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I was living a life that wasn’t really me Through breathing, I have come from a place
where there was no hope It was complete despair… and.. I’m here…
my lifes’s better now, it’s building Breath is life, and breath returns life to where there is no life, so yes, it definitely is for everyone. Yeh, the main thing it helped me to do
was stop smoking, which… I was trying to give up for ten years off and on so, it made me more conscious of
what I was doing to my body so I don’t have that urge to
drink excessively, or take drugs I don’t do any of that anymore, or smoke,
so its all been really positive for me It’s about choosing life, choosing breath,
you know usually we are in a survival breath yes, a small breath will keep you living,
but it will not keep you really growing and expanding so like if I consciously transcend my limited breathing pattern then I can open up and my life transforms
in to a new life experience We all have a choice to make the choice is do you want to stay
completely oblivious to everything that’s going on or do you want to find out who you really are And when you do find out who you are
you can then start to grow Because I’m more positive, i’m more relaxed
about life, and I suppose I am breathing so my sense of life
has been expanded by that In a group session what happens is there is a group consciousness, sometimes we call it cross pollination, you know the person beside you might start to emote a little,
cry a little bit or have an expression and this might start to allow you…
to facilitate you to go across your own boundaries If you want to go deeper in your own
personal journey, in your own process, I would recommend that you find
a breathworker in your region where you can go at your own pace,
on a deeper level. You have to feel safe, you have to feel comfortable,
you have to feel that the person who is with you you can be completely confident in the skills, but not only
the breathwork skills but also, the emotional intelligence So I will recommend that before going for the journey, that you have a close look and a a conversation
with several breathworkers. I think I’d needed to face some things that I kept..
within me for too long and I needed a release for that,
and I tried other things and for me none of those worked After 2 sessions of breathwork,
my mind is becoming clearer on what I want and
what will make me happy Something’s clicked within me and I have started this week looking at doing a teacher training course and whether its coincidence or it is the breathwork that has helped that, something in my mind has said you need to you need to do this, you need to be happy in your career…
and I wasn’t expecting that The good thing is that you do not have to believe that it works,
but it will work on your belief system It just kind of sneaks in by itself, because when you breathing you are not just breathing oxygen, you are also breathing energy,
you are breathing consciousness in and… automatically you get charged up
in the breathing session and your mind starts to become clearer
and you have different insights and many times we have limiting thought systems
or belief systems and within the breathwork session we can come behind the limiteds and we can let them go I’m an engineer by trade, still doing that now, and when someone told me, suggested I needed
to start breathing because I had issues with anger, and they said to me they wanted to come and pay £80 and someone was going ot tell me how to breathe I thought ‘are you mad ?, are you crazy?, I didn’t believe in half
I know how to breathe, you know’ I was very skeptical, I was coming to this from a place of being a complete non-believer As I say for me now, 12 months on, 18 months on,
I look at myself and I acknowledge I haven’t taken those tablets I was told by a doctor I was going to be
on them for the rest of my life The conscious connected breathwork
allows for changes on the physical level, it allows for changes on an emotional level and it allows for changes on a mental level
and even opens up spiritual experiences Breathwork has really helped
to move me forward, when I felt I was stuck you know just stuck in a certain place in my life I wanted to be responsible for myself.
I wanted to fix the things that were causing me pain so I thought well I’ll give anything a try.
I’d done counselling, I’d done antidepressants I’d done all these things and its worth a shot Trust that if you make that decision and
you make that step to go for it you won’t go back. And actually during the breathing session, that is what happened. I was able to heal and change my past, to create a new and unexpected and beautiful future and my days now are really full and really beautiful so I’m really grateful for conscious breathwork. Can you imagine that all over the world at the same time people, normal people are lying down, breathing, taking care of themselves and are in connection with the members of the group,
but also internationally This is really a global activity which is… easy… which is impactful and which is a pleasure to organise as well. Daniëlle De Wilde / NC Belgium

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  1. A beautiful gentle introduction to the untapped resource we each have in our breath = congratulations! As a Rebirther/Breathworker (since 1989) I find it encouraging to encounter so many creative individuals continuing the journey of Conscious Connected Breathing …Namaste

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