Holding Out for a Super Tuesday Hero | Full Frontal on TBS

With over a third of DNC delegates up
for grabs Super Tuesday was probably do or die for your candidate whether you
were a Bernie booster a Biden buddy a Warren want or a Bloomberg employee hit
the streets with Amy Hager Alaina Harkin and our new correspondent Mike Brown to
find out who America was rallying behind yesterday was Super Tuesday Bernie
Sanders Elizabeth Warren Mike Bloomberg Joe Obama Amy Biden and a Russian asset
vied to become the Democratic nominee we hit the ground in Oklahoma taxes and I’m
in North Carolina me too I’m Mike I’m new great let’s see how the
hell these states voted so tell me who you’re voting for
well I’m voting for Bernie Sanders my kin is Joe Biden do you realize that in
a field of old white man he is now the youngest of all of the old white men
exactly who did you vote for well I just voted for a me you voted for Amy
Klobuchar she dropped out I am gonna fight for it was a bit boring
oh god the youth vote yeah I have always been a Joe Biden supporter he’s reached
across the aisle to Republicans Democrats independents all sides of the
aisle Joe Biden is an expert on the reach-around what’s going on here Berg
is my man look I know you had that Superbowl commercial
but Funyuns also had a Super Bowl commercial would you consider voting for
them no okay these states are filled with hyper
engaged citizens but what would they do when they hit the polls would they vote
with their hearts their minds or their other if you had to pick a second choice
on the spot who’d at bay Elizabeth Warren yeah because she’s the best I’m
not sure about that okay unmeet off off off chance that it doesn’t work out for
Bloomberg my second choice is Biden okay who’s your third choice I don’t have one
you don’t have one third choice I haven’t thought that far
okay guys you’re gonna need a plan B even if you don’t get the sex part the
wine people know that in the primary who is your first choice candidate who’s
your third choice candidate who is your fourth choice billionaire who dropped
out today wonder why now I wouldn’t vote for Bloomberg it’s not gonna be that it
takes a billionaire to defeat a billionaire um I think that’s a false
narrative perpetuated by the mainstream media you’re not as bad as Rachel Maddow
thank you the mainstream media has was so focused
on the Democrats geriatric Kane fighting has he forgotten who were actually up
against someone remind me what’s at stake we’re
living under the worst of times in our country there are kids in cages our
people have literally been hunted down you don’t experiment what you are free
not so what I would say is vote like your life depends on it
vote like your life depends on it back you know I mean I would throw at the end
two people voted and the results are in well there you have it
vaginas are not winning no they are not Warren underplay informed Bloomberg
wasted five hundred million dollars some states felt the Bern while others
were all about that Joe Splosion this thing is far from over I am gonna stick
it out to the brokered convention where you’re having that aren’t we
most likely what are you gonna wear to the riots definitely not but I’m wearing
now it took big sodas all right I’ll do it if there’s one thing we’ve learned from
Super Tuesday its that not everyone’s candidate is gonna get to be President so when or if your candidate drops out
get on board with ours tvz Democrat it is and hopefully they’re super great
super progressive running mate thousand percent guarantee it’s the only way we
have a shot at winning the White House in November or maybe ever again yours is
on backwards you can’t you have to put it on front words that’s what I like to
see you

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