Autumn Road Trip HOKKAIDO [part two]

So I’ve made my way to the Meotodaki Waterfalls. Apparently that means husband and wife. Good luck picking the resemblance – but, a good spot for a wander. I’m on my way to Momojidani Waterfall, just out of Sounkyo. Morning of day five. My plan today is to
head up to the Shiretoko Peninsula and it is a cracker! Finally, a bit of blue sky. It turns out that Japanese people really seem to like fishing 50 to 100 people out there. Today’s first little roadside attraction
Oshin Koshin Falls Passing through a seaside fortress… oh! …I
mean village. So much concrete going on I’m really not sure what that structure over
there is it looks like some kind of giant carpark. It might be some kind
of a huge fish market I’m gonna wander in and check it out I swear these forklift drivers are mad. They’re going around so fast, its crazy. I think he tried to run into
someone’s legs before. Little bit self-conscious going in there because I
thought maybe they might think I’m from Greenpeace or something. The locals right… one of them just took this hat off and bowed at me… super polite. Japan’s awesome. On the other side of Utoro now and there’s a bit of a rock here that you can climb up – Oronkoiwa Rock, and I believe that means… Chain Link Fence rock! Walking now to the Furepe waterfall turns out that waterfalls themselves are a bit short on water at the moment So, I’m a little bit surprised at the
moment because I’ve actually come to the first section of dirt road I’ve seen in
Japan. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s a little bit
surprising I mean after all this is a country where they build things like
this! The drive along that 10km stretch was just awesome …just borrowing deep into
the woods. Now, having been so sweet coming in here you’d think that the
destination is going to be absolutely terrible right? …I mean you need yin and
yang – a bit of balance! Well, it turns out that it’s pretty cool! There’s a
waterfall that I’m standing in here and it’s called Kamuiwakka (or something
like that!) …hot falls. Well, they’re not actually hot. I
mean they’re more lukewarm than hot but still pretty
awesome. So, bare feet in here and going for a wander up the stream I’ve made it to the Shiretoko Pass, which is beautiful. It was an
awesome drive up here. Behind me is Mt Rausu on the other side is the the ocean. Pretty cold up here. I don’t think I’ll spend too long, but it’s a nice place!
There’s a hot spring on the other side of hill which is always tempting so I
got a look at the map and decide what I’m going to do. Just arrived at Kumanoyo Hot Spring Looks okay but I think I might give this one a miss. Morning of day six now and I’m heading to Lake Akan, where I believe I can find a foot spa! I’ve made it to Lake Akan and I’ve
got to go and find that foot spa now and I think I’m pretty close Ahh, sooo good! That’s awesome! Getting petrol now. I’ve got a couple of guys working away on the windows. Seems to be part of the deal. That’s pretty cool. I’m a bit of a way down a dirt road
that goes around Lake Akan and now I’m heading down to the lakeside itself to
cook up some breakfast. On my way to Yunotaki Waterfall. I’m going to jog my way becuase it is freakin’ freezing I want to try and warm up a little bit. Feeling a bit sluggish so I guess it is
coffee o’clock. Well it was supposed to be just a quick coffee break but I did get a little bit carried away taking pictures. I decided to head for Kushiro National Park. which is about an hour’s
drive away. I just pulled up because I saw a sign to a visitor centre. I’m inside, but it’s pretty weird. No one here. There’s actually an adjoining
office and there’s no one inside it. There’s a bunch of cars parked out front
and there’s like this bird viewing area out the back but no apparent access to
getting there. I think this basically was funded in the 1980s or something like
that and then the government forgot about it. Weirdest place ever! I have no
idea what’s going on. The strangest Wildlife Centre in Japan I think. No
staff here. I mean, the carpark is full of cars but I guess this is
ground zero for the bird flu or something cause, the’re no sign of anyone. Just followed a sign pointing to some kind of scenic area and I’m not sure
what this one’s all about either. …just this water thing, filling up a pot (!?) I’ve now entered ‘kitsamishitsuge’ [Kushiro-shitsugen!!!!] National Park Behind me is the main observatory. I’m hopefully here
going to find out what on earth is going on in this place because I’m not really sure
what the National Park is all about! I know it has something to do with birds…
but that’s a pretty basic understanding isn’t it! So I’m gonna go and have a look. From the observatory there is a two and a half kilometre Marsh trail so I’m just
doing that now. I made it down to the marshy area and
I’m not seeing a lot of birds which isn’t really surprising because I’m here
in autumn apparently there’s meant to be a lot of
cranes around, but none today. I’ve reached the so called satellite viewpoint. Can’t see any satellites so it’s pretty annoying! …just kidding!

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