Book your Cruise on the Amazon River with Aqua Expeditions from Frosch

One of the expeditions I personally got
to experience was the Aqua on the Amazon River. A truly fantastic
experience with luxury accommodations fantastic big windows for
viewing and gourmet food and service is impeccable. You get to go on fantastic adventures
with your guides. It’s a great way to explore the actual nature and fauna that you’re in. If you’re a
photography buff it is a wonderful way to take pictures of the wildlife the villages and the natural
landscape. The piranha fishing was amazing! I never
thought in my life that I’d able to catch piranhas and actually see the teeth up close it was a lot of fun to do. Another great experience that we encountered while taking the Aqua Expedition is
able to go into these villages that literally don’t see people coming
in sometimes for 12 months at a time The children are absolutely adorable they
get so excited to see you coming and give them candy and
they’re wanting to talk to you and hold your hands while you’re walking and
hiking, and it’s truly an experience to see how
they’re living like they’ve lived for centuries. The season really matters when you’re
picking these expedition cruises. In many cases you could have a situation
where the water is so high that the ports are going to be skipped,
or their water is too low and you’re gonna have to take a long hikes into the
villages. So please make sure that you’re working
with somebody that really knows the best time for you to take the kinds expeditions and excursions that you are
really interested in doing. in

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