Chase Winovich Had To Ride With Some Three Dollar Picks To Humble The All-Timers | Build Your Squad

– My name is Chase Winovich, and this is Build Your Squad. ♪♪♪ Upbeat music ♪♪♪ I have $15 to build my ultimate squad with all-time Chiefs and 49ers teams. All right, this is tough, man. This is tough. My guy T.O., bro, he’s a bad man right there. Jerry Rice is up there, but those guys are a little
expensive right now. I can’t go for that. I’m gonna pick my value picks first. Patrick’s kind of a value at three, though. I feel like you did a little
bit of disrespect to that guy. He’s a good player, man. Who do we need here? Let’s—oh, Tamba Hali, man. His pass-rushing ability,
that dude’s a beast. No-brainer. That’s disrespectful to him. Tap, tap on him? Len Dawson, lowkey,
looks like the dude from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” I think I honestly might
need him on my team. Like, just for that reason alone. That dude, he’s got
the Golden Ticket, bro. He’s got the Golden Ticket.
We’re sendin’ him to Hollywood! Let’s go! Let’s eat! $2, yep. And then, we’re gonna take
my guy T.O. for sure, bro. We’re takin’ my guy T.O. I got four bucks down for him. I need T.O. on my squad, bro. The juice, the playmaking ability. I got three, six, eight. I got eight bucks. Shoot, I got some money to spend. I can take two, two $4 guys. See, that’s the thing is that, like, as a third-round draft pick myself, I’ve always kinda had
a chip on my shoulder. These guys down here, I’m worried that if I’m gonna take these
guys for $5, that’s gonna go right to their head. I’m gonna go for the grit. That’s why I got my guy Len down here. I gotta pick up my guy
Dwight. $2 on him. Honestly, like, for me, like,
I’m gonna have to incorporate a lot of trick plays
in my offense, I think, especially with what we got here. So if we got a five-man squad, I think we’re gonna do
some really trick stuff. I think I’m gonna have to go with my man Alex Smith, Serbian. We’re gonna pop it off,
two-quarterback action. Never seen it comin’. They
won’t know how to expect it, double quarterback passes.
Let’s go! Let’s go! Hail Marys, and then
the rest of the money, they could, you know, blow it. I don’t care. It’s on them. I’m out.

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