58 thoughts on “Grand Princess Cruise Ship Expected To Dock Monday After Coronavirus Concerns | NBC Nightly News

  1. It is funny these tv networks complaining that there is no answer. It is not easy to locate 3500 people within a day or two. It is going to take days to locate the location and resources to handle all these people. I think President and Vice President and the people from CDC doing such a great job handing all these negative media outlets and very difficult virus breakout.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. What I think about the coronavirus is this deadly I think that the children should be home school after the Donald Trump organization should be made to give computers to all the children for they can stay as home and be tutored by the teachers that would be the safe way to stop the virus before it gets in two states because that's not in your state yet but is on his way so stop it if you can end of the teachers only are in school the kids could be at home getting tutored with a computer and that money should come from the Board of Education Administration from the Trump answer the kids to be at home and for people who has to go to work if they're not feel good they should be paid for that and that should be in law right away unless unless this is getting serious about the Coronavirus no young people who's in College spring break don't have them going around the country these college students are on spring break make them go home don't go to no results overseas go home in your state and chill call this is serious everyday is getting worse so we got to nip this virus in the butt before it gets really bad

  3. Keep in mind the current administration allowed the first cruise ship to come ashore which caused some of the first person to person transmission.

  4. Why are the cruiseships allowed to drop off its passengers without the military taking them into quarantined first! Not only the sick isolated, No darn self-quarantine for non-symptomatic people can't be trusted! Everyone must be quarantined please!!!

  5. It looks like insects have been pulled by sweet sweet aroma “huge discounts” toward death 💀 pots.

  6. They should of let them off the ship in San Francisco. It would've been easier to get them to the airport.

  7. This just in! Princess cruise ship mysteriously sank, no survivors…scared public cheers like screaming sheep.

  8. I like this Doctor. He is honest.
    Many countries with Wuhan virus are facing danger of medical system collapse. Princess Cruise guests will occupy hospital beds which is for local residents. Local people would loose the chance of hospitalization.
    Princess Cruise guests only talk about THEIR health, NEVER show concerns toward local people. This happened. Brit David Abel from Diamond Princess has been enjoying his hospital stay without necessary medical requirements while his wife staying with him in the same hospital room after negative results.WTF‼️

  9. Why not at least test all the passengers before you let them out? I can't believe the negligence of this government.

  10. There are people on this planet who have never been on a cruise, count your blessings. Worldwide pandemic, let's go vacationing! Boohoo baby boomers and your spoiled brats.

  11. WTF 🥺😤haven’t we learn anything about quarantining people in ships 🛳! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Let’s see here, no fresh air, sunlight ☀️, same central polluted air filter! Come on!!

  12. TO THE KIWI'S ON BOARD – We Are One – and we are with you the whole way. Pray it is long before your home with family & friends.

  13. The Diamond Princess cheered passengers. You were blaming Japan for it. Why don't you support passengers now?

  14. If we had Medicare for all people with diseases like diabetes could easily get refills dropped aboard during emergencies like this.

  15. Why Oakland and not San Francisco, how cowardly is that. Sending the dreadfully diseased ship to dock at the port of a low income area👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  16. Why government should test on the people willing to take their own risk when they stepped on those ships?

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