Jessica Nabongo on Travelling Without Fear | Take the Leap: A Podcast by Four Seasons

(gentle orchestral music) (car engine rumbling) (shutter clicking) – [Jessica] You have the
ability to create the life that you wanna live, like
I truly believe that. I did it, there’s no blueprint. (birds chirping) – [Interviewer] Jessica
became the first black woman to visit every country in the world. (speaking in foreign language) – Are you ready to go to
the Tuscan countryside? – [Both Women] Yes. – Hunting truffle? With a beautiful dog?
– Yes. – [Vito] Let’s go. – [Interviewer] Amazing. (gentle orchestral music)
(car engine rumbling) – [Jessica] My passport into a
country is always the people. (speaks in foreign language) – Welcome. (upbeat music) – [Jessica] Oh, wow. – Truffle is the fruit of the land, the fruit of the forest. (car engine rumbling) – [Interviewer] What is
your travel philosophy? – My life philosophy is live fearlessly and live a life without limits. (clicking) (gentle orchestral music) – Like the Negroni is
born here in Florence. This our twist. What this call is a old style Negroni. – [Both Women] Cheers! (shutter clicking) – I’ve been to every country in the world. – Every country?
(laughing) (shutter clicking) – [Jessica] I’m Jessica Nabongo
and this is Take The Leap. (clicking) (upbeat music) (shutter clicking)

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