoul on Thursday and no-one at Heathrow took my temperature and I was given no written information.

  20. Isn’t that ironic that Mainland China restricts entry from South Korea? Because South Korea are being the most honest and proactive nation in the region to report the true figures? Give me a break… South Korean people would rather stay home and take care of themselves anyway 🇰🇷

  21. The South Korean people shouldn’t take it personally. The rest of the world had huge respect for the work South Korea are doing. SK & Singapore are carrying out the best response.

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