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I’m Marc ter Stegen, goalkeeper for F.C. Barcelona and the German national team. We are the last man standing. If you make a mistake, normally it’s a goal. “It’s a terrible mistake by ter Stegen….” Everybody knows that it’s human to make mistakes. If you can come back to your strength and come back to focus, I think this is mental strength. Once I’m in training, it’s full focus. I just want to be good in what I’m doing and I’m trying to learn out of my mistakes, to improve as a person and as a football player on the pitch. “Save by ter Stegen!” I’m happy that I’m in the Freeletics family. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you can’t be successful. Always be the person you want to be for your family, for your friends. This is me.

2 thoughts on “Marc ter Stegen – This is my journey. | Freeletics

  1. Freeletics is starting to become more than an app, it’s really about to change your lifestyle and philosophy. Big results come with big efforts. 💪

  2. So is he really doing it? Is he a freeletics athlete or does he just advertise it? Cause that's what's important to me…

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