Migrant Caravan Headed To US-Mexico Border, ICE Audit Closes Bakery & Sanctuary Cities VS ICE

right now hundreds of migrants are
marching towards our southern border reports say up to 1,000 Hondurans have
crossed into Guatemala in hopes of starting another massive Caravan
determined to reach the United States but how will the newly signed third
country agreement fare against this latest surge joining us now with his
expert inside national Border Patrol Council President Brandon judge-sir
thanks for coming on this morning you’ve got Hondurans in Guatemala right now
what is Guatemala’s role in this so Guatemala is going to allow them to
continue to come up they’re supposed to apply for asylum in the first safe
country that they come to which is going to be Guatemala if Mexico as they
continue to go up even if they get into Mexico Mexico is not going to allow them
to make it up to our up to our southern up to our southwest border in a in a
huge Caravan they’re gonna have to break up they’re gonna have to try to get away
from the Mexican authorities Mexico has been doing a great job ever since all
these agreements have been made in protecting our southwest border they’ve
actually been stepping up and and and they become a great border security
partner talk about the orderly process that’s gonna be happening now and how
this is different from the caravans that we talked a lot about extensively last
year part of the agreements that we have we actually have ice officers that are
down on the ground this has not happened before they’re actually helping the the
Guatemalan government they’re helping the Mexican government they’re in an
advisory role they’re telling them what they need to do all of these people that
are now coming up they’re being advised and they’re being told exactly what the
process is going to be that’s the education that needs to take place to
allow these people to make a decision on whether or not they want to continue to
try to make it up till our southwest border if they do they’re gonna have to
put themselves in the hands of smugglers which is a very dangerous proposition
and they’re being educated in that all right so the president is looking to
move what 7.2 billion dollars from the Pentagon budget to build more of the
wall and I want to ask you I mean there’s the breakdown of the money I
want to ask you how will this fair and and will this be fought pretty hard I
mean he’s already had success moving some of this money around right
yeah the Democrats are going to use the same playbook that they’ve always used
special interest groups are going to file lawsuits in the lower courts
they’re gonna try to hold it up as long as they possibly can they know that they
cannot win it once it goes to the the the higher courts they know that they’re
going to lose it but they’re gonna try to hold it up as long as they possibly
can the president ultimately is going to win he’s won in every single case that
we’ve had so far we’re gonna continue to build the walls we’re gonna continue to
hold out the criminal aliens we’re gonna continue to get a hold on these these
opioids that are coming into the United States that are killing so many of our
children all right Brandon Chad thanks so much for your insider information
have a good day it’s always good to be with you the border crisis continues in
Del Rio over the past month they are experiencing an increase in
migrant traffic while other sectors along the border are seeing fewer
crossings eyewitness news reporter Vanessa Croix goes along with border
agents to the hotspots the number of people apprehended trying
to cross into the u.s. is down all across the southwest border except for
the Del Rio sector no one has seen the percentage increase that we have seen
here in Del Rio sector and so that’s a red flag for me that’s something that’s
a concern we wrote along with agents as they took us into the field
as soon as it gets dark they start hiking as fast as they can where they’re
seeing the most activities crisis is not over for us we’re still in it
officials say one reason is the cartel violence across the border in Mexico
Cunha is perceived as being safer it has less of the cartel violence then said no
way validate or further south plus agents say they’ve been able to speed up
the processing of migrants because of programs like the migrant protection
protocol word of mouth of no crossing del Rio it’s safer and it’s a little bit
faster it’s kind of working as a draw to bring up man
and they are coming so right here you can actually see where there were
several footprints of a group the cross just this morning in huge numbers so
just this year we’ve had 41 different nationalities we’re seeing people from
Haiti people from Africa it’s the in Chinese recently we caught people from
Bangladesh and really what we’re seeing is just this multitude of people coming
home but the journey here is still dangerous this is one of the spots and
agents tell us the majority of family units are crossing and looks can be
deceiving the water appears calm on the top of the dam but it’s easy to be swept
away by the current because all it takes is a cold under the river some rocks to
trip on and if you’re carrying a small child then that’s a recipe for tragedy
reporting on the us-mexico border Vanessa Croix kids 5 Eyewitness News
a popular bakery and liberty station has closed suddenly over what the owners say
was an immigration issue NBC 7’s Nicole Gomez reports right now from Liberty
Station well all morning customers have been coming up so surprised to learn
about the news devastated that this place company is now closed you can see
there’s no more tables here on the patio and people have been leaving flowers
it’s because they’re so upset the laughter the breadcrumb content a
rustic breads and cafe taken out for wholesale delivery today and tomorrow
but as of Wednesday afternoon the only standalone cafe they have in Liberty
Station is permanently closed the owner and head Baker Catherine Perez has not
returned NBC 7’s request for comment but their official Facebook page cited a I 9
audit by immigration authorities as the reason for the sudden shudder saying
that quote a discovery of a large number of unauthorized workers has so disrupted
operations we have had no choice but to close the bakery first opened on
Rosecrans in 1999 and then moved to Liberty Station in 2010 the closure has
left many longtime loyal customers heartbroken flowers sent in the front in
front of the door as if it were a memorial one customer even shed some
tears over the news I’m not kidding I mean I am sad sad it’s a local
institution every morning people would go there have their coffee get a
breakfast and I just wanted to try anyway because we love this place and I
just wanted to see for myself if it was really true and sadly it looks like it
is on their official Facebook page they say quote we’ve given scone bites to
children have had the joy of watching them grow up and bring in their children
for scone bites please know that we think and appreciate and we’ll miss each
and every one of you and always remember eat more bread well we reached out to
immigrations and customs enforcement and while they would not comment on specific
cases like this closure or this I 9 audit they do say that they fully expect
businesses and state officials to comply with federal immigration law reporting
from Liberty station Nicole Gomez NBC 7 trade laws in New York City under fire
after a horrific attack you’re right Brian 21 year old Rios Khan is living
the country illegally and has charged with the brutal murder of a 92
year old woman he’s accused of throwing her to the ground and assaulting her
terribly before fleeing the scene leaving her for dead Khan was previously
released from local law enforcement back in November despite an ice detainer
after he stabbed his father here to react his Fox Nation host Tommy Lehren
so Tommy let me get this straight he was in he was behind bars for stabbing his
dad for weapons but an ice ice wants to detain him but then the city officials
said no you can’t by law we have to release him and then he did this to the
92 year old lady well that’s exactly what you explained is sanctuary cities
and sanctuary states at work and the question that needs to be asked to these
Democratic leaders is who is made safer by these sanctuary policies it’s
certainly not the American people and in fact it’s actually immigrant communities
that suffer the most from sanctuary city policies because these people these
criminal aliens reoffending times in those communities making them more
dangerous so that’s the question that the leaders of New York of course here
in California need to be asked and need to answer because the American people
are being put at risk and really anybody living in this country is at risk when
you let criminal aliens walk the streets well we have heard from Republican
lawmakers here in New York State about how New York State is no longer as safe
as it was before the criminal justice reform where now we have this no bail
thing and you know there’s a story here in New York City about how a guy ported
Lee allegedly has robbed a bank six times and every time it’s like oh we
only robbed the bank he didn’t have a gun he had a note so we to let him out
but then with his sanctuary city stuff you know you know you just expressed
this frustration that a lot of people have the mayor’s office was asked about
this situation and they submitted this particular statement they said we mourn
the family of miss Fortis if mr. Cahn is convicted the city will
cooperate with federal officials in accordance with local law it is shameful
that the Trump administration is politicizing this tragedy Tommy who is
politicizing immigration well exactly and you know that statement it sounds
great to put out a statement but it’s a little too late and I’m sure the family
of this and a family of those who have been
murdered by illegal immigrants especially criminal aliens especially
when detainer has been placed on them by ice they want to know why these people
are allowed to walk the streets and you couple that with the felon friendly
policies that you just mentioned of course in New York and absolutely here
in California and you have mayhem you have Gotham City someone needs to answer
for this all right so let’s talk about your series on Fox Nation 24 hours you
focus you travel with ice you want to set up this clip yeah let’s take a look
I was here in Los Angeles I did a ride-along with our ice agents right
here in the sanctuary States and you’ll see the result unfortunately there is no
shortage of criminal aliens in Southern California couple that with the
sanctuary policies and the non positive jurisdictions and it just really puts
the public at risk that’s scary Tommy oh it absolutely is
in California in New York and a lot of places across this country we are
shielding illegal immigrants criminal illegal immigrants and it needs to end
and am i right along with ice I could CV the links of these ice agents have to go
to to get criminal aliens off the street again I asked the Democrats who is made
safer by your sanctuary city and state policies that is the question they need
to answer to the American people and you have more than eleven seconds right 20
it’s not 24 hours but it’s more than 11 seconds it absolutely is more than 11
seconds I promise you that right to teach you can watch it all on Fox Nation
the latest episode is called 24 hours it’s available now go to Fox Nation calm
or download the app on your phone all right Tommy thank you very much for
joining us from the west coast night vital information at stake a new
directive from New York State tonight vital information at stake a new
directive from New York State warns police not to share DMV data with
federal immigration authorities anytime when agencies told not to talk to
another agency we got a problem you know police chiefs say they simply
had no choice but to sign that state order good evening i’m judy ryan thank
you for joining us not signing that order would have met
losing access to key records from the State DMV as tedder Juvenal reports many
police leaders reluctantly say they sign that order Tanner a lot of forcement
leaders across the area told me tonight if they didn’t sign the agreement none
of their officers would be able to run licenses or plates which could put them
in the public at risk yet advocates say this directive is vital in order to keep
undocumented immigrants from being deported when New York’s new greenlight
law went in effect last month it allowed undocumented immigrants like this woman
to get a driver’s license now the state is trying to prevent local police
agencies from sharing DMV data like hers with federal immigration authorities
just seems like a personal agenda got got put in the middle of public safety
gates police chief James van Brett Road says he had to sign this agreement by
3:00 p.m. on Saturday or risk losing access to DMV data which his officers
rely on daily building to be able to run a plate and see if it’s stolen or run a
plating and then see if the cars wanted her to run somebody’s license to see if
they have a valid driver’s license the green-white law says DMV data can’t be
shared with federal authorities like ice and Customs and Border Protection so I
think like having especially the documents being signed by a different
law enforcement agencies again is just some accountability model to put into
place aside from just legislation itself that just really uphold what the law
already says advocates for the green-white law like Amana beets say the
move is necessary and the information that’s willingly shared or at least
exposed and accessed by law enforcement agents could possibly lead to again I
detainment or deportation now that to me does not feel like public safety this
order from the state comes after controversial bail reform laws went into
effect January 1st Van Brenner Road says the state is
making law enforcement job tougher than ever this is a common go ahead you know
and at some point in law enforcement I think in New York State will push back
against Albany like they’ve never seen before and and at some point this needs
to stop a spokesperson for the state’s Criminal Justice Services says 59 police
agencies across the state have not yet signed this agreement in will get DMV
access restore if and when they do we did reach out to
the governor’s office tonight for comment but we did never hear back Ginny
and construction on a private border wall continues in Mission just days
after a judge lifted a temporary restraining order cbs4 Jelani Martinez
joins us live from the construction site with an update on where they are with
the project Jelani Chris I’m standing at the
beginning of the border security system as you look further Fisher Industries
has already built about I mean over half a mile now we spoke with Tommy Fisher
president and CEO of the firm says they’re here to build a high quality
project in a quick and safe timeframe we sent 40 feet at a time it never stops
and we just keep pouring concrete and we make our own concrete on-site this your
industry’s border security system making progress in just three days so by the
end of the day we’ll be a little over a half a mile and probably in a day you
know one more day after that probably a mile and then we’re working our way
while there are residents who support the project the concept of being able to
have the border fence right on the edge of the river or close to it and not
having to divide the farmers land into two sections one on the south side of
the border wall and one on the north side of the on the border fence and it’s
a grill problem yeah problem for the agriculture and the
farm people the Cavazos family who owns land right next to where the wall is
being built fear what this means for them our property is it’s at the very
end of their wall and the the waters the the floodwaters will accelerate because
at the end at the end of an obstruction it goes faster so that means that well
we’re standing at right now it’s not going to be here the next major flood we
have this all this is going to be gone as it’s happened before and one of the
reasons is because this is a meandering river you know so when when the river
makes a turn it actually accelerates the flow of the water it did some damage and
we lost some property Fisher says he will fix problems nearby
land owners have he expects the project to be completed in the next two weeks
reporting live in Mission with complete Valley coverage
Jelani Martinez at cbs4 valley at six The Washington Post reports the
president plans to take 7.2 billion dollars from military construction and
counter narcotics programs and use it to build the border wall instead some
lawmakers are concerned the move will be counterproductive and do you think
taking 3.5 billion dollars from a military counter drug program is it
probably a problem we need border wall I can tell you that administration
officials including defense secretary mark Esper expressed support the first
party of the DoD is protection of the homeland
so the southwest southwest border is a security issue last year President Trump
did shift billions of dollars from the military to the border last month a
federal district court judge ruled that was a violation of the law but
construction continues while that ruling is appealed well I’m concerned he says
stealing from our military families and those who are on the front lines
Democratic lawmakers like California’s Nanette Madigan and Mike Levin
emphasized only Congress can decide how money is spent I want to make sure that
that money goes to where it’s supposed to go in a statement the Office of
Management and Budget confirmed the president is exploring ways to move more
money to the southern border but says the specifics of where that money will
come from have not been decided on in Washington Alexandra Limon so our big thing is is that each one of
the bollards you see here are galvanized so once you galvanize and put that zinc
coating on regular steel it’ll bond for 125 years they on the other things we
pave the concrete road to and you’re here there’s no dust if you’re driving
so that’s what we like to call our whole system a no rust no dust solution to
border security the other thing is you see how it’s windy today too and in
other in other construction practices of ufem type line play it’s real windy who
would be parted for those contractors to build because they’re picking it up with
a next computer or a crane and then you can sort of see to get over there if you
touch it you can start to put a fingerprint so it’s like cooking if
you’re a great chef and you cook the same way everyone wants to eat five
minutes we can pull a machine and move it down so we get the use of the Machine
several times forty feet it will hold 40 each bullet will see dollars and once
upon beats hard enough we undo the bolts turn these the machine walks out most
picks up another 40 feet you you’re gonna have a wall like no other
it’s going to be a powerful terrific wall and walls to work I hate to say
remember the Democrats you don’t need walls oh really we wait the drones they
wanted us to put drones flying around taking pictures of everybody now did you
see are part of the new wall two days ago
illegal aliens with drugs on their back we’re climbing the wall they got to the
top you know that panel on top is called a climb resistor it’s very slippery and
very hot very hot and they got stuck on the wall they couldn’t get off the wall
did you see that I was watching the news I was surprised
at the fake news showed it and I said is that a beautiful sight they couldn’t get
over the wall couldn’t get off they ought to get the fire department to
get him down do you believe 30 feet up that’s like a almost a four-story

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