Ethiopia Travel | Wish Beautiful Ethiopia Didn’t Have Racism

Ethiopia Travel | Wish Beautiful Ethiopia Didn’t Have Racism Ethiopia Ethiopia has many incredible
sites and places to visit in see a visited Lalibela during their festival being in the holiest city in Ethiopia
during their ceremony was incredible Ethiopian food is amazing and really
unique Endura is a bread that is used as silverware and they put different sauces
and foods on it often many spicy sauces I was really surprised to see how many
barbers are in Ethiopia there was one on every block Ethiopia has so much
potential but is really surprised to discover the racism for example when I
was walking with an Ethiopian lady she was called slut by a group of guys they
would have known if we were friends coworkers are dating
I left my hotel room which was a corner room on the top floor for ten minutes
and my hotel room got broken into there were two black Americans staying in the
hotel and they didn’t even lock their doors and they never had anything stolen
I made several friends with Ethiopians but when I came home from my trip I was
really surprised by how many of them asked me for money again I have made
friends throughout Africa and only in Ethiopia did they ask me for money when
I returned home I met an Ethiopian lady who was starting her own business by
selling computer parts she had a staff of five people but had a hard time
sometimes with business because the men in trust that a woman can run a
successful business Ethiopia is a beautiful and wonderful
country for tourists but that’s for the famous sites Ethiopia still has a long
ways to go for equality

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