Ben Folds: “His Creative Journey” | Talks at Google

27 thoughts on “Ben Folds: “His Creative Journey” | Talks at Google

  1. The audience song selections were perfect. They show off everything he's good at. Strong piano, impeccable lyrical style, somewhat obscure. Love it. I would have added a suggestion for selfless, cold, composed.

  2. If you have this a thumbs down, I don't want to know you… Ben Folds offers insight and a a level of introspection that I've rarely heard from any other artist

  3. crappy interviewer. North Carolina has MANY main stream artists….especially in the jazz realm…John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Nina Simone. Ben takes it easy on this guy

  4. 14:52 thought for a second that the dude was about to ask Ben Folds if he thought Rockin' the Suburbs was reponsible for 9/11

  5. Funny he talks about being able to let people know they are flat or sharp because he is flat so much. But he holds a piano.

  6. I love this guy. I feel theres something about him that anyone could understand. Also love his disheveled look and welcome personality and the respect from everyone is unwavering

  7. Thats interesting that Ben talked about having memories of 2 years old and playing records all day because that echoes a similar experience I had, and like him I remember the floor plan, where we put the christmas tree, everything. My earliest memories are from almost exactly 2 years old, when my sister was a few months old, and I accidentally dropped her, trying to pick her up. At that time, I also remember figuring out how to load 8 tracks in my dad's stereo, and listening to The Beach Boys over and over. Some of my earliest memories, are of playing 8 tracks, and listening to music with my dad.

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