COAST BORACAY Hotel Review | Is it WORTH it?

53 thoughts on “COAST BORACAY Hotel Review | Is it WORTH it?

  1. LOVE It, brilliant, Thank you for sharing. You are funny with the towel rail. Wondering what camera you use and do you use it on auto focus? you videos are always super crisp and well focused. The breakfast selection is insane, I saw PIZZA !!!!

  2. dude just found your channel. Good stuff. Love your editing. Liked and subscribed. Did you and your gf grew up in North America?

  3. Was there is 2016 Station 2 La Carmella Really nice Mid range pricing ( paid for 6 people ) Good service food was hot/cold Pro : beach and water was clear. Con too many pan handlers asking to buy something to the point you could not sit and relax..Hotel water that made the Ice cubes Made me sick for 2 days with pains and in the bathroom every 10 mins and 9 other guest as i talked to a person in the line up at the store to buy pepto we talked and the drugist said " I bet you are from La Carmella hotel" we been getting people from there all day. Did you drink the water? No i said the only thing with water was Ice cubes in my Warm beer …Ahhh thats it other people said crushed ice drinks and water from the tap

  4. super like po..been searching a place to stay in boracay..thank u sa review u book the place?online?

  5. Enjoyed the review. Going to Boracay in a few months and researching hotel rooms. Don't know if I missed it, what room is this? Deluxe King? Premier room?

  6. Great video man, your subscriber count should explode soon.

    We're staying there next week and I'm interested in the cocktail drinks by the beach, how is their price and are they good?


  7. Hi paolo! I Didnt know that you had visited boracay. 🙂 we've never been there but thank you for sharing your positive review 🙂 hope to try this one day. But will try tokyo first hehe

  8. P 😎 your face when eating the heart shape cheese is 👉 worth watching the video twice lol 😁 Tks ✌✌✌

  9. I like your videos. Very informative and cool drone shots. Personally; which do you prefer? Coast or The District ????

  10. Ahhh,,,what a good hotel review. Never been to Boracay. Last year my friend got bad experience when he visited Boracay. He got robbed, someone give him some drink and he was like hypnotyzed. Camera, phone are lost. And his credit card hijacked for cash taking at the atm. Hopefully this review can change my mind to visit Boracay.

  11. Just an update mo more green stuff and boracay was rehabilitated just fyi. Come back and see for your self the real paradise 🙂

  12. Omg we’re staying there too! Thanks for making a vid so we can see how the property looks like (Expedia/TripAdviser aren’t enough). Also, I appreciate the Neistat-esque vibe

  13. Okay, I think I'm 100% convinced the Philippines is the best vacation resort place to go on earth. This place is literally a dream come true. It's unbelievable!

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