Denver Health: For Life’s Journey (2019)

– There’s a natural energy here. Where jagged peaks tower
over a city a mile high. It’s an energy that
flows through everything, inspiring every journey. It makes us play harder, explore further, dream bigger. Some call it a way of life, some call it spirit, we call it Denver. And Denver Health has been
at the heart of our city from the start, fueling our passion and
building our community. For 150 years, we’ve
grown alongside Denver, expanding our reach with
an entire system of care. From our Level 1 trauma
and emergency team, to our family and
school-based health centers, to our paramedics who respond
to over 100,000 calls a year. We’re the backbone of our community, and we’re here to make a
difference for everyone, no matter who you are
or where you’re going. Denver gives us life, and Denver Health is here to make sure we live it to the fullest. We’re Denver Health. We’re with you for life’s journey.

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