Life of a Kumari Goddess: The Young Girls Whose Feet Never Touch Ground

The Kumari goddess is a very
honored deity in Nepal. Kumari is manifested in
a young girl’s body. Since the Malla Dynasty the three
cities [of Katmandu Valley] have each had their own Kumari. It is a tradition that has
been going on for a long time. During the monarchy system, the
queen would make the selection. But now the head priest takes
[the children] and selects one. From what we had heard, they
keep them in a dark room and perform prayers rituals,
which they don’t show us. They look for the signs, and look at the
qualities and make their selection. It is called Battis Lakshanas
(32 physical perfections). It is called Battis Lakshanas
(32 physical perfections). It is called Battis Lakshanas
(32 physical perfections). My daughter became the
Kumari goddess at age five. Now it’s been two years. Nepal’s goddess is fluid and all encompassing.
She manifests herself in Kumari. For centuries, Kumari have watched over Kathmandu. Many of the
country’s leaders still seek their blessing to legitimize their rule. To maintain her purity, Kumari’s feet must never touch the
ground, and she may only speak to her immediate family. She is dismissed when she gets her period,
and a new Kumari must be selected. I used to work as a craftman. Now
I have to watch over things here. I did not have any desire to keep my daughter as Kumari. It was destined for us. The challenge is that
she cannot go anywhere. She sits there if people
come visit and worship. She is only allowed to talk to her family. She often talks to us. She is happy. My name is Bipsa Bajracharya and I am Kumari’s elder sister. I help her with her homework while she is inside she cannot
have contact with others, so I help her to have contact with others. She was very interest in eyeliner; she was interested in flowers; she was very interested in listening
to the stories of goddess from a young age. She sometimes read the story books.
It’s about the princess…. Cinderella, Snow White and that one. She also likes to play the violin. Kumari only leaves her temple to watch
over religious festivals in Kathmandu. One of the most important is Bhoto Jatra, the culmination of a month long
festival for rain and compassion. When Napalis have festivals, everyone comes with their children to bow. I’m Sumika Boyrachasya; I am the former Kumari of Patan. Maybe around 11-years-old
I had my first periods, all the world turning upside down for me. It was a bit sad moment for the
whole family and for me as well. So after that like, like I used
to continue, so no more poojas, no more visitors, no more like
going on out to festivals and life just went
in a slow pace. I was the first Kumari who got education. I work in a communications
organization. I’m doing my masters study as well. So, I’m balancing both my
work and my studies too. Since I know I was a Kumari
every moment was precious, so it was never difficult for me. I don’t expect people to respect me. I don’t like go around and say I’m
Kumari and you have to respect me. I don’t do that. It’s the
feeling of the people, if they feel they can, if
they don’t I don’t mind. The tradition has changed a lot
from past till me being Kumari. So, I don’t have big
dreams, but let’s hope. I have big hopes, so like the field I’m working
then I do have big hopes in that field too. After becoming a goddess, there
aren’t any challenges in itself. That’s the thing. You’d call that her power. I made my daughter Kumari for the sake of honor out of respect to this age old tradition. It will be difficult to make the
transition back into society, but we are already working towards that. I have time to set everything up. She is already studying so that, eventually when she goes to
school, it will not be that hard.

100 thoughts on “Life of a Kumari Goddess: The Young Girls Whose Feet Never Touch Ground

  1. Hmm…'s too shady that the priest has to take her into a dark room to find 32 physical perfections, and also the fact that she will be dismissed when she receives her periods. Isn't it too shady? And the girl looks bored as well as scared. I'm not disrespecting the centuries old tradition or anything but it is too shady to be logical.

  2. Em not against any religion but hey thats not look acceptable ,
    i mean my mind is not feeling gud while watching this,thats too child labour 😂
    I mean being a senseable person this is not a human should take as a religion ..

  3. If the girl doesn’t goes outside then that means she doesn’t go to school then how does her sister helps her in homeworks and doesn’t she feel scared when ppl r jumping madly in front of her,🤔🤔

  4. O my LORE Jesus camping soon
    Why they're do this human Bing worship another human bing 😂😂😂😂
    is it religious ceremony OR_?
    traditional religious ceremony ?

  5. For the girl its like whats happening with me ? No social development no interaction with human other than family not even well educated and also, in the age of learning from elders friends the are seperated from the society, thats really unhuman man!

  6. Does periods means impurity? If thats so then all human beings are impure because ur born because of that impurity shame on you all people

  7. She’s just a kid randomly selected by 32 physical traits that’s not special !!! How do these people think she sees over them they’re just normal girls !!!so crazy

  8. Honouring a woman's leadership or her existence in a society needs a great endeavor spiritually, brainually and also physically…and the fact is that how much we need to honour Goodness and Goddesses in the society, it can be significantly calculated from various indicators mainly from crimes, and corruptions

  9. Worship like whatttttttttttttttt…give me a proof that she is a God…what the hell was wrong to these people

  10. this is the more then 500 years old tradition. They portrait video in negative way. For sure 8 minutes video u cant judge whats happening.
    There is 3 kumari
    Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and kathmandu main one.
    They showing video of lalitpur kumari.
    For kumari government give her seperate palace and provided everything she need.She can walk freely and play with her friends inside the palace.
    Here is video of kumari festival

  11. Being a kumari goddess is a curse…. what the hell are you guys doing you just spoiled the life of an innocent girl.

  12. So many things I think are wrong with this tradition. I mean taking children to dark rooms and doing rituals people aren't allowed to see, their leg muscle strength from not walking for so long, having to be 'dismissed' from having their first period, and so much more questions…..I just hope the kids are alright and don't feel like they are being thrown away….

  13. Damn, you know life is going to be all downhill after you get your period and it's "No more poojas for you young lady" !

  14. Pagan belief for sure..they say about purity..Pure?! Really??!! Says who?! Since when the human body becomes pure? Feet not touching the ground ?are they not aware that the child's body itself is made of dirt? this a joke? That being said, people still believe what they want to believe, so go on, worship your Kumari, a Goddess, that resides in a dirt, that's.. Errrr..errr..very nice really! If that kind, is a Goddess, then everyone is a Goddess yeheyy.. I only realised that being a Goddess isn't special. you, me she, can become a Goddess, or in level of Goddess,hmmm..a lover of worldly things, a lover of DIRT.

  15. -So… basically, lucky for those girls who got irregular periods coz they get to become Kumari for a long period of time then

  16. Uh no. These children should be running around freely and doing something they love not sitting down in the same spot for 2 years

  17. The earlier Kumari: She was Kumari and hardly spoken to anyone.

    Now she is working in communications…


  18. ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴀ ʜᴇʟᴩʟᴇꜱꜱ ʟɪꜰᴇ. ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɢɪʀʟ ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ʟᴏᴏᴋ ʜᴀᴩᴩy ᴀᴛ ᴀʟʟ.

  19. 1:43 I hate having my period as a teen. But the fact that these girls get to stop being a goddess when they have their first period make them ecstatic makes me wonder if I should just face the fact that I’m not suffering like these young girls.

  20. Wow all that time without touching the floor incredible temptation if a bitch by now she has done it and you know it

  21. I feel so bad for such a young age so much responsibility!and the fact is that what if the priests do touch her!? That’s not right she is just. A little girl.and her family thinks she’s okay her people too…but she’s not..and ur supposed to enjoy ur childhood and explore!but she can’t…she stuck in that chair all day long.i know there traditions but.somthing about those “priests” is not right at least it should be a girl priest to make her more comfterble.😔that shouldn’t be allowed she should be a kid and explore have fun! And interact with kids her age!

  22. After God sent the strong earthquake in your place. What else do you want?. Do not wait untill everything is too late.

  23. Not trying to be racist but this is really dumb… there is only one god and nobody has seen him. I am a Muslim and I believe what’s right

  24. البنت:انا ساكته ومتحملة

    احسها مغصوبة تسوي كذا باين القهر والحزن بعيونها

  25. She is not a goddess or a queen.She is a prisoner.Humans are social beings and have physical bodies that should have freedom to choose.Give her a life that faces a world that's real and not a makebelieve.

  26. I wonder how she go to comfort room to pee or poop. Imagine having your legs folded in a meditation pose on a toilet bowl.

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