Minimalist Travel Bag | Pakt One Review

today we’re gonna be taking a look at
the pakt one minimalist travel bag is it really worth all the hype and is it
really the only travel bag you’ll ever need let’s get into it so the kind folks
over at pakt sent this bag out for me to try and test and review for the YouTube
channel and for the last several months I’ve been putting it through its paces
it’s a minimally designed logo free exterior bag designed by the minimalists
in conjunction with pakt and so far to put it simply i’ve been extremely
impressed with this bag it comes in this gray pewter color that i have here but
it also comes in navy in black and it’s a 35 litre capacity duffle bag
typically if you’re any kind of minimalist you’re either going to
sacrifice minimalist in aesthetic or minimalist and function and this is one
of the few products that seems to do both very very well in terms of the
design everything about it feels and looks premium everything from the fabric
to the finishings to the YKK zippers all just scream the highest of quality you
have these nice metal clasps here and really thick sturdy loop holes to put
them through you can tell that this is something that is designed to last a
lifetime I know this is sounding a bit like an
advertisement I promise this is not a sponsor I’ve just been so impressed with
the level of detail in this bag has a lot of option points of access unzipping
this main compartment here you see it folds out completely flat like a typical
suitcase would this does also fit the requirements for any airline carry-on
luggage so it’s something you can take with you I’m typically a one bag
traveler with a backpack and this having a 35 litre capacity was almost more
space than I typically need or use for travel with just my backpack so
unzipping this side here you actually have two big main compartments one with
a mesh cover and one with the solid cover opening this up here I just have
clothes I was able to fit a week’s worth of clothes in here packing it out and
that just closes up nicely and you have a zipper in the center here for your lap
and this will actually fit up to a 15 inch laptop although looking at it if
they do announce and release that 16 inch MacBook Pro I think it would
probably fit in here pretty well but can’t say for sure because that laptop
does not exist yet I really like having the laptop in the center here because
they have all the padding from your luggage so it’s not going to get damaged
in transit I’ll flip this around here this is the one logo and one piece of
branding that they have on the entire bag nothing is more offensive to me than
covering the exterior with logos I really appreciate the restraint here and
you can tell that this was designed for someone with a minimal aesthetic in mind
so I have my clothes on this side and opening up this side you know if you
carry and take a lot of clothes with you you can fill up both halves if you need
for me personally I don’t really need that much so I kind of laid it out here
to see what other things I could fit that would be of use to me you know I
usually only travel with one pair of shoes but if you do want to take an
extra pair of shoes with you if you’re traveling for business and want some
sneakers for after work you know those will fit with ease here also worth
noting I wear size 12 shoes shoes are very difficult for me to fit into
luggage or backpack so I was able to fit that and a travel tripod and also my
camera cube here which houses a DSLR and two lenses so being able to carry you
know a really basic filmmaking or photography setup a spare pair of shoes
and all of my clothes and toiletries missing really packs honestly a little
bit more than I would need for the average trip it’s tough to show on the
camera here but you do have little elastic drawstrings and all of the
corners of these large compartments which is really really nice so say you
don’t have the space to leave that out flat or you just want to grab something
really quickly you do also have one zipper per side to be able to quick
access each half of the bag very very easily this also gives you access to
some zippered compartments here where you can keep things like toiletries also
on the front ear you have these zippered expandable
pockets where you can keep things like Chargers flipping it around here you
have a big magnetic compartment here for any quick access items like snacks or
anything like that depending on how you travel and then
opening this up here they have this feature which I’ve found to be very
convenient it’s a TSA bag as they call it so you
can put all of your pocketable items in this mesh pouch leave it on the outside
put it through the scanners and pick it up on your way through so you’re not
using all the extra baskets and it just makes things a little bit more efficient
while you’re at the airport nothing is worse than like panicking through those
TSA lines the only negative point I’ve been able to find about it is just the
fact that it’s not a backpack I’m usually a backpack traveler and what
tends to happen with bigger bags like this that you’re throwing over your
shoulder if you walk around a lot with your luggage it’s not going to be as
comfortable in the long term that being said that was my biggest skepticism when
receiving this bag and it does hold the weight a little bit easier than I would
have imagined before actually getting it and testing it and using it if you’re a
digital Nomad or something like that where you’re gonna be traveling around
with your luggage everywhere you know I would say a backpack would be a much
nicer form factor but the trade-off here is you get a lot more space without as
much of the weight I like that there is still some organization some more
minimal bags just cut it all out I think there’s a good and a bad way to have
that built in organization into a back and they execute this perfectly so check
this out if you’re in the market it’s two hundred and seventy-five dollars a
little steep but like I said this is built to last a lifetime and has a
lifetime guarantee to back that up I’ve got a link below if you want to check it
out for yourself the black and navy color also look great I’m a big fan of
the gray as you can tell for most of my entire in the videos but thank you all
so much for watching and let me know if you have any questions
down below have a good one

15 thoughts on “Minimalist Travel Bag | Pakt One Review

  1. What destination is at the top of your travel wish-list? I'd love to hear about it! Check out the Pakt One here:

  2. Nice bag! I’ve been following the Minimalists for a very long time. I recommend their books. They’re great! I hope one day I get that bag. Great video and keep up the nice work!

  3. Wow that is going right on my shortlist for a travel bag. I’m moving to Japan soon and have been looking for a good bag to travel with.
    Great video, thanks for being thorough and informational.

  4. Could you maybe put 2 shoulder straps and make a makeshift backpack for load distribution if needed? Not sure if that would work but love this design.

  5. got this on my feed it's nice representation and narration of the bag which brand i didn't know before but wait what? this considered as minimalist by the company? to my knowledge this type of bag design have been exist long time ago and no one ever calling this generic looking "minimalist"

    A relative of mine own a bag store when i showed them this so called "minimalist" bag they chuckled and calling it generic too while grabbing similar bag

  6. Used this bag for a skiing trip to VT and it worked REALLY well… which considering how bulk some of my items were I was surprised. I also use this bag to travel for work, and frankly it has saved me more than once from having to be forced to "check" a bag like others who had a normal carry-on. It's a good bag.

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