Holland America Nieuw Statendam Cruise Ship Tour

Welcome aboard the Nieuw Statendam
by Holland America Line for this 4k ship tour. [Music] Let’s start at the very top
on the observation deck. Here you’ll find Exploration Central
for all your destination information. Featuring innovative touchscreen
desks and warm displays. There’s also a cafe offering hot and cold drinks. And panoramic windows offering spectacular views
all across the front of the ship. At the very back of the ship
you have the sundeck and the sea view pool and bar. There’s loads of comfortable seating
and plenty of places to relax and enjoy the Sun. When it comes out! On the top deck you will also find the sports court. As well as The Retreat where you can and enjoy a cabana for an extra charge. On the Panorama Deck you’ll find Tamarind and Nami Sushi. Offering exotic asian-inspired menus and sushi. These are both additional cost restaurants. What really struck me was the amazing art all around the ship. Next up we have the beautiful Lido Pool in solarium area. With a retractable roof – it’s the perfect place to relax whatever the weather. There’s loads of dining options in here as well. Including the Dive-In. The onboard gourmet grill. Gelato, for a sweet treat, and the New York Deli and Pizza. You’ll also find the Panorama and Lido bars. Next to the solarium you have Canaletto. The additional cost Italian restaurant. The Lido Market buffet is just right beside it. There’s a drink station with a large selection of hot drinks, iced tea and water. As well as a full bar. I have to say the buffet on offer
was one of the best I’ve ever seen. So impressive! Let’s not forget those sweets. Let’s take a look at some of that beautiful artwork as we head down to take a quick look at a standard for veranda stateroom. The stateroom was really bright and modern. And offers everything you’ll need to enjoy your cruise. The bathroom is compact but very modern. Moving down to the Promenade deck,
you have the world stage. Offering an immersive entertainment experience. With the huge wraparound screens. And right next door you’ll find the casino and bar. Moving along you’ll find a good selection of shops
and a small art gallery. It’s also a great viewing point as down below you can see BB King’s Blues Club and the Lincoln Center stage. The wonderfully themed Grand Dutch Cafe is in the center of the ship. It has a full bar and coffee shop. As well as offering some lighter bites. On the opposite side of the stunning atrium art installation – you’ll find guest services. Moving towards the back of the ship you’ll find the photo shop. At the very back of the ship you have the dining room. It’s spread over two levels and is really spectacular. It’s definitely one of the most impressive dining rooms I’ve ever seen. Heading down one deck to the plaza deck
you’ll find Club Orange. If you’ve signed up for Club Orange, you can enjoy
an in-room breakfast and a premium dinner right here. Right next door we have Blend. For an additional cost you can enjoy wine
tastings and blending. Towards the center of the ship
we have the Ocean Bar. You will also find a desk
where you can book all your onboard dining. Opposite the desk you’ll find
Rudi’s Sel de Mer. The additional cost French restaurant. Ooh Lala! On the other side of the atrium.
You have the Pinnacle Grill. Here you can enjoy dishes inspired by
America’s Pacific Northwest – for an additional charge. I was really impressed with the beautiful
fresh flower displays all around the ship. The ship feels modern and contemporary. But still traditional at the same time. One deck below you’ll find the Internet Center
and shore excursions desk. But back up and moving towards the front. You’ll find some more shops as well as BB King’s Blues Club
and the Lincoln Center stage. Further along you have the really impressive Rolling Stone Rock Room and Billboard onboard bar and lounge. Just behind this you’ll find a Microsoft studio. Where there’s a large selection of laptops and offer to learn, create and explore. So that brings us to the end of this tour. To see I was impressed with this ship would be an understatement. The Nieuw Statendam is absolutely stunning. We really hope you enjoyed this video. Please don’t forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so that you’re notified when we upload a brand new video. Until next time – Happy Cruising!

44 thoughts on “Holland America Nieuw Statendam Cruise Ship Tour

  1. Thanks for posting. We always love cruising on holland America. I need to get on this ship as I’ve sailed on the Statendam 4 and the Statendam 5 and now I need to get on the New Statendam

  2. Looks really well done. I do like how they separated guest services, the cruise next type services, and the shore excursion desk; and that other services and shopping at least appear spread out around the ship. One thing I didn't like about the NCL Getaway is that everything was sort of in the same place. All the service desks were together and right next to the Atrium area where there is always something going on. It makes for a crowded space and it's hard to talk to the services people with music blaring. Also, the shopping was all lumped together and incorporated the main center hallway, which also caused choke points.

    Hopefully, this HAL ship will not have those issues.

  3. We just got off the Nieuw Statendam on Sunday (8/4) and it was amazing. I’m thinking I might book my next cruise based on it’s schedule rather than mine. 😄

  4. Great video as always, a stunning ship. Seems that there is so much at extra cost with only the dining room and buffet as included in cruise fare, so will interested to see how the pricing is. Do like the look of this cruise line!

  5. Daaaaammmmn! This is so not what I expected from a Holland America ship (no idea what I expected, but not this…) 🤤❤️

  6. I love your ship tours. Even the music playing over the different areas match the scene. It immerses you even more in the video. Plus the attention to detail with the camera movements and voiceover are exquisite. My husband and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary today (8/8/99,) and we’re taking a 15-night cruise on the Eurodam (Holland America) in November through the Panama Canal- if you get a chance to do I ship tour of the ship, I’d love to see what you hav to say. 😘😘😘

  7. It is exactly as their Koningsdam ship, which I loved it! Going on the Zuiderdam in October but have this one on my bucket list. Wondering if the high quality of service is a standard for the cruise line or it is just by ship…

  8. OMG what a beautiful ship I could jump on there right now if I could it is amazing, and another great video of another great ship I love how you show it in depth 💕🇦🇺🇲🇹

  9. Another great video. I have never been interested in HAL. I might need to sample a cruise on one of those……. dam ships. I think I would enjoy it.

  10. I love your ship tour videos. I will never be able to go on all these gorgeous ships, but your videos make me want to cruise for every vacation.

  11. Impressed with so many restaurants "at additional cost"! In a few years even the Buffet will be "additional cost"….🙄

  12. Great video Ben – also great to chat to you before we embarked, enjoying watching all your videos now – keep them coming! 👍🏻👌🏻

  13. What a lovely looking ship! So many flowers everywhere. And the various pieces of art were gorgeous. I'd enjoy sitting at that big front window with a big ol' cup of tea and maybe a biscuit/cookie and staring out at the scenery passing by.
    – just for information, Ben, it's lee-doe. 🙂 (that's not "American"… it's what the dictionaries all say.)

  14. I would travel on Holland America more often if I could pronounce the name of their ships lol, A beautiful ship though.

  15. I was on this ship two weeks ago for a norwegian fjord cruise. It is a fantastic ship I would highly recommend it. Even though the ship was at full capacity it didnt feel crowded or busy at all. Food was excellent, cabins well appointed and staff very friendly.
    I will point out that the sushi restaurant is pronounced 'Tam-a-rind' not 'Tar-a-mind'

  16. This is a great ship, we sailed it in May on a Norwegian Fjords Cruise. Nice vibe, plenty to do. One of our favourite places was the Grand Dutch Cafe for a quick snack and coffee.

  17. It’s a beautiful ship! But you forgot to film the wonderful Club HAL with entertainment for kids of all ages! On midship deck 10… 😀. Great film by the way!

  18. Thanks for an amazing video.  No Shaky cam and in 4K very nice!   Will be sailing on Nieuw Statendam in December 2019 — very much looking forward to it, my first time trying out HAL!Sharing and subscribing.

  19. Too many additional costs, but hopefully the free amenities will be plenty and all you need. I'm taking this ship in 3 days for a 14 day transatlantic cruise to Florida.

  20. I have seen about 8 videos on this ship now, as I embark for a 14 day cruise on this ship in 3 days. Does it have traditional Broadway shows, singing dancing, magician, and comedian shows. Or is it primarily music oriented shows. I havent been on a cruise in over 9 years so I'm not sure anymore?

  21. Just booked this ship for spring break ! I have 2 teens and an 8 year old, we wanted something classy and relaxed. My husband and I cruised Holland America about 10 years ago and were so impressed ! It has the classiness of A Disney ship, which we have done several times, but it is quiet and relaxing. Thank you for this great video!!

  22. Thank you! Was not sure which ship to Norway to pick, but after your video we have made the decision! What a beautiful ship. P.S.Very well made video!

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