I’m going to give a speech there… but not now. Now is for the press conference only, Is more like the presentation of the Caravan. Fernando Osegueda is going to speak, he’s from here, from United for the Disappeard
Baja California Brisa is going to be on the podium, with you and
some of the victims families I think we are starting with a beautiful encounter, as all the encounters of the movement have been, with a profound learning,
a profound lesson of solidarity, of democracy, of humanity, of comfort, of life. We are starting,
well not starting but more of a preview and promises to be beautiful caravan,
and that we will accomplish the weaving of justice and the weaving of peace,
that we so much need. Tomorrow we’ll cross to the United States with all of our problems that need to be
taken to the other side, because the border is tremendously
penetrable for the corrupt money, tremendously penetrable for the
weapons and the drugs, but is also immensely terrible and cruel for for what is most important, the human beings. We will be opening at the Friendship Park
and heading to Los Angeles and to the voyage that will take us to Washington. Javier, we are proud of you! Tenemos una Proclamación
que declara en nuestra área que éste sea el día de la Caravana por la Paz y aquí estamos todos para apoyarte Javier,
te apoyamos, te queremos, te necesitamos. Thank you very much congressman.
We are going to build the peace together and we are going to stop this war and hopefully one day
we will be able to put down those walls so this becomes again the Friendship park.
Thank you very much. Behind you is the senator of this state; he wants to talk to you. How are you?
– Nice to see you again Javier. Nice to see you! Thank you very much! It’s an honor to be here… Es una guerra con la gente,
que está sufriendo en ambos lados Hombres, mujeres y niños
que han muerto en el lado americano, hombres, mujeres y niños
que han muerto en el lado mexicano Esta no es una guerra, es un asesinato,
ha sido una cosa horrible y lo tenemos que cambiar, lo que estamos
haciendo no funciona y es por eso, en nombre del senado del estado que estoy aquí
para decir, estamos con ustedes. We are with you; I want to tell
our brothers from Tijuana and Mexico. This war against drugs is not a war,
it has been an assassination of innocent people from both sides of the border,
in Mexico and here in the United States. That is why we are here with Javier
supporting the Caravan because we know,
we have faith in god that this will change. Más de 100 organizaciones en los Estados Unidos
y muchas organizaciones de la sociedad civil en México lideradas por el Movimiento por la Paz
con Justicia y Dignidad y el poeta Javier Sicilia. La Caravana por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad
está viajando a través de los Estados Unidos. Comenzamos en San Diego, California hacia
Los Ángeles, a través de Arizona, Nuevo México, el estado de Texas, a través del sur de los
Estados Unidos, hacia Atlanta, hasta Chicago, Nueva York y concluirá en Washington, D.C. Después de un viaje de 1 mes
a través de 27 ciudades y comunidades, este esfuerzo binacional busca 5 cosas: Poner fin a la guerra contra las drogas,
buscando alternativas que incluyan
la legalización de las drogas Poner fin al contrabando ilegal de armas a México,
sin infringir los derechos constitucionales
de los Estados Unidos Poner fin al lavado de dinero de los carteles
de la droga y queremos que nos rindan cuentas
las instituciones bancarias Poner fin a la ayuda militar a las fuerzas
de seguridad de México que sólo ha incrementado
la violación de derechos humanos Políticas inmediatas que protejan la seguridad
y la dignidad humana de los migrantes
y las comunidades en ambos lados de la frontera Hello, how are you, I’m Diego Luna.
I want to tell you that I’m participating with the Caravan
thru their stop in Los Angeles. Hopefully everyone would be involved
with this movement that is essential. It’s a movement of purity, a movement were
it doesn’t matter which is your trench,
the empathy is natural. A life were we are safe,
were there is peace, were there is justice, were you can lead a life of dignity,
that is the least all of us deserve I hope you get involved with this Caravan
thru the United States. I think that the example is very clear:
a cold that has been treated with cyanide. Yes, that gave place to a great cancer.
– Yes, that gave place to a great cancer, exactly. I am a poet; I am the voice of the victims.
I am a victim also, and thru my voice speak the people behind me
and thru them, thru my voice, we speak all the pain of the country of the dead,
the disappeared. Assume and make the government assume,
thru this pain, the way to stop it. The drugs are not a national security problem;
this is an issue of public health. The weapons are a national security issue,
we are not here to discuss the second amendment,
we respect it, but we say that this amendment is being humiliated
by letting the human extermination weapons
on the hands of criminals. Behind each of those addicts,
that haven’t diminished, behind each extermination weapon
that are sold like candy, there are dead children,
missing children, all that pain. With this attitude, the United States are
humiliating their Funding Fathers.

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