Ice Cream Drive Thru Toy Store on power wheels ride on cars for kids

welcome to my ice cream shop how may I
help you yes could I have the biggest ice cream
you have sure with all the flavors yes please
all right let me put my chef hat on let’s get ready there we go it’s all
ready here you go the biggest ice cream we have with all the flavors that will
be $200 please what $200 okay yes thank you because it’s the most expensive ice
cream shop in the world all right fifty fifty and fifty wait thats only
$150 I asked for $200 hello Oh police it’s good that you’re
here that boy over there gave me only $150 for the ice cream when he’s
supposed to give me 200 can you go get him oh wow sure I guess that’s my job Thank You police officer I need my other
$50 why the police officers chasing me I
didn’t do anything wrong let’s go back to the ice shop and get ice cream officer you got my money did you find
him no I did not find him he is no where to
be found can you get me free ice cream because I
tried what free ice cream you need to get my money guys comment down below
should I give the cop free ice cream or not don’t forget to put this video a big
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