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Kobe Bean Bryant or Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia in the United States on August 23, 1978 And it must end in the United States of California on January 26, 2020 at the age of 41 years. Many people did not expect this to happen. Both from fans and other artist friends. Therefore let us see, the journey or the story of Kobe Bean Bryant (basketball player legend.) Kobe Bean Bryant has a unique history, where the name kobe is taken by parents from the name of the flesh which is dampened In Japan At that time Kobe Bryant’s parents were watching him on the restaurant food menu While the name Bean comes from the nickname of the father (Basketball Player.) The father named Joe Bryant who has the nickname JellyBean. Kobe Bryant started playing basketball at the age of 3 years. At that time Kobe Bryant also considered socks to be like basketball. Then the favorite club from Kobe Bryant is the Lakers. At the same time Kobe Bryant also likes soccer with his favorite team being AC Milan. As a child Kobe Bryant played with his friends and broke the glass at Kobe Bryant’s house. This made Kobe Bryant’s mother angry At the same time Kobe Bryant looked at his mother and said “Mother, I want to be like Pele (famous soccer player from Brazil).” The dreams of children from childhood can change. In the end Kobe Bryant chose to become a basketball player. His career in high school began to develop so that Kobe Bryant won 4 awards. One of them was named MCDonald’s all American award Kobe Bryant during high school got the title of the best high school player in the United States. So that makes Kobe Bryant get many offers from the University. In the end Kobe Bryant decided to jump right into the NBA world. That made Kobe Bryant get a lot of attention from the public, Because it is very rare to get into the NBA after graduating from high school. In 1996 Kobe Bryant was at the Charlotte Hornets club at the age of 18 In the end the Charlotte Hornets club exchanged players with the Lakers. So Kobe Bryant entered his favorite team from childhood, the Lakers team. Kobe Bryant’s name began to be widely known in the public when, Kobe Bryant won the NBA Champion In 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, also 2010. His continuing career won Kobe Bryant another award. Although not first place in the NBA as top scorer NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) and many more. In 2013/2014, Kobe Bryant suffered an injury. As well as spending a lot of time for treatment (surgery.) In 2016, Kobe Bryant decided to retire after 20 years with the Lakers In addition to being a famous basketball player, Kobe Bryant is the ambassador of After School All-Stars (ASAS.) Is a non-profit United States organization that provides comprehensive programs for children graduating from school in 13 cities United States. Kobe Bryant once founded the Bryant China Fund Which is a charity for education and health In 2014, Kobe Bryant founded Kobe Inc. which is a body armor sports drink. Kobe Bryant invested $ 6 million in 2014. in August 2018 it will be $ 200 million. For 20 years, according to Forbes Kobe Bryant has wealth From basketball players and endorsement results as much as $ 680 million. Thanks, Kobe Bean Bryant.

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