FARO-MIRADOR | Xel-Há Park, Maravilla Escondida, Todo Incluido en Tulum, México

Xel-Há is a great natural cove off the coast. It was a great Mayan port. And there were always signals in the ports, the Mayans used large fires on both sides of the cove. And as in any part of the world where the ports are, where the entrances are or even the rocks in the sea, they put signals,
they put lighthouses to signal an entrance. Naturally Xel-Há has a small lighthouse, but we want to emphasize it, we are taking advantage of the place, taking advantage of the geography of the site to put a great lighthouse. A lighthouse with more than 100 feet in height that will have a large spiral staircase to climb it, with many steps to climb. It’s going to be a beautiful place
because of its height, you’ll be able to observe the sea, the location of Xel-Há with respect to the sea, and at the same time you’ll be able to
observe the entire inlet, which by swimming in it you don’t really get to see its grand form or greatness. So we are building a great lighthouse. The principle of all our products
is our imagination. Coincidentally, I don’t know if you all have noticed, that most lighthouses are painted
like a candy cane on the outside. Like a spiral, they are usually red – white – red – white. So we’re taking advantage of that design to put a waterslide on the outside of the structure. Actually there are four slides, two blue ones and two white ones that descend in a circular form continuing the spiral theme of the candy cane
that all lighthouses have. That’s the way down.

9 thoughts on “FARO-MIRADOR | Xel-Há Park, Maravilla Escondida, Todo Incluido en Tulum, México

  1. Voy a agradecer a todo el equipo de XEL HA y el gobierno x hacer esta JOLLA que mas parece un sueno sacado de un cuento maya.,aunque todo lo que existe aqui es real y x esa razon quiero felicitarlos, mas aparte x su limpieza que es impecable y muy estrictos ya que sera la unica manera de seguir disfrutando esta jolla.Aunque me gustaria para un futuro ver estatuas o monumentos mayas GIGANTES asi como los budas de china que se miran expectaculares me imagino un sacerdote,guerrero maya o dios GRANDE rodeado de un jardin o fuente bellizimo.,pero no solamente uno sino varios en puntos especificos…creo que nos dejaran con la boca abierta de tan atractivos y muy bien echos!!!…XEL-HA LOVE IT!!! 😀

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