LIVE broadcasting of Travelling Pianist –

My name is Pango. I have build in New Zealand a small wooden truck house and I am travelling around with my upright piano and busking on the streets. Random people walking around don’t expect seeing someone pushing such a piece of heavy furniture across the street and some can’t even imagine how I can travel with a 200kg piano. I love this kind of life, I feel so much freedom. New Zealand is piece of jewel on this planet with amazing nature and I say: “Nature is the greatest inspiration of my music.” I am grateful that I have got the opportunity to immigrate here and I want to give something back. Not because I have to, but because I can. Improvisations are connected to the momentary feeling and place where were created. There the music originates, flows and finally perishes. What if everyone in the world could listen to my piano improvisations streamed live from the most amazing places of pure New Zealand’s nature? In my life I was doing many things like sound for live events, frying chips, selling snake skins, washing dishes, picking kiwi and building carousels. I worked as an audio-visual technician in 5-star hotels but i got twice more money as a tractor driver. Than I was building a wooden church, delivering beer and whiskey to the pubs, I helped slaughtering sheep and after 4 hours of cleaning toilets I was fired for total incompetence. I’am pretty sure I can build and internet TV and radio channel with my music. Since the live stream is not permanent I’d like to publish an online archive of all my piano recordings completly for free under a Creative commons license. My dream is to do what I love and what makes other people happy and have economical freedom to do so. Today, you can help fulfil even my wildest dreams – to play a grand piano on the summits of the mountains and don’t be some dude pulling the handle in the factory. We all can get beautiful inspiration from the nature. Thank you! Your PIANOmad Pango

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