Journal With Me! · Edinburgh Travel Journal · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! · #12

Hi my loves and welcome back to my sketchbook. Today I wanted to share a journal spread that
I made to capture all the memories of a recent weekend trip I took with some friends to Edinburgh. I’m using supplies from this vintage ephemera
shop on Etsy which I’ll have linked below but you’ll see their info in a sec anyway
because I used the back of the ‘Thank You’ card they sent with my order as part of the
decoration on this page. But, I ordered this bundle of miscellaneous
old papers and stamps and playing cards and things, just great little items to decorate
your journal pages with, and by chance one of the old pages was a map of Scotland, so
it couldn’t have been more appropriate. I mentioned, I think at the beginning of 2018,
that one of my goals was to visit the rest of the countries in Great Britain and Ireland,
I managed to get to Wales for the end of 2018, and I’ve dreamed of going to Scotland for
so long, then this trip happened to come out of the blue- we were actually planning on
going to Budapest for my friends birthday in January, but it ended up being too expensive
to book last-minute so, out of nowhere, it was decide we’d do Edinburgh and my dream
of visiting Scotland finally came true! It’s funny how things work out like that. And now I just have Ireland left! And I already want to go back to Scotland,
spend more time there and see the more of the country. Edinburgh is such a beautiful and vibrant
city, I had such an amazing time there, ate great food, met lovely people. We stayed in probably the nicest accommodation
I’ve ever stayed in, a penthouse in one of those high-ceilinged old buildings with big
windows, and we were right in the middle of everything, it really couldn’t have been better. And next time around, I want more time to
go and see the beautiful countryside as well. Maybe when it’s a bit warmer. But you may have noticed, since I got back
at the beginning of February, I haven’t been around much on my channel! Time has just found a way of flying by while
I’ve been working on other things. And I had to do a bit of creative soul-searching. But in the meantime, I’ve found it so valuable
to give myself some time to journal like this. It allows me to make art casually, even if
it’s just in the form of sticking things in, it keeps me creative. Even with this, I had to let go of wanting
it to be perfect, you’ll see at least one page ends up a bit unfinished and I had run
out of my usual glue so the glue I used warped the pictures and pages, but at the end of
the day, I’m getting this stuff down on paper for myself, to remember it all, and for the
sake of the process, to enjoy it, to meditate in it. And while I do share this stuff online, I
have to remind myself that, especially with more personal stuff like this, it doesn’t
matter if I do it how other people might want me to, or if it looks perfect in other peoples
eyes. The point of art journal for me is to take
all the pressure off and just stick stuff in, to do as much or as little as I want,
as long as I’m doing something. I think it’s a great way to shake the cobwebs
off if you feel a bit of apprehensiveness going into your sketchbook. Print out some nice pictures, gather up stickers
or post-its or coloured bits of paper that you have. Any scraps… I used these old notebooks Ozzy brought home
from work, he got them off one of the waiters… it’s just the notebook they would write orders
in. The paper is really thin and flimsy, but for
this, it just worked. It tied in to the ‘food and drink’ theme of
the page I was working on. And once you start looking at stuff like that,
nothing is junk anymore. It’s just a new exciting challenge to incorporate
it into your journal. The envelope I used was from a letter one
of you guys sent me. I keep all that stuff, and it’s great to be
able to reuse it, to immortalise even just an envelope in the pages of my sketchbook. We went to this amazing little shop called
Black Moon Botanica, they sold things like tarot cards and crystals and candles, the
women in there were so kind and helpful, and I bought nicest smelling candle ever. The candle came with care instructions and
instead of losing that bit of paper, I was able to make it a decorative part of this
spread. And I’ll remember that place, and when that
candles all burnt out, I’ll still have this sketchbook. And the shop owner said she’s setting up an
online shop soon so I eagerly anticipate being able to buy more candles and things from her. Anyway, I’m rambling now, as I do. I think I do that the most when I haven’t
spoken to you all in a while! But I’m glad to be back. Getting back into a rhythm, I’ve got a lot
planned for the rest of the year and I’m really starting to feel like I’m building momentum
at last! So thank you so much for joining me, I hope
you’ve enjoyed the video. I will leave you with the sounds of my journalling-
and I’ll see you soon for the next one. Bye!

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