100 thoughts on “Mabel – Boyfriend

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  2. The point of the song is that we get the struggle despite the contradictions and paradoxes in the lyrics. We can feel all of this and have conflicting thoughts

  3. I mean how is this song still up ??? I heard it minutes after its release and, yea.
    Just listen 2:32… it clearly sais die ni**a.

  4. me: is a lesbian and has been dating a girl for almost 4 months now
    also me: i want a boyfriend so put it on me i‘m looking for a man who can take that heat 🤪

  5. Ok but is she saying the N word ? Dang N ,….? ??? Swear that's all k hear when that lil verse come on

  6. Perfect representation of what a toxic girl is and what society has come to. Sad day 🤔🤷‍♂️

  7. Plse Anyone know some other hot songs like this one … please comment on my comment with the list as many as possible🔥🔥 … New ones please…

  8. Is she saying something between the “where you at where you at” part? It just sounds like she’s saying words but I can’t tell??

  9. I love the rhythm even tho I can’t sing it cause she is keeping ask for a boyfriend, what a sad life 😪

  10. Mabel, non penso tu sappia l'italiano, la canzone é bella, ma i ragazzi non sono delle marionette! 😔

  11. I would like the song better if she made the song about the im feeling sexy when im lonely. I like that😁

  12. Is she singing about penis?
    I'm just asking, cause she keeps looking at the penis of the guy through the whole clip.

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