Istanbul Airport City Center Transportation

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  1. brooooo. Thanks for new video which shows how to transport of Istanbul Airport. Just i wanna say you that sound is great at end of video reflects an authentic style for Istanbul. Good choice to play this song in video.

  2. you should tell people that when taking a taxi, they should have a seat belt on and eyes closed because it's like a rollercoaster 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for posting this video. I’m about to travel to Istanbul and really needed to know this!! Very helpful!!

  4. Hi, could you also make a video on how to go to the new airport from the city centre? It will be greatly helpful for so many planning to visit your city. Thank you.

  5. Helal abiii ellerinize sağlık. Artık İstanbul Havaalanına ilk gidenler için çok faydalı olur.

  6. Thanks so much for your video! Can u help me about how to get from this new airport to the Kelif Plaza (Saray Mahallesi) at night (my plane’s arrival is about 2am). Please, help me🙏🏻

  7. Teseküler, Fatih!!! I will arrive to Istanbul on september from Mexico City, and your video is so helpful for my visit.

  8. Thank you for this!! So helpful!! I have a question please answer me : if I want to take the havaist do I need Istanbul kart or I can do it without it?
    And if I want to go from the airport to taksim square is there only one havaist or there are more lines?

    I hope you can answer me please please please

  9. We are a family of four, do we need to buy each one an Istanbul card? and can we top of the Istanbul card with a credit card or it has to be cash? Thank you

  10. Hello. One question. You said that the Istanbulkart can be bought with a credit card. Can you also top it off with a credit card? Since I'll only be there for a few hours, I don't want to exchange money.
    And overall, thank you for posting this, it was very useful.

  11. reis yalnız taxi uk ingilizcesinde taxi deniliyor sen amerikan ingilizcesini konuşuyorsun usa dilinde cab demek

  12. Thanks for that, mate! I was really confused on how I would get in the city center, but you solved my problem. Great job!

  13. What is the best way to go from Istanbul new Airport to Istanbul Muhusine Hatun Mahallesi, Telli Odalari Sokak No 45 Fatih? Is there any Uber service?

  14. Any1 can advise me if there is direct shuttle bus from IST airport to SAW airport? Or do I need to change the bus at Taksim square first?

  15. I am so happy to find this video, I planned to visit istanbul this November… I am so worried because when I wanna back to Indonesia, I have to transfer from new airport to old airport.. I saw there is transportation directly from new to old Istanbul airport, Alhamudillah… Thank you so much….

  16. Thank you very much for the great video! I noticed that you used cash to top up your Istanbul Card. Does the machine take credit cards? If not, what is the best way to exchange dollar to lira in order to pay for transportation from the airport? Also, where is the city center? Taksim?

  17. Man I Haven't been to Istanbul, but I will one day.
    Those prices make me happy hahahah 1$ for a 40km Ride is a hell of a steal.
    You should do a video about the football clubs in the city (it is one of the reasons I wanna visit ahahah)

  18. Thank you Fatih for your help. I have one question please. Can I get the Blue Card at the airport? (I'm gonna be staying in Istanbul for 2 weeks ). Thnx

  19. At first you get to the -2 floor and right after you are getting upstairs again for the Istanbul card ? In which floor did you get the Istanbul card ? I heard that in havaist buses you can pay directly to the driver .. it's not true ? Thank you !!

  20. thank you for a video without massive bullshit intro . you are straight into the topic and make easy explanations for us. Thanks :)!

  21. Merhaba Fatih Haziran ayında İstanbul'a gideceğiz. Şüphem, İstanbulkart'ın videoda gösterdiğiniz makinede (Mavi makine) evet olması. İstanbulkart'ı satın almanın yanı sıra istediğiniz lira ile şarj edebilirsiniz …

    Çok teşekkür ederim

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