Ghost’s Journey | Power: The Final Episodes | STARZ

I made all of my dreams happen. To Truth! No one or nothing can stop it. I can’t change what I did, but I can change what I do now. What makes you think you can? You better watch
your every move…. Ghost, get off of me! It’s always about you,
you’re so fucking selfish! Stay away from me,
and stay away from her. I ain’t gonna say
that shit again. So you get everything
you want, huh? And I got nothin’? I got nothin’! Tommy, you chose
to have nothin’, man! He’s a drug dealing,
king pin, dirtbag. I go to jail
and St. Patrick walks? Murderer! Murderer! If you didn’t do it, Jamie,
who killed my sister? I can’t tell you. I finally faced the truth
about who you are, James. Or should I call you Ghost. Yous a wanna-be gangsta. Man, fuck you! I hope you get everything
you deserve, Ghost. You know me,
I always do.

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