Coachman Caravans 2019 – First Look

We’ve arrived at the 2019 coachman caravans preview Now the idea of these first look videos is just to give you a look and a feel of the new 2019 ranges they’re not full reviews by any stretch of the imagination the hot news from coachman for 2019 is the reintroduction of the laser range now last year The laser range was dropped in favour of a twin axle VIP That situation has now been reversed and we’re back to having a twin axle laser and a single axle VIP Further down the line. We have a new pastiche. That’s the 470. I’ll show you that one. We’re going to start with the Well, you can’t call it entry-level Coachman don’t make an entry-level caravan. We’ll start with the Can’t call it base range You can’t call it entry-level You can’t call it what you call the vision We’ll start with the vision range So we will start with the vision five four five single front gas Locker stabilizer hitch Nice sort of navy blue charcoal grey graphics Alloy wheels, a ONE PIECE door, (I’d prefer two piece… …to keep the dog in), flyscreen and then as we get in So the vision this year comes in this I really like it it’s kind of like a kind of oatmealy burnt orange What do you think viewers? What would you call that colour? Either way? He’s very smart and Sun roof and Roof light so despite the Problems that the camera is having at the moment. It is very bright in here. It’s a lovely Open feel. So let’s move around to the kitchen in this layout With your Thetford fridge extension their cooker Has a dual fuel hop Switch tap so you have a separate draining board for your sink So the table is stored here and then you’ve got some space for your foodstuffs there because kitchen is a little bit tight on storage space in this particular layout And as we go through to the center of the caravan we have the washroom loo wash basin and shower Some really nice finishing touches in here And it’s just really solidly put together, but then it’s a coachable. I suppose they always are And is through to the bedroom out the rear I did before I started filming Get on this bed because it looked a little bit short to be I am 5 foot 10 I only just found it long enough So I haven’t got a tape measure do try before you buy if you’re interested in this layout I think if you’re over 6 foot You might find that a little bit too small and then you have wardrobes I other side of the bed and then again typical coachman Attention to detail if you notice the cupboards under the wardrobes, they’ve pulled them out slightly So you’ve got somewhere to put your cup of tea in the morning Top marks coachman, right? Let’s go and have a look at another vision Right. Now, let’s have a look at a family-friendly layout the 580 in common with the 545 we’ve just looked at the retail price on this vision is approximately 21,000 pounds so Starting at the front again obviously Same color scheme or lovely bright open lounge And I’ll spin around on this side the kitchen In the middle there small area to stand a TV a Little alcove to charge your devices with cable tidy there to the sockets both 12 volts and mains and Then as we head to the back of the caravan You’ve got the bunk beds here Top Bottom each of them has a window and light Wardrobe here And then through to the washroom Which is so well designed your toilet Shower The vision range is heated with the tremor system both gas and Electric blown air system, which is inet ready, which means you can control that with an app from your smartphone It’s a beacon is smart It’s delicious So let’s now go and have a look at the pastiche range Right. So Duggal shall we start with the new one the pastiche? 470 It’s a dinky little thing the front stabilizer coupling single gas Locker so very swish wael outlets here from your main socket and Gas BBQ point Two-piece door with the bin And as we go in The fridge with the Wardrobe above it. You’ll see it’s an interesting layout It’s similar to the Pastis that coachmen recently trialed with the bed at the front. Now what they’ve done They put the small dinette. Well, it’s actually quite a sizable dinette here and Then you’ve got this l-shaped lounge at the front now I really really like this layout because I’m a single traveler and if you’re a single traveler, this is just utterly utterly perfect, because you’ve got your eating working space here and Then you have this multifunctional space here We took another leave as our bed or have as your sofa Obviously this makes up into a double bed. So here we are sitting in the lounge looking towards the back at the kitchen Two piece sink and drainer plenty of storage space No surprise to see it is a dual fuel hob with the microphone microphone Microwave up above it. So shorter people will find that less easy to use Opposite the main door is your fridge with the wardrober bar That’s the tank for the central heating there And then into the washroom the rear Loo wash basin and shower The pastiche range comes with alder wet central heating Which I think you all know. I’m a huge fan of So I have to say the the new 470. I really really like it. It’s compact yet. It’s still Spacious on the inside. It’s a real TARDIS Right, let’s go and have a look at something a little bit bigger No, not Duggal Right do go Right, let’s look at something a little bit bigger the pastiche 5 6 5 with that lovely sort of rust colored and charcoal graphic this is a single axle and I brought you into this one because this one has Twin single Betts. So once again, we have the same brown upholstery in this one Oatmeal and chocolate no chocolate Santa kitchen That’s quite similar to the one we saw in the vision, isn’t it folks? This side we have the Wardrobe a couple of drawers underneath But of course in this particular layout we are looking at the single beds So David Bird is watching This is what you could be upgrading to David He’s just bought a brand new Caravan so anything Soft clothes Locker doors But no positive catch is still so of the sea coachman owners Are not requesting it because if they were I’m sure they were putting it in As you can see Aldi central heating so we’ve got the radiator there by the toilet That similar wash basin and turps or the one we saw in the vision, oh well just a quick one folks while we’re here Hello sorry and Then the very swish shower cubicle Okay, so that is your Pastiche range now, let’s go and have a look at the v.i.p Okay, let’s move on up to the VIP Which had a new body shell last year with these? Two doors at the front that the gas bottle here and storage on the opposite side really smart the midnight blue charcoal gray graphics, and we’re going to start here with the 460 a Nice suite that will two berths Massively popular Same glass as my Caravan that’s why right. So we now move up to a one-piece door with a bin and Moving on in it’s your classic and washroom – both layout – shot a lot of a light out to try and balance it for these photos, but Show you close-up at the car skis this is sort of an oatmeal with mustard hints Again, it’s just so nice Really really? elegant and tasteful if I open up the blinds at the front here, you can see you’ve got a sunroof And a roof light So the light just floods That’s a Little work top extension there And that is so wrong. It’s a really clever design and then at the front looking towards the rear This is just fantastic for one or two people on Long term touring or if you just enjoy cooking because you’ve got all this storage and workspace in the kitchen plus This is what I love about what coachman do is that on the opposite side to the kitchen? this surface is at the same height as the kitchen so you can either have it somewhere to stand the TV or you can use this as extra work space for the kitchen and Spotted this as well. You’ve got USB points here as well as two mains sockets Hello diva Not forgetting of course Next to the entry door the Heated cupboard from the Eldar central heating so you can dry your boots when you get in from a walk that is just ah, you know, I really love the attention to detail and the thought That goes into catchment products Tons of storage, I mean You just love it because it works you know, it’s not got the latest flashy gizmo and gimmick it just works Above the kitchen you have an extractor fan and then we go through to the washroom Stunning it’s huge. I Don’t know where to start really when I start with the loo which you can see is this smart Dometic Design It is plastic though not ceramic This tap drew a lot of debate last year. I love it Some people say it would get in a way, but I think it’s so smart It certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a boutique hotel. I think folks it’s time for another pillar. Sorry lovely spacious sealed shower unit This is the first of two wardrobes, so this is a narrow cupboard really you could put the coats when you come in And then next to the loo you Have a much larger wardrobe here With two drawers below that So, you know what it’s not going to set the world on fire what it is going to do is it’s just Going to work a single person or two people Excellent, right. Let’s go on to something a little bit bigger in the VIP range So why don’t we look at one of the most popular VIP layouts of the five twenty? Always a popular laying out this one purely for its versatility. You have the dinette here Parallel Sofas at the front so ideal for single beds plenty of room Obviously you can leave that made up the bed if you’re touring and just use the dinette for eating and Yeah, it’s just Same spec as the VIP we had just seen with the same Pioneer stereo LED light fittings and just dripping with attention to detail again like the Area to charge your devices only now, we’re in the VIP range. We also have USB sockets as well as the 12 volt and 240 Fantastic kitchen Heated boot covered by the door. What do you reckon Duggal or the heated? Boot cupboard? They’re very good. I’ll name yes and the washroom is identical to the one we’ve just seen in the 416 so we’ll leave it there Lou Sorry And moving on up to the new top of the range the Reintroduced laser. First of all you’ll notice It’s got very swish grey sides silver sights grey silver and This lovely yellow and charcoal detail to the side There are three to an actual models Each of them has fixed beds to have double beds one has single beds and these are the two double bed layouts Obviously you have an exterior main socket and gas BBQ point and on the other side Is a point for an external shower as we go in? little view of The upholstery they’re very very smart contemporary finish And then looking to the rear You can see has a lovely splash back to the kitchen there a huge amount of storage in the kitchen And then on the other side of the kitchen we have the fridge freezer past the TV station and this is really clever As your freezer But if you want to use this side You can use this side, but if you want to open it this way You go open it this way. I made the fridge if you want to open it this way You open it this way? And if you want to open it this way You can open it this way. I Could play with that for days. I think that is so clever. So that its domestic series 10 fridge apparently Naturally, this has an older central heating the bed does pull out a few inches At night it just pushes in to allow you to get past during the day very swish padded headboard there I Think any boutique hotel would be proud And the route to the washroom Different layout but similar concept to the washroom. We have seen in the VIP But one thing I want to show you as well which will be in all coachman caravans They’ve just not had time to fit them to all the prototypes But they’ve managed to fit them into this one. Is this in the shower cubicle? Every range now this will be fitted This clothes hook so you can put your wet Coats on hangers or your washing to dry or too hair? on that hook So this is the 6 7 5 now let’s go and have a look at the 650 which is the other double bed layout in the laser range So finally a look at the laser 650 Which has a smaller lounge of the front We have the sunroof of course and the roof light above that they go this with the shade open on the roof light and turning around This has a smaller kitchen here But you still get the same fantastic Dual opening fridge freezer on this side and in the centre of the caravan we have a and Exceedingly spacious washroom. I mean look at this. Look how much space You can have a party in here again with even though this one’s cylindrical You still get the additional hanging space Even though it’s cylindrical and then we go through to the head room a nice transverse double bed I’ve got on it and I as I say, I’m 5 foot 10 There was plenty of room for me. So you should be fine on this if you’re up to six foot tall This is with the bed pulled out and I find plenty of space to get around it You can push the bed back a few inches if you want during the daytime I’m not quite sure why you’d want to in this layout when? You’d only need to get past it get into bed But the options there if you need it, so There you have it a little first look at coachman’s 2019 model range offer further details in the description below or coachman’s websites do bear in mind This is for the UK market only, but I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what we have available to us Great quality products definitely worth putting on your shopping list If you’re in the market for a new Caravan really impressed with what I’ve seen I hope you enjoyed it if you did You know what to do. Give us a thumbs up subscribe if you don’t already It just leaves me to say from me and from Dougal smile Dougal smart Thanks for ruining it You

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