100 thoughts on “Dr. Siegel’s top three tips for travel during the coronavirus outbreak

  1. I have Aspergers. Loners like me will take over the world as we don’t mix with humans . We are the future .

  2. Basic hygiene in public spaces is something most ppl don’t care about. Whenever I’m in a public space and look at other ppl on what they are doing, and how they are completely ignorant and selfish on this matter Is disturbing.

  3. Just bring a box cutter, take over the plane and smash it into the tallest building you can steer into.
    Nobody gets sick, problem solved.

  4. I will do whatever I can to make sure that president of South Korea who has now officially become spy working for communist party of china get impeached whatever method that might require me to do especially because he is still acting as if he cares about economy of south korea when in fact every single one of monetary policy he comes up with only seems to be for sucking on xi's d. Please be aware of what chinese government is capable of doing with money such as supporting other countires presidential candidate not only by the means of bribery but also by the means of professionally trained comment- writer whose goal is to make candiate in favor of human right, freedom of speech, democracy look bad to the public of South Korea, which is also why president 문재인 got elected in the first place so that once china -pro president becomes president, they ,chienese government, do not have to worry assured that the president who chienese government advocated will not say anything bad if not do anything against chienese ideology, and that is what is happening in South Korea in the form of corona virus outbreak. Please I do beg U.S citizens to strongly ask for investigation into how much dirty money moon jae in ,문제인, got from chienese government while running for the presidency.어느 조선족의 고백에서) 문재인과 현재 요직에 있는 사람들은 운동권 시절 각종 단체가 자금을 지원해준 삶에 익숙하다. 선거자금은 정해져 있고, 더 많은 돈이 필요해 이를 지원해줄 수 있는 단체를 찾는다. 그게 중국 공산당. 문재인은 지난 대선때 조선족 댓글 선동 부대원들의 도움과 중국 정부의 개입으로 인해 대통령 당선이 되었고. 그 빚 때문에 아무 소리 하지 못하고 있다. 자신이 중국과 척을 지는 순간, 중국 정부에 의해 이 정권은 몰락하게 되고, 문재인은 X. 또한 중국은 한국을 적화시켜 미국에 대항할 수단으로 삼을 계획

  5. Obama let the borders open for the EBOLA and Trump close the borders for the coronavirus and stupid demon-rats say: Trump do not do enough??? The left propanganda try to fears people and scrap the economy???

  6. A facial mask is a waste of your time and money. Think of it as a kitchen strainer ( wire mesh ) and think of coronavirus as water. Viruses are incredibly SMALL.

  7. He is using a surgical mask. That stops the virus from spreading to others. He should be wearing a n95 mask with goggles. IDIOT

  8. And never ever sit next to a liberal commie Democrat traitor who has diarrhea for brains. They will do their best to spread their sickness to the surroundings humans

  9. I still think it's safer to wear a mask than to not wear one even if it only cuts down on your chances of getting sick by 5% it's better than nothing just dont act as if wearing a mask is the end all be all of virus protection wear a mask wash your hands use hand sanitizer etc

  10. That mask was garbage, get better mask, wear gloves and goggles, headphones, pretend cough to reclaim personal space, Lysol wipe everything, burn contaminated clothing when exiting airport

  11. How about you just don't travel as that crossed anyone's mind but no people refuse to disrupt their lives they care nothing about anyone else around them

  12. This guy don't know what he's talking about the best thing right now is not to travel follow the news as soon as there is a confirmed case in your area limit your exposure as much as possible wash hands constantly wear mask if someone coughs turn the opposite way from them use sanitizer before coming into the house wash your clothes with hot water everyday you come home depending on the area of exposure and the news stock up food accordingly if it goes south make sure that you get all the food you can and whatever medication you may be using shelter in place and protect your food with extreme prejudice deadly force will be authorized by this time if they're at your front door they are not there to say hello at this point may God help us all

  13. Two things why isn’t any news agency talking about taking vitamin C and vitamin D 3 to keep you from getting sick it has to help. And also out of all the infected people especially in the United States is the question asked did you have a flu shot this year and do you take vitamins I’m just betting most of these people had no flu shot. And probably don’t take vitamin C or D?

  14. Enough with the fear mongering Tucker. You did the same thing when Trump killed Iran's Soleimani. Night after night you said: "we are on the brink of another massive war"! NOTHING happened. You're beginning to lose perspective Tucker; you're starting to do the dreaded: "personal feelings" reporting* like the MSM does. Just report the facts like before.

  15. Trying to have it both ways; calling the virus a "hoax" but considering a tax cut to combat it. A tax cut for a hoax?
    How is this even possible to coordinate in the dotard's feeble mind?
    Guess it makes as much sense as the last tax cut scam.

  16. Leave it to Fox News to have a medical correspondent doctor that doesn’t know how to put a simple mask on. This video is promoting improper medical practice that will get people infected. Hilarious that no one at Fox noticed before airing the video…

  17. You should wear a face mask sick or not sick just make sure you follow proper instructions do not wear it like this doctor on this video anyways how are you supposed to know your sick when you first catch the virus by the time you find out you already spread the virus stay safe people

  18. The Coronavirus is actually 2,000 times stronger than the flu. The only mask that works is the N65 and you need to save those for medical staff trying to cure us on the front line. Wash your hands, sneeze into a tissue, and if you have a fever over a 104 go to the doctor. And if you're in the US, be ready to part with $3000 dollars if you don't have health insurance. Of course, your're only as safe as the uninsured person next to you. There is coronavirus in every state so far. Look after the elderly and children under 12.

  19. Excuse me. This guy is a doctor giving advice of international TV. He's incompetent. The mask was upside down and not worn properly. One has to wear the correct type of mask, correctly. The mask must be worn to cover nose to under chin. the metal tag on the nose edge is moulded around the nose to help create a seal. Ordinary masks become damp from expired air quite quickly and stop providing protection.

  20. This guy's an idiot. You don't catch respratory viruses through cracks in your skin. He has the mask on upside down and inside out and YES the N95 masks CAN protect you from getting sick! Also contraction via the eyes is possible but probably an unlikely route of infection. You can easily catch it by touching your mouth and nose.

  21. Tip #4, don't travel to Asia and Europe.Tip#5, don't go to Asian neighborhoods. Tip#6, avoid crowd or crowded place.Tip#7 stay warm during cold weather. Coronas virus loves cold weather. Tip#8, avoid hand shaking or kissing as much as you can.

  22. 0:50 ..yeah not really true, the mask will prevent some aerosols from others breath to reach you. So BAD advice but thanks for trying.

  23. This advice is garbage. Clean your own seat and surfaces on a plane? Oh yeah? And what do you do with the dirty cloths? And the dust/bacterium you've unsettled? His mask is useless, and what he says about dry hands is bollocks. Bacteria and germs love warmth and moisture, not dryness. Dear oh dear. The only worthy advice is don't get on a plane or cruise ship, don't touch or hug people, avoid sneezers and coughers, and ramp up your hygiene.

  24. I really think that mask wearing actually causes build up of virus concentration in lungs after a few get past masks leakage on subsequent breathing they cant get out with breathing. In exhale they go onto mask surface turn ac180 and re enter your body!!

  25. My family ware masks when they went on an airplane because they get sick from the others and that is before this new virus.

  26. FOX News is lying to us. The truth is that we don't have enough masks. They should be teaching us how to make our own.

  27. If you're traveling through China wear an n95 mask. Just don't touch the inside of the mask. If you do make sure your hands are washed and sanitized. FGS!

  28. The corona virus is beyond containment. Pandemic status is a bad strategy, Treat it
    like a bad flue epidemic, containment is a PR word for gulag and would shut
    down supply commodity and services, we are all going to get it. Or already have
    it. Carry on as normal and we will get through. Use antiviral drugs or herb’s,
    treat yourself as you would with the flue. Only the very sick should be hospitalized.
    There are not enough Bio containment beds for this outbreak. Panic won’t help. Supply,
    Eg., means fuel. Everything in your supermarket has a fossil fuel element to
    it. Panic will have a higher body count than the virus. A culture of hygiene
    and  self isolation when sick is the

  29. Every time I comment on Fox it is removed . They don’t like the truth And FOX is pandering and pushing the fear as well . There have been plaques from the beginning . And the world is still populated.If you are right with God then you win either way . So stop panicking over something that too many evil people who know nothing about this are giving us their opinion. It attacks the immune system . Stay clean and boost your system

  30. the hell is this? want to bet that boomer gets infected? What America should do is not only close its borders and cancel all air travel, but raise internal borders between counties. We had those in Europe for centuries and were efficient at preventing the spread of disease. That until liberalism spearheaded by America, Britain and France wrecked everything up in the wake of WW1.

  31. Fox information is misinformation again.

    What kind of Dr. is he? History, Greek mythology? No medical trained personell would ever have a problem to wear a mask in the right way. You would notice it right away, it's your everyday work.
    This "doctor" is like a basketball player explaining the rules but not noticing he shows you a football.

    And he's wearing the cheapest, very simple mask which is not helping against corona at all. You need the more expansive one with a vent which has another structure of fabric.
    BTW, a mask does help not to infect yourself. Because you get infected by inhaling the virus. When someone coughs on you and you don't inhale, you can still wash and sterilise yourself. It's not an alien that will walk through your ears, drill holes and get into your bloodstream to infect your lungs.

    I strongly suggest to watch more than just one network, even if you don't like their political opinion. (I say that to MSM-viewers, too) Try european networks if possible, but don't rely on one network only. It might have fake experts…..

  32. Save your money put toilet paper over your respiratory in let's it's cheaper and just as effective. Maybe runway models will wear masks or toilet tissue. Mask hysteria personified. Seems all Asians are wearing masks almost seems the norm. Stay healthy rest just like a cold stop making millions for the companies that are no less than a plesibo come on wake up.😎


  34. LOL Doc. your credibilty certainly plummets when I see you wearing a standard mask upside down and backwards – what other major errors are you telling us?

  35. hahaha Dr.Siegel – well yes the mask dont work. Here is why, well your wearing it wrong. it's upside down and upside out. ahaha wow what a joke

  36. OK, I will be wearing my n95 mask-if only for the reason that this FOOL is sporting a simple paper mask inside out AND upside down. Come on, Doc if you want the public to trust your sage advice learn how to use a mask properly. Epic!

  37. I guess Mark forgot his surgical rotation in medical school! I guess that is why he could never be a surgeon. What did he said about masks? Do not listen to this clown! Not only is it upside down and inside out, the metal strip used to seal the nose trim is at his chin. Good job! You get the dunce cap award! Haha haha!

  38. Despite the facts that he was wearing the mask wrong, the cdc said that the masks don’t do anything. Sooooo…….

  39. All these doctors say that masks don’t help in preventing people from catching the virus however masks do help to remind people to not touch their face. Most people catch viruses by touching a contaminated surface and then touching their face, so therefore masks do help!

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