Expat Adventures,Season 1, Ep 2: Debod Temple (A Journey) (Subt ESP)

when you think of Spain you think of bullfighting flamenco and tablets what you will never expect us to be able to step way back in time or visit an Egyptian temple welcome to templo de debod hi my name is John avianna I love food culture and parties I’m an American and transplant now living in Madrid come with me beans are expat of interest you may be asking yourself what is an Egyptian tipple doing here it has a really nice story actually the site it was on his a history starting from the Middle Kingdom of Egypt but we don’t know by whom exactly but the structure that we know today started as construction in the second century BC and finished with Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius while the temple was built for debod it also had areas of worship for Isis as well debat temple survived thousands of years protected by the sands deteriorating slowly but keeping his colours and reliefs intact the biggest damage was caused by the building of the first dam this caused it to be submerged nine months a year when Egypt decided to build a second dam they needed the help of many nations and Italy Holland the USA and Spain offered help rescued the tip was in the area due to the rescue of many priceless temples Egypt donated a temple to each of the countries that helped Duvall was taken apart and put together in Madrid in this new home the mountain to Prince be filled with his iconic views of the Royal Palace the Casa de Campo Dubai it truly is a wonder in Spain I leave with the Sun setting over Madrid watching the colors change magically over the horizon this is one of the best places in Madrid to watch the Sun also if we stick around until nightfall you get a chance to see it illuminated which changes dramatically from day to night you

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  1. Yh. its really very cool video … but all have to note something very important … in fact therse some of falsifying the history of the Organization for the peoples in the world … this temple (Temple of Debod) is a temple linked to the Nubian civilization, which was in the north of Sudan … and is civilization old historical more than 17,000 years old, but deliberately Egyptians attributed to this civilization and and mixed with the Pharaonic civilization, and are any of these two very different cultures, but there was a rivalry, and many wars took place between the kings of the two civilizations. Please.: Stop falsifying history.

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