Cat and Dog Road Trip

Yeah, maybe me have nintindo switch next year too. Wut the?? Who let the dog out? Who who who who? Hmm, $500 enough for nintindo switch.. Or flight to hawaii! Wait, this that crazy dog! But how me get him to Colorado? U ordered a car, sir? U owe me 5 bucks for that. So…u gonna shut the door or what? (disgusting Bob farts) Me think this dog might be sick. Remember, anything 2 get 2 Hawaii. Wood it kill u to chew with ur mouth– Me should have paid attention in shop class. Bob, u know how to use that? Me didnt realize me riding with nascar pit crew dog. Bob, that was incredib– Nevermind. (disgusting Bob fart) Wood it kill u to chew with ur mouth– Goodbye sweet donettes. Umm…u know that also food, right? Goodbye sweet weenies. Oh brother. Hog the blankets much? This the worst. Wut the? Wow, Bob love me. Have me been bad? Maybe Bob okay after all. No one going 2 pick up cat and dog but… Maybe they pick up sexy winter lady? Welp. Beggers cant be choosers. Umm…this guy going really fast. U hear sirens too, right? Okay, fine. Time 2 be hero. (Justice being served) How bout Clark County let me keep car? Back 2 square one. (disgusting Bob fart) Watch and learn, Bob. Nice book, bb. Now u try. Okay, time 2 get off train! When in Rome… CANNONBALL!!! NO THANK U!!! Tastiest cannonball ever. Special treats for special friends, mon? Wooooow. Me see things so clearly now. Me think me feeling…sad. Wait, where Bob’s house? Where Bob’s family? Wow, this guy monster. Me stuck between rock and hard place. What me thinking? Me cant leave Bob here! Time 2 head home. Morning pal. Me just about to turn around. Me get it. U have home here. Me feel so…empty. Maybe me crazy but me miss Bob farts. Oh no. Bob make huge mistake. MICHAEL! BOB COMING, MICHAEL! Wut that smell? // Hmmm it smell like– Hey it me Bob! Remember me? This was more comfy in grass. Thank god for edit button. Michael, what we waiting on pal? Nuthin. Lets go home. (The beginning of a beautiful friendship)

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