Dinosaur Animal Park Adventure & Fun Family Kids Trip to the Zoo

– [Aaron] OK Park Ranger LB,
we’re here at the Zoo today on our day off. You excited? – [LB] Yeah! – OK. What should we do first? Let’s see. Ooh, look! It’s a sign! So do you wanna go to the
parrots first, or the lions, or the restroom? – Hmm, Lions! – Lions! That way, Let’s go! – Yeah! (LB singing) – Come on Park Ranger LB, man, come on! – [Despicable G] Ah hah! Well what do you know? Look’s like Park Ranger
Aaron and Park Ranger LB have gone out to have gone out and left the Dino Park for the day! (Despicable G chuckles) Now’s my chance! – Ooh hey, let’s check out the elephants, okay? (mumbles) Take a video of me! The elephants! (elephant trumpeting) – Wow! Check out that elephant, man! – [LB] Wow! – Haha, cool. Ooh! Look at the spray! (camera clicks) You get a picture.
– yeah – [Aaron] OK, cool. Ooh, look! It’s coming back. – [LB] Wow! – [Aaron] Hey, did you
see that cloud of dust that just came out of it? – It just went Pffffft,
and put sand on it. – I wonder why it put sand
on its back like that. Oh look, it’s all got like a sand spot right there now.
– Yeah – [Aaron] Now it’s gonna
have to go take a bath again. Wow, now we get to see
the elephant’s bum bum from over here. Don’t we? (Aaron laughs) The glass is a bit dirty though. – [LB] Yeah – [Aaron] Look at this
pond that they have! Ooh, He’s doing the dirt over there. So you think the elephants
can do a cannonball in this water?
– Yeah. – Oh, man that’d be a good way
to take a bath wouldn’t it? – [Despicable G] I’ll kidnap
the new baby Apatosaurus from its paddock while
the Rangers are looking at elephants. Elephants, I ask you! – Do you see the lions out there? – Yeah! – Where? I don’t see them. – Over there! – Oh! There it is! – [LB] Yeah! – Those are just, Oh wait! Do you see that one next to it? – Yeah! – Okay, yeah, now I see it. Wait, is there another one? Look, right over there! Do you see it?
– Yeah! – OK, cool. There’s two of them. – Female and male! – I guess so. A lion and a lioness, huh? They’re just gonna take it
easy though, aren’t they? – Yeah. – Cause it’s a hot day. Let’s go find a more shady spot. Okay? – [Despicable G] Now, just need to activate my
new drone here, there we go, and I’ll lure that dinosaur
right out of there. (drone whirring) (howling) (howling) – Dude, man, how about that
coyote over there, huh? – I made it do that. – What? What, because you
were being the Road Runner? – Yeah. – Coyote was after you? – Yeah.
– Okay, man Let’s go see if we can find
some snakes or something. – Yeah! – [Despicable G] Hah! Hehehe. There we go! Perfect! – Check it out, man! This is a diamondback water snake. Okay? This one’s asleep, but this one over here is moving around. Did you see him going through the water? Oh look, now it’s coming out. Wow! It’s a Texas Indigo Snake. Oh man, it’s not moving though. What? There’s a Park Ranger LB over there! (LB laughs) (Drone whirring) (bird cawing) – [Aaron] I wonder how
the dinosaurs are doing back at the park. – [LB] Yeah, they’re just fine. – I know. It’s probably
all good back there. These are cool snow cones, huh? Let’s dig in! – Hey look! Wild Winds.
– Wild Winds. – It’s a tornado simulator, dude! You wanna try it? – Yeah!
– Okay, you go in there, here, I gotta pay for it. Okay? – [LB] You get in here too. – You want me to go in there with you? – Yeah. – OK, let’s try it. Nothing’s happening! Oh, wait. Yeah this is nice. (LB laughs) – Oh! Wait! Now it’s starting to go! It’s coming out of these holes! Woohoo! 34! Oh! Now its kicking in to high gear! 45 miles an hour! Ahh! It blew your hat off! (Aaron screaming and laughing) – 55! 60! – Look at that wind speed here! 78 miles an hour! You lost your hat! – Wait! Watch this! – [Aaron] Put your hat back on! – This will clean my hat! – [Aaron] It’ll clean it? Oh, we’re stepping out of the tornado now. Woo! Man that was windy wasn’t it, dude? – [Despicable G] Perfect! The drone’s left open the paddock gate! Now, here baby dino. Here baby dino. Come on! (drone whirring) – [Aaron] Check this out, man. He’s like, looking right at us. Oh, now he looked away. He saw you. That’s a gorilla right? – Yeah. Hi! – Bye! – Bye bye. – [Aaron] Okay. You
ready to ride the train? – Yeah! – Yeah, let’s go for it. – [LB] Right in the very front! – OK. How about this seat right here? – Yeah! – All right! Right up by the engine, huh? – Yeah! (train horn toots) – Oh, we’re going! – Yeah! – Toot Toot! – Put your hat in high wind mode, man. – Woo! Yeah! – [Aaron] Look at the
safari vehicle over here. – [LB] Wow! We’re going through a tunnel! – [Aaron] Ooh! Tunnel! – Wow! (train rumbling) (train bell dinging) – [LB] There are Lincoln Logs! – Ooh, look at that Jeep! – [LB] Jeep! Wow! – Yeah, here we go. We’re in to the station now. All right, let’s go! – [LB] Yay! (drone whirring) – [LB] Alligator! – [Aaron] Is that a real aligator? – [LB] Yeah! – [Aaron] I don’t think that’s, that’s too big. Wow, this is like way bigger
than the alligators at the alligator park isn’t it? – [LB] Wait! It just moved! – [Aaron] Yeah, look its tail! Its tail’s coming up!
– Yeah! – [Aaron] There it goes. See? Look, the whole tail’s
coming up, right there. Now the foot’s moving! – [LB] Now the arm was just moving. Now the foot is!
– Maybe it just, like, – [Aaron] had to fart or something. (drone whirring) – [Despicable G] Here
you go. Here baby dino! Gotcha! (drone whirring) – [Aaron] Look, it’s a shark. – [LB] Wow! – [Aaron] You see the shark?
– Yeah. – [Aaron] Here it comes. – Here it comes. Ooh! Oh, is that a I don’t know what that is. That looks like a catfish. – [LB] It is a shark. – [Aaron] That’s a shark. – [LB] That’s a shark and that’s a shark. – [Aaron] That’s just big
enough to eat your hand. – [LB] Hey! I can see a shark over there! In that corner! – [Aaron] Oh, hiding over there. Wow. Can you guess what kind of shark it is? – [LB] Hmmm. – [Aaron] It’s a blacktip
reef shark. Okay? – [LB] Wow. – Alright LB. Check it
out, man. It’s penguins! – [LB] Wow! – [Aaron] We’re out here in the heat. I think they’re probably
a lot happier inside in the air conditioning. Huh? – [LB] Yeah. – Let’s go check it out. (LB humming) – [LB] What are they doing? – Look! Raptor Canyon! Who knew they had raptors here, man. Let’s go check it out! – Hey, wait for me! – Wow, man. Now we’re really going
into the raptor cage, huh? – Yeah. – [Aaron] Wait a minute. I don’t see any raptors in here. – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Birds. These are birds. Okay, so that’s a king vulture. – [LB] Wow. – [Aaron] You take a picture. (camera clicks) Hey! It’s a feather! – [Aaron] Oh, cool dude! – [LB] Wow. – [Aaron] Yeah, he lost a feather
almost in his drink there. – [LB] Yeah. – OK. Wanna take a
guess what bird that is? – [LB] Um, a raptor? – Yeah, it’s a raptor.
It’s a bird of prey. It’s actually an African crowned eagle. – And selfie! – No, not a selfie! The bird! Check out this harpy eagle. Get a picture now, he’s
looking right at you. He’s posing! He’s like “Yeah, I can take a picture.” Oh, he’s not interested anymore. I still don’t see any
raptors anywhere though. – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Not Velociraptors. – Hey! Check it out, man! It’s a black bear. – [LB] Wow! – [Aaron] Wow. That
thing is huge, isn’t it? – [LB] Yeah! – And that’s like a brown
version of the black bear next to it right there. – [Aaron] Hey, check out this bridge, man. Ooh. Wow. Dude! This is a white-naped crane. – [LB] Why is it called a crane? Cause it can lift stuff? – [Aaron] No some birds
are just called cranes. – [LB] Video! Video! – Ahh! Stop it, man! You’re supposed to be
pointing it at the crane, not me. Oh look. He’s flapping his ears, man. – [LB] Yeah. Kinda looks like a statue. – [Aaron] Like a statue?
– Yeah. – [Aaron] Yeah, cause
he’s not moving is he? – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Oh wait! There he goes! I think he moved his head
two inches to the left. That’s probably a big
movement in his world. – [LB] Ooh! Now it’s rolling over! – [Aaron] What? – [LB] It’s rolling over! – On to more animals. Wow! Look at the zebra! It’s not like that zebra we saw at the Renaissance fair that was a Zonkey. Zebra mixed with a donkey. – [LB] Zebra! – [Aaron] Don’t film me! Film the zebra, man! – [LB] Zebra! – Hey look, man! We can cool
off now at this water park! Okay?
– Yeah! – [Aaron] Go for it! – Wooo! (bouncy guitar music) (water splashing) – [LB] Woo! Wow! Yay! That was fun! Look at the rabbit! – Was that fun at the water park? – Yeah! – You got all wet, I stayed dry. But you’re cool now, right? – Yeah. – Okay. Let’s go back
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