Journey to the Savage Planet (PS4 / Xbox One) Unboxing

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, in this video we’re going to be unboxing journey
to the savage planet for the ps4 and the Xbox one and we see the front cover
right here with the spaceman and some of these creatures and down below we see
that the game is rated T and it’s developed and/or published by Typhoon
Studios and 505 games and moving over to the spines we see a white spine
on the ps4 and a gray spine on the Xbox one and now from the top you could tell
that both of these are y-fold copies and onto the backs it says onward to
adventure, welcome to the Pioneer program as the newest recruit of kindred
aerospace, the fourth best interstellar space exploration company, your job is to
determine if planet ARY26 is fit for humans. true, you’re short on equipment or plans, you’ll figure it out or not, good luck – a strange sci-fi satire of
late-stage capitalism from GameSpot and here are two shots of gameplay and down
at the bottom it says explore fight and catalogue your findings, play solo or
explore together with co-op and down to the play modes on the Xbox one this game
is single-player and online co-op two players and requires up to 60 gigabytes
of storage and on the ps4 single-player, two network players 5
gigabyte minimum, online play optional and Dualshock 4 and they are rated T due
to blood and gore crude humor language use of drugs violence and users
interacting, let’s go ahead and open these up and see what’s inside all right let’s start with the Xbox one
we’re gonna see the game disk on the right hand side, right there you can see
it has a kind of mysterious looking image on it – it might be a creature of
some sort and now we will move over to the ps4 copy, obviously the game disc is
going to be on the right hand side and there you go, same image, all right and
that will do it guys for this unboxing of journey to the savage planet for the
Xbox one and the ps4, as always thank you guys for staying tuned to popngames
through these unboxings and if you enjoyed this one you can let us know by
liking commenting subscribing and clicking that bell thanks for watching
bye bye

5 thoughts on “Journey to the Savage Planet (PS4 / Xbox One) Unboxing

  1. Great game! For future unboxing-videos why does it not include video game information such as languages ​​(voices and texts), videogame size…? Thanks

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