Journey of a Parcel

– How’s that boy of ours? – He’s having trouble sleeping. – I wish there was something we could do. – Oh, perfect! – Just going to the PostShop! – Hi! -For Christchurch? That’s the one! – Thank you! – I booked a pickup online! – Did you know that New Zealand Post has been around for over 175 years? Although a lot has changed in that time, one thing has always stayed the same. Delivering what people care about. Today they handle heaps of parcels, like the one my Dad sent me! Yo, what’s up Big Wiz? So with a little bit of film magic, here I am back in Auckland, ready to find out just what happens once your parcel is in their hands. I wonder what they got me…? This massive high tech operations centre in Auckland is the only one of its kind in the country. It can process and sort more than a 135,000 parcels a day. This parcel sorter makes sure everything goes in the right direction. There it goes… Smooth as. Good if it’s fragile. Woah, in a split second this thing takes a photo of all five visible sides of the package and stores it on a computer. Now you see this? This is a unit that parcels are packed into when they need to travel by air. It’s weighed really accurately, as that’s important soon. Kind of looks like a massive can, too. – What do you call this? – An air can. That funny shaped air can was actually shaped to fit into this exact plane. And you know how they weighed it. *whistling to imitate plane taking off* There it goes! I’m still amazed that something that heavy can fly! Woohoohoo! Any minute now. Trust me, it’s coming. Through the sky, right there. – I think it’s already here. – Oh. Yeah, nah… Just like… there was a rare comet thing right there… Far out, it’s here in Christchurch! And it hasn’t even been that long since they picked it up from Dad! – What? A parcel for me? – Yeah, mate! *snoring* At New Zealand Post, nothing gets in the way of delivering what people care about. But making it easy and giving you the choices takes one amazing team, made up of some pretty incredible people.

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