Male version of SIA’s HIT wows The Voice coaches | Winner’s Journey #18

The winner of The Voice 2016 is … is Kevin! What’s your name? My name is Kevin Simm, 35 years old from Chorley. Yeah, I used to be in a pop group,
a while back, called Liberty X. I was in a band called Liberty X. It was amazing, you know. We won a Brit Award,
been number one, traveled the world. We just sort of had the time
of our lives for a couple of years really. We had a couple of hits and then it started
going a little bit sort of downhill… … the charts positions weren’t great,
so we’ve got dropped. Straight after the band I signed with a
label and recorded my own album… At that point I was like: ‘oh this is gonna
be awesome, I’m gonna be massive’. Then I sort of just got shelved, pretty much. What can you do?
It puts you off music a little bit… It did knock my confidence a lot.
Life became a bit more normal. I was sort of out of this little bubble… … and I just started thinking
that I have to get a job. Well, hello!
– Hello. Obviously, you’ve been in a pop group,
so you’ve experienced… … so you know right know that the
decisions that you make are very crucial. Uh-huh…
– No pressure! It’s just obvious, when you hear a voice
of that quality singing… That you have to turn around.
So well done today! Thanks, man. I’ve just got goosebumps over my whole body… … because that was absolutely
stunning! From the reaction from one
sort of got me the most… That’s Paloma. So emotional! You’re so incredible! I promise I’m not gonna let you down…
I promise! The rehearsal for me was probably not
one of my proudest vocals. Kevin was quite ill and if you’re ill you can’t
sing as well as you normally do. Should we have a go?
– Is it alright to get some water? Yeah. I am struggling a bit today.
– What, with your voice? Yeah. It is like, literally, pushing me to my limit. I put a lot of pressure on myself,
in these sort of situations. Because when you’re out there
trying to prove yourself all over again… You know, it’s just tough. I hope that that’s not something that
he does in the performance… Because as they say in their business:
“the show must go on”. I’m pretty confident that
Faith will not slip up. So I think I do have to be
sort of on my game. And if I did sort of screw something up… then there’s a good chance
that would be the end of it for me. I think that they both could win the
competition. So I’m in a mess, really… Kevin you have this incredible gift. You’re a little bit, kind of,
overwhelmed by in some respects. Which is endearing, but I think you need
to really work on your confidence. Because you’ve got
this incredible voice. Well, there’s no winner and there’s no loser. I feel that I can give so much more… … to Faith! Wow! Kevin, you’re now available for a steal. One steal for Ricky! Well done, mate! I can’t believe Paloma let you go,
it was ridiculous. I can’t believe that I’ve got a second chance. You have been through the wringer a bit… …and it has knocked you down a few times,
but you keep coming back. Oh no! That was horrendous…
– It wasn’t! Horrendous?! He’s another one with the weight
of the world on his shoulders. And every time he gets a knock back
it’s brought into this spot. I am critical of myself. I came in to the competition
with not a great lot of confidence. You don’t have to sing chandeliers
to show that you deserve to be there. Because whenever you start singing,
you show your confidence then. Regrets are sort of,
I’m leaving them all behind. So I’m definitely gonna
go into this next round, confident. Now you just have to be the best. Kevin’s definitely got it in him to do that. Kevin! How are you doing man?
It’s great to see you! Your family happy?
– Yeah. The kids are loving it and
singing ‘Chandelier’ every day. So that’s cool. I think being a father is the single most
amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ve got two little boys: Charlie who’s four
and Oliver who’s two. And they are little rascals. It could be hard work,
I’m not gonna lie. The joy, like, I get from my two boys
is just out of this world. You did yourself proud. You sang a song, it was just you and
a piano, really stripped back. That’s all you need on this show, do what
it says on the tin. It’s called The Voice. You’re The Voice, well done. Your voice is, like, one of the best voices
in the music industry. But I don’t think that was the song to… … you’ve come this far and God darn it,
people please… Put him through to the finals,
if you don’t do it fast pass… Put him through, because his voice
is just that spectacular. So today I was, like, just cleaning around
the flat and I got a knock on the door. Surprise! My little boys were there and my wife
and my mum. Dad, you smell like sugar!
– Do I? It was unreal, I could not believe it. Did you miss daddy?
– Yeah. Seeing my boys is definitely sort of
make this few weeks being away worthwhile. It’s nice to surprise daddy. And it’s the perfect pick-me-up to get
me ready for this week. All the time I hear Kevin sing I… I’m really confused on
why you don’t have a career-career. And why you’re a contestant.
I just really don’t get it. You did yourself so proud and you took off.
Basically we’re in space now. We’re just in space with Kevin. So this week was very busy with
interviews. Final coming up, how are you feeling? I didn’t think I would get to
this point. So how are you, Kevin?
– I’m good mate. Hopefully I can just take it a bit further. Really excited to be going home. It’s been a longest time
I’ve ever been away from them Oh my god, I don’t like crowds. It was an emotional moment. Yeah, I hadn’t seen them for a little while. And I miss them. I’m so proud of you. Vote for Kev! Unbelievably grateful for all
the support. I can’t believe all these people
have turned out for me. Charlie and Ollie are so proud of their dad. They just can’t get over it,
when they see him on the telly. Today’s been awesome.
Singing with Charlie was just unbelievable. I wanna do this for them and for me,
more than ever. I’ve got to give
the performance of my life. Well, from the very first blind audition… Kevin’s had the rare ability to
be able to transport us… … to wherever he is in his head. And tonight we were taken to… … He showed us the passion, the determination… … and more importantly, tonight he showed us
the belief that he can win this show, and… This week I got the chance to go home… … and do something I really really
wanted to do for my sister. Last week, his sister goes:
“Ah, can you give him the day off on Thursday?… … I really want him to come
to my wedding.” And I was like… I know he’s supposed to be preparing for the final… …but there are some things in life
you just can’t miss. It’s happening. It was an absolute honor
to sing my sister down the aisle. It meant a lot to be here
and to be able to do that for her. Great to see him in is element. And also, you know, I had to look
after his kids while he was up there. And I’m not great with kids. He’s a natural-born babysitter. Fancy let me and Laura go out
one night for a meal or something… … he’s more than welcome to
come and look after the boys. I have the greatest of pleasure
in announcing you as husband and wife! Kevin has been my idol growing up
and for him to sing at my wedding… It’s just the way it should be. So proud to see my sister
get married today. But before singing
I was quite nervous. Not really wonderful
wearing a Dicky bow. If I’m honest, I needed
a wee really badly. All those things sort of took
my mind off the fact that I had to sing. Oh, I think you’re gorgeous. Really happy for Ricky to come
and show his support. All the ladies here where as well. Am I covered in lipstick? I mean, like,
I haven’t been kissed so much in my life. Have a brilliant rest of the day! I couldn’t have missed a day… The biggest week of my life,
the biggest week of my sister’s life. You know that you put everything
into it, your heart, your soul. And we can tell that. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sing again, man. But amazing job, again, you… The winner of The Voice 2016 is… … is Kevin!

100 thoughts on “Male version of SIA’s HIT wows The Voice coaches | Winner’s Journey #18

  1. I can’t stand the way that blond judge talks! If she can’t talk how does she sing or does she? He made the wrong choice with her. She gives me the creeps. His voice is beautiful.

  2. Kevin Simm deserved to win. Ricky Wilson is a great man. He caught my eye here. He really looks like H. G. but only more charming and handsomer.

  3. what a story… a beautiful story… tears in my eyes 😔❤🙏

    kind of resembles with Phil Collins and Ronan Keating, glad to have seen this video and about him knowing he's a winner ❤❤❤

  4. He sings amazingly but more important, having been through the industry and sort of knocked down a time or two, he is a very humble man and that is an endearing quality about him.

  5. It's hilarious when someone who gets picked up with a steal ends up winning, you know the coaches that cut them are just kicking themselves, lol.

  6. Lmao Paloma might be a great artist herself but she dropped the ball on that battle round, what a blunder!

  7. I'm a novice still I think – although he has a great voice but he still needs to work harder to hit the right high notes.

  8. Triangles sucked. Who’s idea? Kevin deserved to win in spite o mostly sad songs. Love him! Perfect last song.‼️

  9. The girl was trash wtf, how dare she choose her over Kevin, what kinda guy has amazing vocals like that these days

  10. You can have a great voice but if don't make your own songs you are done in this industry and this is why we don't see any winner from the voice and other shows with a record label and still singing now.

  11. There really are soooooo many beautiful talented people in this world. And in grateful to be able to enjoy their talents. Isn't it something how he got dropped, picked up by another judge and then won WOW he whole enchiladas! You are so flipping great! You keep shining your light on the world. All my best to you!

  12. Glad Rick stole him, I think if paloma took him further he wouldn’t have got past the first few live shows

  13. Ricky wanted him from the 1st minute
    He made a v bad choice going with Paloma, yet Ricky gave him another chance
    God Bless you Ricky

  14. I can listen to him over and over and over again, day in and day out. He is that good. He deserved to win, hands down. WHAT. A. VOICE. Love and respect from India.

  15. He has such a great voice just needed to forget about the past and gain this confidence, good on him for trying again!!!!

  16. I fucking love Paloma Faith. Is she retarded? Is she a genius? Who cares??? She's a special soul.

    Is that guy's voice that unique? NO. But he'll be fine. And she still supports him.

  17. I just cant believe Paloma. She literally said: I'm so emotional. I promise I won't let you down. The first chance she gets she dumps him with zero regard. Paloma is what's wrong with the industry. This is people life we talking about. She needs to reevaluate who she is.

  18. You know how dumb people are thinking that he "won" by skill when its all set up from the start who wins. It doesnt matter on votes its what they decide.
    Of course not bashing on the singers, they are great but sadly these shows are as fake as they can get.

  19. This is my 1st comment on any video since I have started watching YouTube….this guy has an amazing voice..he is a STAR..a SUPER STAR…keep up mate.

  20. he chose paloma becoz he wanted a female coach for his high pitch voice but … paloma cant give that and fortunately ricky picks him up and most likely, let him have his way with high pitch songs, and it works. — well done.

  21. Paloma herself isn't much more than just another voice, but now she's known as the judge that majorly screwed up.

  22. From watching so many of these Voice videos, the standout coaches for this show has to be Seal, Delta, Ricky and Jessie J. These are the types of people you want as a coach. They can uplift you and amplify your ability to believe in yourself and accomplish what you thought unimaginable. They can also deliver constructive criticism when necessary, but most importantly, they seem to care that you succeed on a holistic and genuinely human level, unlike some other coaches who think the show is about them.

  23. Aiming his dream…. Bet the judge that let him go when he was sick is thinking her mistake.the man who steal him knows really a good voice..,

  24. Ok. He’s an amazing singer and he absolutely deserved to win. His first coach was a total bitch, she barely let him sing in the battle. Okay I’m done ranting now 😂😂

  25. Oh well as usual I’m a day late dollar short on music in the world watched it just today August 10 2019 and I was stunned on many things That man has one of the best voices I’ve heard in my lifetime. 2. I personally think his band went under do to bad management . 3. It seemed he is a bit confused to what type of music he actually should be singing. Three of the songs were better than the original artist one was his blind audition. If I were him I’d focus my career in the category of music. Seriously great vocals and charisma . Hopefully Kevin will get a very good manager so he doesn’t have a mishap in the music industry.

  26. If anyone remembers a show called 'The Big Reunion' where bands from back in the day reform, they (as in all of the bands, I'm pretty sure 5ive were included, as well as Atomic Kitten with Jenny) did a charity version of 'I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday' and there was a lot of debate as to who was going to sing the final line at the end (lots of them recorded it, it was just who was going to end up on the actual completed song). A lot of people thought it would be Scott from 5ive who got it, but when they played the video on the show (and the bands themselves were seeing it for the first time too), it turned out to be Kevin and he was amazing. I'm pretty sure it was before he went on The Voice, maybe end of 2014 that the show aired?

    As for The Voice, I'm just going to paraphrase a GoT quote: You know nothing, Paloma Faith.

  27. The only thing he’s missing is opening his eyes and connecting with the audience and commanding the stage. Fix that and it’s OVER!! His voice is so absolutely splendid, I could listen to him all day.

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