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One of the most important things to
being successful in the cannabis industry is having the right connections. One of the most important connections is having someone who can teach you how to
do things correctly, and then having the supplies to execute that correctly. I am
here to offer you both. My name is Drew, owner of, and today I
am offering everyone a free trip to Los Angeles, round trip, from anywhere in the
United States. Don’t believe me? Stay tuned and watch how we’re gonna do it in
this week’s episode: “Free Trip To LA For Everybody” from The Terpene Institute. All
across America people are watching other people become millionaires in the
cannabis industry. I’ve already made my millions and I’m here to help you make
yours. I’ve set up The Terpene Institute as an online guide to help you navigate
through all the bullshit and get a common sense understanding of the
cannabis industry, and how to operate within it. But that’s never gonna replace
the hands-on aspect of seeing the products, and seeing it, and tasting it,
and seeing what it feels like, and getting an understanding of how to
actually create things in person. That’s why I’m offering a free trip to Los
Angeles for anybody in the continental United States. So how does this work? I have a Terpene Lab set up in downtown Los Angeles where
I stock all of my terpenes. I also sell vapor pens, clam shells, and all sorts of
things that you need in order to start your business. So, I would like you to
come down and visit it, because I know that if you came to my store, you would
leave with all the tools necessary in order to start your company. What’s
better than being able to come to a place, smell the bottle, actually taste
the vapor pen, look at all the different cartridges, try them all out, be able to
buy whatever you need, and establish that one-on-one connection that’s really
necessary to operate in today’s market. Buying things from China is a crapshoot,
and getting someone’s opinion online doesn’t really mean too much. Everybody’s
got an opinion, we all know what those are worth. So here’s my offer:
you come to Los Angeles from anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii. You
bring your plane ticket with you. All you have to do is buy $500 worth of terpenes,
and I’m gonna take the cost of your plane ticket and reimburse you with
terpenes. That way you have a free plane ticket to and from wherever you came
from. While you’re there I’m gonna show you anything you need in order to get
your business started. That means we have access to hundreds of thousands of vapor
pen cartridges right there, in stock, nothing ordered from China. You can get
it while you’re there. I’m gonna show you the difference between all the different
cartridges, all the different batteries, all the different terpenes. If you need
CBD’s, if you are a dispensary and you’re trying to get a CBD product line started,
I have connections in LA that I’m gonna introduce you to get the CBD’s that you
need. All you have to do is make it down to LA. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.
All I ask is that you spend $500 on my company on terpenes, and I will reimburse
you the cost of your plane ticket. You’d want to travel with your partner? You
want to travel with your friends? As long as they spend $500, I will reimburse them
as well, it’s a pretty simple thing. I know that if you come down to our
Terpene Lab, you’re gonna leave with the connection that you need, you’re gonna
understand the products, and you’re gonna understand your business line. I believe
in you, and I believe in our product. All you have to do if you have any questions
is to call me, Drew, at, get our number. You don’t even have to-you can just show up and we’re gonna hook you up. But if you want to
schedule something out, go ahead, the offer stands. So if you’re interested in
starting up a business and you don’t have any idea how to do it, I’m gonna
show you how. I’m gonna put the supplies in your hand, I’m gonna tell you the
difference, I’m gonna give you a good deal, and you don’t have to deal with any
weird online shit, and I’m gonna pay for it. You can’t beat that. That’s how I
believe in my products. Now listen, I’m already a millionaire. I’m gonna teach
you how to do the exact same thing, and I’m gonna pay for it. Sound like a good
plan? The Terpene Institute was set up to give you a common sense, no bullshit
understanding of the cannabis industry. I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is
because I believe in you, and I believe in this. Thanks for watching. Come see me in LA,
let’s make some money together. Take it easy.

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  1. Well there you go I'm absolutely interested. I'll make the trip from Australia this year.. Let's do this let's educate Australians and New Zealand on terpenes and the endocannabinoid system!;

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