Howie Mandel’s High Cholesterol Journey

Picture this: I’m Howie Mandel, I have a full head of curly hair, I’m gorgeous, I’m healthy,
I go to the doctor, and boom, he tells me I
have high cholesterol. I thought I got a high mark on something. “You, Howie, have high cholesterol!” And then he explained it
to me, and not so good. They say laughter’s the best medicine, but not if you have high cholesterol. A laugh is not going to get
rid of your cholesterol. So I got a prescription
for a statin, and then when I saw the possible side
effects, which was information that you need, information is good! I got scared, and I just on my own, stopped taking the statin,
and when I went back to the doctor and my cholesterol
was still the same, I got caught, and he explained
to me how dangerous that is. As it turns out, I wasn’t
having any of the side effects. Even if I was having the
side effects, he could move me to a statin
that was better for me. I know two things now
that I didn’t know then. Number one: There’s not just one statin. There are many options for your doctor to deal with your cholesterol. And number two: I know it’s
dangerous to make these decisions yourself without
talking to the doctor. At least 50% of the people
that are taking statins do the same thing as I and stop taking the statin within the first year. This is a problem; we gotta talk about it, and that’s what I’m doin’ now, tada! To inspire somebody to
maybe go to their doctor and talk to their doctor and
tell them what they’re feeling, if you’re doing it because I’m doing it, then I couldn’t be more thrilled. That’s better than getting a laugh. If you know you have high cholesterol, talk to your doctor, find
the right statin for you. We have a website:, and all the information
you need is right there. (jazz music)

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