MIAMI, FLORIDA travel guide: What to do & Where to go (2018 vlog)

Hello, Miami There’s a reason I’m greeting you all in Spanish because you hear Spanish everywhere here It’s like an unofficial second language 70% of the people who live here speak Spanish at home. It’s crazy! No wonder Miami is considered the capital of Latin America If you’ve never been to Miami and you’re starting to plan your first trip you’re going to see that there is a crazy amount of information online and it may take you some time to organize and understand everything In this video, I’ll try to break down Miami so that it’s clear and you can make the best choices for your own trip So, let’s get started by understanding the regions here You have north, south, west and downtown There’s no East. Downtown is located on the east And then you have separate cities that are also major attractions like Miami Beach and Coral Gables I’m going to create 3 videos here showing Miami and the metro area Today, I’ll start downtown Miami First thing you need to know: public transportation in Miami is not the greatest But downtown there’s a tram called Metromover that connects various areas. You can get in and get out as many times as you want And best of all, totally free There’s no operator Downtown Miami is home to one of the largest concentrations of international banks in the United States And one of the nicest areas is Brickell These buildings are huge Most of this was built since the 70’s. Before that, there were mansions along this road The Miami Trolley is also free and not only in this area On my blog you’ll find everything you need to know about this service Look at how cute! As colorful as Miami Recently a lot of people have started moving here as it’s really nice! And Brickell is now the fastest growing area in Miami This is a man-made island Brickell Key, upscale condos Fun fact: half of the people who live there were not even born in the United States This is one of the nicest areas downtown Bayside Marketplace It’s a mall, but it’s actually way more than a mall What I like about here is the atmosphere, there are lots of restaurants and amazing views Bayside is located by the marina so you have all this here teasing you Port Miami is just behind these boats here It’s the largest passenger port in the world You get this bridge to go there. Miami Beach is further away. Do you see these buildings here? Oops, no, here! There are other five bridges that take you to Miami Beach You can also go for a boat tour. This is what everyone here is waiting for Oh, my God! A portable drugstore! It’s a machine Now you can buy Tylenol like you buy water Let’s see the options: allergy, flu, children stuff, stomachache,… There might be a concert later Everything set, some folks waiting,… Just across the road, the American Airlines Arena. Home to the Miami Heat in the NBA Cuban culture is very strong here in Miami and that becomes even more evident when you come to Little Havana. It’s very close to downtown Hello! _ How are you?
_ Fine, fine The heart of Little Havana is Calle Ocho I think he likes the camera This is the most touristy area, so we’re going somewhere else for lunch My husband Gordon loves Cuban cuisine So we’re going somewhere authentic to try some Cuban sandwiches From here, I’m going to show your Coral Gables. It’s a beautiful area with some interesting attractions This area is called Miracle Mile It’s full of bars, restaurants, shops But most people come here to see this The traditional Biltmore Hotel from 1926. At the time, this is the tallest building in Florida There’s an enormous suite on the 13th floor where Al Capone supposedly run a speakeasy during Prohibition Rumor has it that bullet holes on the fireplace are still there You won’t believe what’s hidden right there Wow! So inviting! This pool has been here since 1924 and it’s still the largest freshwater pool in the entire country Anyone can come For updated rates, head over to my blog Next to Coral Gables, the charming Coconut Grove This is a laid back village famous for the outdoor lifestyle Can anyone count how many boats? Uh oh, look at the sky. It wont take long… My idea was to close this video here at the Wynwood Walls. It’s a nice place where you can see some really nice graffiti But it started raining so much that I think I’ll just drive around, try to show some of the walls If it stops a little bit, I’ll go to the main section But this is something to learn about Miami It is so hot and humid here that it rains almost every day in the end of the afternoon Right now for example, its sunny and raining Wynwood is just north of downtown in Midtown. It’s closer if come directly from Bayside We saved it to the end because we wanted to guarantee that beautiful blue sky while filming the other areas Street art looks good no matter what Here! Already found my favorite artist: Kobra from Brazil Rain has stopped, so I could get out of the car This is Wynwood Walls, where you find some really nice murals Totally free to get in and you get some really good pictures It’s amazing, the rain comes fast and goes fast Until a few years ago, nobody would come to Winwood for tourism. This is a warehouse district Look at it now These murals change from time to time so you guys may come here and see something totally different The visit was fast, so I think I can still go somewhere else today I’m going to spend the rest of my day here in Miami doing something most tourists enjoy: shopping I’m at the Dolphin Mall This is one of the biggest malls in the Miami area and the closest to downtown The closest like outlet style. Its not that close It’s actually really close to the airport. You’re probably hearing planes flying here There are so many plays here! It’s one after the other If you have a long layover at the airport, and you’re into shopping, it’s worth considering coming here It’s just 20 minutes and there are shuttles Free shuttles They have lockers! You can now also come here while you wait for that late evening flight back home This could totally fit my suitcase Five dollars for the day The mall was great, not so crowded So it was good to arrive at that time But I obviously didn’t have time to see the entire mall It is really big, but… something good They do offer a coupon book If you want to learn more about how these work Take a look at my previous video about shopping in Orlando. It’s the same thing in Miami So, thank you very much for spending this day with me here. Tomorrow, I’m showing Miami Beach

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  1. Check out another good video about the real life in Miami:

  2. Lived in Miami for three years…….Worst Drivers in the World!!……Fake People Everywhere……Everything is Overpriced…….Crime is out of control…….Most people who are there have decided not to Learn English…….Pretty Sad!

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  4. Nice video. I’m new at editing and posting videos. I like how you cut into different scenes in between of you talking and explaining stuff. I’d appreciate it if you subscribe to my channel. So far I’ve recorded a few different videos. Check it out. Thanks.

  5. Nice video and presentation but I'm sorry…. Miami is a POS. Bogus service charges in restaurants, crazy traffic, crime, homeless vagrants, and transplants from NE have ruined the place. If you want authentic Cuban and a real cultural experience, go to Tampa.

  6. I lived there for 8 yrs. I never liked it. I live in Chicago now. I never looked back; there’s too much to do in Chicago. Miami doesn’t have a home like feeling, and people in Miami are a bunch of Pieces of shyts!!

  7. I would greatly appreciate if you could give a list of the songs in the video. I loved them. I am going there in Jan and would love to play the songs in the car.

  8. Move 2 Brickel if u want 2 be with southamerican assholes who made their $ with southamerican corruption and fraud. Its like living with inferior fucking Nazis who shit on u in the elevator. Brickel – Miami's Asshole-Stretch!

  9. Welcome to Miami… my next travel must be there, but I hope not to have a encounter with Tony Montana lol!!! Say hello to my little friend!!!!..

  10. 4:06 in night time there's a boat that's called a party boat it's really nice you could see all the buliding lights in night time

  11. She’s from Brazil… watch a video made by a Cuban… they know Miami much better. For example, Dadeland mall baby… Dolphin is an outlet mall and it’s crap. Also Dadeland and Miami International mall is closer to downtown.

  12. Hi, I lived in Miami, I am an American Cuban, and I have lived since I was 5 in Miami, but recently I went to live for Texas because Miami has become too expensive to live, Miami is the best city for parties and beaches, but believe me not to live is too expensive lol!

  13. Hello there! Florida is an amazing place to spend some time in. We've just come back to Brazil and everything went just fine! In terms of shopping in Miami or Orlando, prices are nearly the same, but just be attentive not to spend your precious money in Miami beach where things cost an arm and a leg! Avoid it. Parking your car there, buy the way, may bring you a headache if you think street parking is cheap and easy. No. Instead, go the 17th street, soon after a beautiful square, turn the second left and you will find a cheap car park, it's a building where you will pay just $2 dollars per hour. Concerning the shops in the area, I was indeed expecting much more, they're not that nice. Nevertheless, I'd rather spend more time, and I did, in Orlando, which is know as the city beautiful. All in all, travelling around Florida was simply an outstanding experience.

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  15. Just arrived to Miami and found this guide. Excellent work! Informative, funny and easy to follow where you're going. Thanks a lot!

  16. Nice informative video. Thanks for sharing this. You might be interested in this similar Art Deco City in New Zealand:

  17. I love Miami so much I never want to move. Bayside is the best tho. I go there almost all the time I love how it’s like an outdoor mall and there so many boats

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