Hippie Van Man: Trip out with Me – Travel Adventure Series

I’m no stranger to adventure If there’s one thing I’ve learned life has a current and it’s up to you to
fight against it or go with the flow Hippie Van Man is about sharing an
experience and inspiring people to live their dreams in the now. It’s about spreading smiles and good vibes, one
kilometer at a time. I have seen my share of highs and lows. Good friends, gone too soon, have given me some sagely advise. And now I’m paying it forward. We spend so much time planning for tomorrow. Today is here and I don’t want to miss it!
And neither should you! Be part of my adventure. This isn’t a one
way street. I will keep you up
to date with all the things I’m doing and the awesome people I’m meeting. Know someone i should meet or a place to check out? Share it! The only thing I can promise is the direction I’m headed. Beyond that I’m embracing whatever the
universe gives me.

10 thoughts on “Hippie Van Man: Trip out with Me – Travel Adventure Series

  1. Hey there Canadian hippie/burner man! We lived on the same street at BM this year….Drove the Wonder Wagon with Elmo on board. If you are in the NW please come for a visit to Lot #3 and meet Art the Wonder Bus, Winnie the Vanagon not to mention Wonder Camp. Hope to see you on the playa next year. We always locate at 4:30 and J.

    I have a photo I'm gonna try to send…..

    Thanks – Driver

    ps great video

  2. Amazing, inspirational, awakening, motivational, just….out of this world! thanks for sharing your light with the world.

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