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Hey. How are you?
What’s up? I would’ve worn my shirt
too. Represent the shop. What’s up with you?
How come you call me here? Man, I just … You know I’m always asking you
for advice, man, but … This time it’s gotten
pretty wild. I’m just having issues
with my baby’s mom. My ex. You know, I don’t have
no hostilities towards her. It’s just the fight
to get to my daughter that’s affecting me, you know? My daughter’s not even
five minutes away from me and I can’t even see her
and it’s [bleep] with me, man. I made a lot of mistakes. I would come home
a raging drunk. I met women I wasn’t
supposed to be around with. But, I’m trying
to turn my life around and I’m just hoping that
her mother actually let’s me be a part of her life
the way I want to be. I’m doing everything
I’m supposed to do. I’m paying my child support. On time and everything? If it’s not one thing
it’s the other. If I miss one day, you know
they hold it against me. If you don’t pay it on time
they charge you a late fee. They’re telling me
I owe 1,017 something. A lot of things are not fair but this is the mother of your
child for the rest of your life. My whole deal is I don’t need
somebody to tell me when and when I cannot see
my [bleep] kid. I don’t need that [bleep], man,
I don’t need to be don’t need to be [bleep]
going to a damn courthouse. You don’t need it but it seems
like your baby momma needs it. This is me talking to somebody
who is, at a time, been very upset about
their child’s other parent. When you guys are talking
about your kid and dealing with decisions
about your kid, it’s just about your kid.
[bleep] your emotions. Loz is my friend
and my loyalty lies with him. But I understand where
his baby mamma is coming from. When your kid’s parent hasn’t
made the best choices in life, it’s kind of hard
to open up your child to that relationship again. I think that you need to go
a little bit harder and push through. I try. Push through the things
that make you uncomfortable or that you don’t want
to deal with. ‘Cause it’s not about you. You have to fight
for your daughter. I don’t even think it was a good
idea having this conversation. I really don’t. ‘Cause you’re
not listening to me. I’m putting myself
in your daughter’s shoes. Think about this:
She’s laying down in her room, she’s by herself,
she’s holding her teddy bear, and she’s thinking
about her daddy that she hasn’t seen in months.
And she’s wondering to herself, Donde esta mi papi? And I’m sorry to say this to you
but you need to hear this because I need you
to do something. Life is not granted. Your life can be taken away
in two seconds. Look at my dad.
Poof, gone. I never have the chance
to have my dad again. You have the chance to be
with your daughter. And I got your back. You’re a good man, you have good
morals, you have a good heart. There’s no [bleep] reason why you shouldn’t be around
your daughter.

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  1. That's exactly what you say to a friend. You give the truth first and remind them to forget their negative feelings. It's about your child only. Your child's feelings come first ALWAYS!!!

  2. The same woman who pretended to marry her baby's daddy she had children outside of wedlock with who is currently serving years in PRISON for DRUGS is the model adoptive parent? Come on now.

  3. I hate when parents use their kids as pawns. I do understand if the other parent is on drug, living the wild life. I get it protect the child.

  4. Tatu Baby, speak, speak & speak he needs to stand in his truth regardless of how he feels. Realist approach is the way to brings growth for people jammed in their feelings!!!!🤓🤓

  5. Money shouldn't stop dad from seeing child they r total different things. Men should pay but seeing them is just important xx

  6. If you came home a raging drunk then yes you need to be told when and when you can't see your baby. If you are not a competent parent then no you don't get to make the big and hard decisions about the child.

  7. If he was really wilding out, on drugs and with the cartel like he said he was, people would say the mom was stupid for NOT getting her daughter away. Women can't win.

  8. No child asked to be birth. Moms and dads stop using your children as pawns. Deal with your issues and troubles between you as the adults.

  9. First off, he should have an arranged days and times to spend time with his child. I'm getting the impression he's just showing up whenever he wants to.

  10. Girl, his problem isnt that he isnt trying to see his daughter. He's doing what he believes is what's required of him, but he is still having obstacles.
    Dude, ur solution is to work on your ex. Ask her what her issue, tell her where your situation is and try to come to a compromise. It maybe that you hangout with your daughter with her supervision for a few weeks, once she is convinced and comfortable then she will give you more autonomy. Everyone comes from a good place and that is to achieve the best interest for ur kid. Don't get frustraighted. One hurdle at a time. You will all get there. You're a good man.

  11. She a real one for reals real friends speak the truth even tho you don’t wanna hear it … simple as that it’s either you take it or leave it …

  12. I hate woman who put all these obstacles they should be happy there are dads who actually want to be in their kids life. Tatu chick uuugggjhhhh I'm over her fakeness

  13. Honestly among all VH1 reality shows i love cartel crew. I learn alot from cartel crew about changing ourselves trying to be a BETTER person. My favourite character is Marie she is very intelligent. She said to Michael Blanco in the previous episode "I don't want to sit around like a sucker! I want something to cover my ass!" And when Michael was not there she said "What happens if Michael suddenly leaves me 1 day or god forbid he goes back to jail?! What do i have left?! Nothing!" She is someone who likes to prepare for the WORST which i think is good so u know what to do when something happens. I think everyone especially US women must follow the footsteps of Marie

  14. Some men are out here dressing like they walked out of a GQ magazine photo shoot.  They're eating meals and alcoholic drinks in restaurants/clubs, but won't pay child support.   Why would a man want to see a child that he's providing ZERO financial support?  Have you no shame?

  15. Yessss!! Tatu Baby coming thru with being a 100% True, honest & real ass friend 🙌🏿 who doesn't lie & tell him he's right, when she knows that he's wrong nor does she sugar coat anything to stroke his ego, but keeps it 100 yesss!! For real ass mf'n friends

  16. On a reason why he said what he said oh you know he's not reading listening to her is because you know she does he doesn't like what she's saying and as a man you know if you class yourself as a man you know you should accept other people pinion and try to change you go to her for help and now she's explaining it to me she's helping you and saying that you need to do more as a father and you're not listening and you saying you don't like what she's saying is because you don't agree with it but if you want to you know be a good father and you go to her for help but she's telling you our opinion and you guys are family you're not trying to take it into consideration you know obviously you're your you think you're a man but in your head you are buying you know and what you're saying that's a boy attitude you know if you want to be in your little girls life

  17. You know what I don't like about man yeah look now he's crying because he wants some sympathy from people but when he was doing his factory he won't crying what she know but now is crying you see what I realise with people you know it's like I look at it like this if you can get up and go and do bad things then you should take all responsibility that comes with it and all consequences that come with it but if you want to get up on the good things and be a proper father then you should accept or can opinions on consequences coming to visit you know but now he's crying and his best the same to her I don't like what you're saying because what you don't like to hear the truth you know how you going to learn to be a good father if you can't accept the truth and try and change negative into positive it to you know a big man is crying on National TV but when he was talking about and doing this and doing that he won't f**** crying this is what I hate with people with you can get up and do what do you want hurt people do this do that then you know to turn around and to do something good you're crying what the f*** are the bloodclaat is this

  18. She said everything right. There's times when you have to tell your friend things he or she may not want to hear for their own good. She made perfect sense to me.

  19. It’s not easy to be a parent but once we become one, we must think about our kids. It’s no longer about the man or woman. You must find a way to respect each other period. It’s not easy but a man has the right to see their child(ren). Before having a child with a man get to know his flaws, family, etc because a child is a forever decision. Can’t go back and point fingers at each other. You got to both man up and do it for your seed. Sucks when kids get involved in the drama.

  20. I had the same issue my dad could not stand MA mom so he wouldn't come see me. I went to see him 11 years later and he said he did not see Me all those year cos of MA mom. I left and never went to see him but he calls every month for his cheque 💰

  21. Daaaang….
    This girl is SOMETHING else, man!
    She is what we DON'T see much of these day.. a FRIEND!
    TATU BABY , girl, you the Real thing
    Heck! She reminds me of muh damn self!! Pity I can't have the same)

  22. Building a relationship with your child should not be equivocated with buying a ticket to Disneyland. God said that this land will not be healed or fee from his curse until the FATHERS return back to he land.. Homes are built by the fathers the spiritual head of the house.. Families are nurtured by the mother the spiritual sanctification of the village.. but today courts the world and ungodly men and women have allowed MONEY to raise their children. Money will never raise a child thas the job of … MOM AND DAD

  23. Never talk to a person who is part of the system about any of your problems because they will always take up for the system. She never once said how it was fucked up how he has to pay to see his child she just told him you have to keep paying and guilt-trip him into paying into the system to see his kid. Im so glad I wasn't dumb enough to go raw in these crazy women

  24. He doesn’t need someone to tell him when and where to see my kid ? Yeah cause he wants to come and go as he pleases. He needs to grow up ! He don’t want the court involved cause he don’t want boundaries.

  25. A drunk ? Yeah he shouldn’t be around his daughter without Supervision. I wouldn’t take the chance of having a child around a drunk too. But, he would still see her with me around .

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