GreedFall Webseries | Ep3 – A Collaborative Journey

Making video games is an art, and
today it’s probably one of the medias where you have the most
diverse mix of professions working together. It is a collaborative work,
which is so enriching and that, I think, fuels
each game. Really. So I play Lady De Sardet
who is the legate of the Congregation. The Merchant Congregation. She is Prince d’Orsay’s niece,
and Constantin’s cousin. And at the very begining of the game,
you find me in prison. And we go on an adventure together to the island. Because there is hope
that there might be a cure for a deadly desease that’s plagued
their continent called ‘the Malichor’ of which her mother is
currently dying from. At that moment, suddenly, it is adventure.
Suddenly, there is hope. Suddenly, there is a kind of
foolhardy attitude where they say: We are going to find that remedy. We are going to leave
and we will become heroes. And so, the music at the beginning
which is very harsh on the momentum of this departure becomes
dazzling, and we can finally say Here we go, let’s go for an adventure! It’s got these amazing
chord sequences and dischords,
that you wait for it to resolve. But sometimes it doesn’t. but that, that’s emotional. I’m here, pull yourself together! Our goal is to truly embark the player
on a journey into this universe Make them fully immersed
in a completely new world. A world which is, of course
fantastical, but also believable! The native people speak a language
that has been especially created for our game by a linguist, ensuring
the natives have consistency when speaking
their own language. A to, oi! Sients rádidaw cwint da dégewd me en? Once you’ve kind of got through
some initial sounds it kind of goes into your bones,
into your body and you really feel like
Síora and Eseld and all the other characters
I’ve heard really genuinely have authentically made
this language come alive. I am here as an emissary of my people,
and I must see your chief your governor. And so you are a princess, then? A what? It was very much a baptism by fire
learning what the world was and how she moves through that. But I definitely feel like I have a sense for the world
and her journey in a very rich way at the end of it. In a way that I think she does as well. The Queen, they took her. Then she must still be alive! They would not have bothered to
carry away a corpse. I think Constantin is amazing,
he has this energy, this enthusiasm for adventure, and when
he gets to the island you can see and tell, how happy
he is to be there, because for him this is his chance to rule. And you can
see the ambition in his eyes. You see a kind of a boy becoming a man, almost. There are a lot of different people
working in varied fields together. To me, it’s special. I think it’s one of
the things I like most in this industry. What we try to do as much as we can
is to include people early in the creative process
of these universes and the games themselves so that these universes get richer
from the experiences of all the people involved from all these different points of view. This is really important to us.

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